Windows 10 November 2019 Update reaches 28.2% usage share in latest AdDuplex survey

AdDuplex released its monthly report for March 2020, and the company's latest data shows that the Windows 10 November update is now close to the 30% percent mark.

Xbox Game Bar for Windows 10 is becoming much more versatile with new widgets from Razer, XSplit, an

Microsoft's Xbox Game Bar for Windows 10 is about to become much more customizable thanks to a new widget store, and the company has already managed to get Razer, XSplit and Intel on board.

Journey to the Savage Planet, Alvastia Chronicles and more are coming to Xbox Game Pass in April

The adventure game Journey to the Savage Planet is coming to Xbox Game Pass for Console soon, along with the J-RPG Alvastia Chronicles.

Panos Panay just gave us a first look at the Surface Duo’s camera quality

Panay is teasing the camera quality on the upcoming Surface Neo, sharing a "special moment" captured from the device.

ESA cancels plans for digital-only E3 2020 after IGN announced ambitious Summer of Gaming online eve

The ESA has now cancelled its plans for a digital-only E3 2020 event entirely, right after IGN recently announced its own Summer of Gaming online event in June

PowerToys for Windows 10 get minor improvements and bug fixes

It's been a week since Microsoft released PowerToys v0.16 with 4 exciting utilities, and the company is following up this week some improvements and bug fixes including enabling new features to be turned on by default for upgrades.

Microsoft announces new changes to SharePoint and OneDrive Files On-Demand to cope with higher usage

As usage of Office 365 soars, Microsoft is changing how OneDrive Files on Demand works on Windows 10 and macOS to remove thumbnails for certain files, and the company also clarified its SharePoint changes announced two weeks ago

Bing team leads open up about how search works: first up, core algorithms

For many marketers and users of search engines, search engine results can be veiled in mystery.  When I have a question or need to find something, I simply enter it in the search box and like magic, I am presented with various results around whatever it is that I am looking for.  The reality of […]

Here’s how to get alerts when someone changes your files in SharePoint Online

To stay updated when your SharePoint documents or items on your site change, you can create alerts. In this guide, we'll take a look at how you can do that.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Tekken 7, and Risk of Rain 2 are free to play with Xbox Live Go

Ahead of this week’s official Xbox Free Play Days announcement by Microsoft, Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play another trio of Xbox One games for free this weekend. As noted in a post on TrueAchievements, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Tekken 7,

Hacker leaks source code for Xbox Series X’s AMD GPU

A hacker who claims to have stolen the source code for a couple of high-profile AMD GPUs is currently causing some trouble to the chipmaker.


投资机构:IDG资本(IDGVC Partners) 高榕资本 创业机构:杭州互秀电子商务有限公司 涉及行业:电子商务 事件属性:风险投资 3000万 美元 2014年6月3日,IDG资本和高榕资本投资杭州互秀电子商务有限公 ... ...

三星八核Exynos 5433跑分超4万 高通805战败

不久之前,Antutu 的数据库曝光了三星未发布新机 Galaxy Note 4 跨界旗舰的配置,我们已经清楚该机子根据处理器将分为两个版本。

C# 通讯网关开发 - Idiotworker


Kim Dotcom looks to investors for Baboom music service

The controversial entrepreneur behind the (now defunct) Megaupload filesharing site has unveiled his new online music service's strategy, in order to attract investment.Read more:

中兴新旗舰曝光:3G/4G全网通 可换电池



小白叨一叨:挖掘机技术哪里强?我不知道,但是根据凤凰城大学研究中心未来学会的研究,到2020年的时候,最需要的 […]


就在不久前,《生化危机5:黄金版》发售,同时也意味着Capcom曾经所力挺的微软PC游戏平台Games for […]


深圳2015年5月6日电 /美通社/ -- 根据2014年《中国未成年人互联网运用报告》显示,我国城镇未成年人8岁以前首次触网比例已超五成,并且大部分是通过手机接触。

微软便携式折叠键盘正式开售 售价100美元

今年巴塞罗那的MWC展会上,微软推出了一款为移动设备准备的蓝牙键盘,这款键盘的特色除了轻薄之外,还可以对折,名为Universal Foldable Keyboard,支持Windows、Android、iOS和OS X设备。这款键盘今天终于上线开卖了,价格为99.



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