Will Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 have an ultrasonic cover to help visually impaired owners?

It’s rumoured that it could offer an ultrasonic cover as an option that is likely to emit ultrasonic sound waves that help to alert the user when they are close to objects.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

相关内容: Galaxy Note with Samsung cover that have phablet u

BlackBerry Passport Review: When the Best You've Got Isn't Good Enough

When you hear the word "smartphone," what image pops into your mind? Maybe it's the phone you own or the one you desperately want. Maybe it's even a favorite pocket companion from years past. Whatever it may be, one thing is likely certain: it looks nothing like the BlackBerry Passport.Read more...

Five system rollback solutions to restore Windows 10

Here is detailed information on the functionality of top five system rollback software solutions for Windows 10 and specific scenarios in which they can be used.

Choosing your antivirus protection for start-ups or bigger businesses

Easy-to-use enterprise-level security for great value SMB-friendly price.

PewDiePie printer hackers launch second attack

YouTuber's fans carry out second mass printer hijacking in a matter of weeks.

Intel considering McAfee sale

Thoma Bravo private equity firm is the potential buyer, reports claim.

AI set to transform retail industry in 2019

Reality replaces hype as retailers start implementing artificial intelligence.

Intelligent isn’t immune, smart isn’t safe: IoT and associated threats

While organisations invest time and energy in improved software ecosystem, advanced hardware, and secure firmware, there are some practical solutions that must be implemented to secure data in the long term and always be ready to mitigate attacks.

Data breach whistle-blowers rise after GDPR

165 per cent rise in new flags following GDPR legislation.

UK GCSE results: IT gender gap leaves ‘serious concerns’

This year's exam results reveal that the technology gender divide starts early, with just 15 per cent of Computing GCSEs going to female students, despite record numbers taking the course.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/08/22/uk-gcse-results-it-gender-gap-leaves-serious-concerns/

Gmail app on Android smartphone hacked by US researchers

US researchers have claimed that in over nine out 10 cases, they managed to successfully hack Gmail accounts by disguising harmful software as another app on an Android smartphone. Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/08/22/gmail-app-android-smartphone-hacked-us-researchers/

Google's self-driving cars plan stopped in its tracks by new California ruling

The autonomous vehicles come without a steering wheel or any pedals, which would not comply with new rules from the state's Department of Motor Vehicles. Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/08/22/googles-self-driving-cars-plan-stopped-in-its-tracks-by-new-california-ruling/

Grand Theft Auto III Series Lands On The Fire TV, Kindle Fire

There are finally quality games available for the Amazon Fire TV. The entire GTA III series just launched today on Amazon's Fire platform, finally giving owners a legitimate reason to buy Amazon's $40 gaming controller and use the box as a casual gaming machine. Read More

NYC, Philly, DC and More Can Get Same-Day Amazon Delivery Now

Incredibly lazy? Physically bonded to your couch? Chronically last-minute? Amazon's got your back—as long as you live in one of the six cities that just gained same-day delivery. Read more...

酒精检测仪 DrinkMate:小身板,大能耐


Apple Shows Off Its iPhone Torture Chambers in Wake of Bending Clamor

Apple is in full damage-control mode in the wake of Bendgate, the mini-maybe-not-quite-scandal ripping through the tech universe after a handful of users complained that their iPhones are prone to bending like a floppy dongle. As part of its response ,

Hortonworks Ted Yu:HBase 1.0及2.0的最新进展

Hortonworks资深工程师Ted Yu分享“Recent Developments in Apache Hbase”,介绍HBase1.0和2.0的最新研发进展,主要包括HBase1.0、HydraBase、Phoenix二级索引、Per column family flush的变化。


下一个时代是氧气的时代。在不久的将来,我们通过无线网络来传输的信息总量就会超过通过有线网络来传输的信息总量。 未来,数据会更多地在每个人的智能设备之间传输,不会回到发射塔、交换机或者“云”里面。

苹果后悔了?四核Mac mini曾悄然重返商店

苹果在 2014 年 10 月对 Mac mini 进行了更新,但是新一代产品的受欢迎程度非常一般,因为苹果不仅下架了四核处理器的型号,还把 Mac mini 的内存零件焊死在主板上。

竟然可以用声波震灭火焰 简直霸气侧漏!

《功夫》里头的狮吼功肯定是夸张了,但声波的确拥有不小的威力,至少灭个火是没有问题的。  乔治梅森大学的 Viet Tran 和 Seth Robertson 发明了一种扬声器,不过这不是用来播放音乐的,而是用来灭火的。




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