Be wary of what you post to Secret: A hacker detailed to Wired a new way to read any individual's se

Be wary of what you post to Secret: A hacker detailed to Wired a new way to read any individual's secrets. What's more? There have been 42 security vulnerabilities on the gossip platform discovered by the public in the past six months.Read more...

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Be wary of what you post to Secret: A hacker detailed to Wired a new way to read any individual's se

Be wary of what you post to Secret: A hacker detailed to Wired a new way to read any individual's secrets. What's more? There have been 42 security vulnerabilities on the gossip platform discovered by the public in the past six months.Read more...

Secret iOS app brings anonymous chatting to the UK

The app, which has been popular over in the States, is now available for UK iPhone users to start gossiping away.Read more:

The New Secret-Spilling App “Vent” Is a Disaster Waiting to Happen

There is a new iOS app called Vent devoted to letting people complain about their lives. It's a shitstorm in the making.Read more...

Secret And Whisper Get Cloned In China

Secret and Whisper have hit a dubious benchmark of success. Both have been cloned by developers in China. Secret posted about its Chinese duplicate this weekend, while Tech In Asia was the first English-language publication to report on both apps. Mimi means “secret” in Chinese,

Secret Now Warning Users Not To “Defame” Others

It seems that school children are not the only ones who aren’t able to handle the power of anonymous social applications appropriately. Secret, the San Francisco-based (and now, newly funded) confessional app, has begun warning users to not “defame” others when posting on its service.

Yik Yak Gets A Much-Needed Makeover

It’s been about three months since anonymous messaging app Yik Yak raised their first major round of funding ($1.5 million led by Vaizra Investments, DCM, and Azure Capital Partners), and already the app has released a major update. The app,

Are Secret’s Raging Hormones A Problem Or An Opportunity?

I can’t recall the exact wording on the short-lived post that found its way into my personal feed on Secret, the anonymish sharing app, the other day. But the illustrative image behind it was less easy to forget. It depicted a naked trio, consisting of a guy and two girls.

What Should Reddit Do? We Asked Kevin Rose And Other Community Founders

Depending on your perspective, Reddit’s either in a pickle — or it’s a billowing garbage fire. Leave the most horrible content up and it will continue to facilitate hatred while seeing bad press, spooked advertisers, and disgusted users fleeing the site.

Make Bold Statements With Biz Stone’s Goofy New App “Super”

After trying to breed empathy with his Q&A app Jelly, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone is back with a more light-hearted product called Super. I just stumbled into the unannounced beta of Super, which lets you share statements starting with “The Best”, “The Worst”, “I Wish”,

The Biggest Thing That Yo Got Right Is Hiring Its Hackers

Yo is a borderline-offensively useless (if amusing) app , but its founder Or Arbel made a shrewd decision by hiring one of the Georgia Tech students who hacked into the absurdly simple service last week. Read more...

The Extremely Shitty Way One Man Learned He'd Been Fired From Twitter

This morning, Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey announced he’s laying off 336 employees, but would do so “with the utmost respect for each and every person.” Also this morning, Twitter engineer Bart Teeuwisse woke up, checked his phone,

No One Wants to Admit It, but Reddit Can't Be Saved

It’s looking more and more like Ellen Pao was, in some sense, set up to fail by her male board of directors. Her predecessor Yishan Wong says it. A top Reddit engineer said it right after quitting . It might sound conspiratorial if it weren’t about this particular site.http://gawker.

Burning Man Riddled with Brutal Pest Infestation 

Burning Man, favorite summertime gathering place for Silicon Valley’s VC-funded shirtless mollybros , is combating a large-scale pest infestation at Blackrock City, Nevada. Crawling over every surface of the pop-up desert city—biting,

Did Reddit's Former CEO Just Reveal a "Long Con" to Sabotage the Site?

After Reddit’s surrender to white supremacy this week, users and observers alike have been trying to figure out how exactly we got to this nadir. How could something so popular get so much wrong, over and over again? A new post by Reddit’s ex-chief suggests it’s all been an inside job.http://gawker.

'Everything Really Hit Rock Bottom': How Nasty Gal's Culture Went Nasty

“Be a nice person at work,” Sophia Amoruso writes in her 2014 book #GIRLBOSS, a combination memoir and self-help book for hungry millennial feminists looking to get ahead in life and business. “If you are a total terror to work with, no one will want to keep you around.

Inspiring: A Full 0.56% of Facebook's 2013 Hires Were Black

Love Facebook or hate Facebook, you’ve got to respect the company’s commitment to inspiring everyone else in America to do worse. Read more...

All the Trash Verizon Now Owns

AOL Desktop for PC 9.7

Sign of the Times: Startup Buys Massive "Extreme Truck"

This monstrosity looks like the kind of vehicle the military would perch snipers atop of. But no, it belongs to a San Francisco speaker startup's marketing department.Read more...

Gimmick App "Yo" Offered Gimmick Car Service and No One Wanted It

Silicon Valley hit a new pinnacle of pointlessness earlier today as the summer's hottest two-letter app co-branded with Smart Automobile to offer minimalist-themed rides across San Francisco.Read more...

Twitter Headquarters Has Painted #Ferguson On Its Office Wall

Twitter, a corporation with a market capitalization of $29 billion, has enjoyed some goodwill and good press this week because people successfully used the service to make the fatal shooting of Mike Brown an international issue. Read more...




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(原文来自 Wired,虎嗅翻译)最近几年,互联网世界已经从计算机、智能手机和平板电脑延伸到了可穿戴设备、恒温计和其他产品上,这些设备在业界引发了不少骚动和影响。

Alan Mulally:那个微软备胎过的鲍尔默密友

Alan Mulally,即将退休的福特CEO,他的另一个身份是鲍尔默的好友,去年One Microsoft重 […]


我不确定我们是否意识到2014年最重大的趋势正在来临。它完全基于所有网站中微小的设计元素——按钮。 幽灵按钮——那些透明的、可点击的物体——忽然间就变得无处不在。以狂风暴雨之势席卷正网页设计领域。

Android学习之listview的下拉刷新、上拉载入 - 水击三千

本例是在上例的基础上完成的。本例实现的listview上拉载入、下拉刷新功能,是在开源网站上别人写好的listview,主要是对listview的控件进行重写,添加了footer和header。1.listview_footerlistview_footer是listview的底部。 1 2 5.....

Walking On The Alien World From Interstellar

You probably recognize Iceland's Vatnajökull glacier from countless movies and TV shows including Game of Thrones, Batman Begins, and most recently Christopher Nolan's upcoming SciFi epic, Interstellar. We went hiking on it.Read more...



Disney Turned Down George Lucas's Star Wars Scripts

ageoffri writes: When Star Wars fans learned that George Lucas was making the prequels, most were filled with excitement and anticipation. When Episodes 1-3 were actually released, many found them unsatisfying, and became disillusioned with Lucas's writing. Now, it appears Disney felt the same way.


奥迪灯挺牛,感觉题主是先看了这个问题吧:为什么说奥迪是灯厂? - 汽车关于灯的部分在那个问题里有人回答得很好。不过作为百年老店的奥迪历史还有些其他的可说。

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