Microsoft releases Power Platform solution for healthcare emergency response

With Covid-19 still impacting businesses globally, Microsoft has taken another step to help hospitals and healthcare providers to better manage communications across their organizations.  Today,

Speakers At The Europas Conference And Awards Reflect Europe’s Diversity, June 16, London

The Europas Conference & Awards for European Tech Startups, on June 16 in London, is an annual celebration of Europe’s brightest tech companies. From a small bar in central London in 2009, it’s become a fixture of the European scene, with it’s highly curated daytime speakers and audience,

Xbox Game Bar for Windows 10 is becoming much more versatile with new widgets from Razer, XSplit, an

Microsoft's Xbox Game Bar for Windows 10 is about to become much more customizable thanks to a new widget store, and the company has already managed to get Razer, XSplit and Intel on board.

Journey to the Savage Planet, Alvastia Chronicles and more are coming to Xbox Game Pass in April

The adventure game Journey to the Savage Planet is coming to Xbox Game Pass for Console soon, along with the J-RPG Alvastia Chronicles.

Panos Panay just gave us a first look at the Surface Duo’s camera quality

Panay is teasing the camera quality on the upcoming Surface Neo, sharing a "special moment" captured from the device.

ESA cancels plans for digital-only E3 2020 after IGN announced ambitious Summer of Gaming online eve

The ESA has now cancelled its plans for a digital-only E3 2020 event entirely, right after IGN recently announced its own Summer of Gaming online event in June

PowerToys for Windows 10 get minor improvements and bug fixes

It's been a week since Microsoft released PowerToys v0.16 with 4 exciting utilities, and the company is following up this week some improvements and bug fixes including enabling new features to be turned on by default for upgrades.

Microsoft announces new changes to SharePoint and OneDrive Files On-Demand to cope with higher usage

As usage of Office 365 soars, Microsoft is changing how OneDrive Files on Demand works on Windows 10 and macOS to remove thumbnails for certain files, and the company also clarified its SharePoint changes announced two weeks ago

Bing team leads open up about how search works: first up, core algorithms

For many marketers and users of search engines, search engine results can be veiled in mystery.  When I have a question or need to find something, I simply enter it in the search box and like magic, I am presented with various results around whatever it is that I am looking for.  The reality of […]

Microsoft to acquire 5G mobile network operations provider Affirmed Networks

Today, Microsoft announced on its official blog that they are acquiring Affirmed Networks,  the industry leader in cloud-based virtualized mobile networks.  While the terms of the deal were not disclosed,

The latest on Teams, Slack, Zoom – remote collaboration services are booming

From Zoom, Slack, and even Microsoft's own Teams, numbers are on the rise for all these services across the board.

Windows 10 November 2019 Update reaches 28.2% usage share in latest AdDuplex survey

AdDuplex released its monthly report for March 2020, and the company's latest data shows that the Windows 10 November update is now close to the 30% percent mark.

英特尔发布首款无风扇版NUC:单核Bay Trail、1.46GHz

英特尔终于为其小巧的NUC(下一代计算单元)设备,推出了一款无风扇的版本。这台迷你PC配备了一颗基于Bay Trail的Atom SoC,但遗憾的是,这是一颗“阉割版”处理器——只有单核@1.46GHz。

Testing 65 Different GPUs On Linux With Open Source Drivers

An anonymous reader writes "How good are open source graphics drivers in 2014 given all the Linux gaming and desktop attention? Phoronix has tested 65 different GPUs using the latest open source drivers covering Intel HD Graphics, NVIDIA GeForce, AMD Radeon, and AMD FirePro hardware.

Mid-year reflections and a small giveaway for our readers

Bringing the latest Microsoft news to you is our passion, but we'd like to take a short time out of the busy news day to say thanks to our readers. We don't say this enough but we do sincerely appreciate our readers.

NASA Cancels "Sunjammer" Solar Sail Demonstration Mission

An anonymous reader writes "Space News reports that NASA has cancelled its solar sail demonstration mission (also known as Sunjammer) citing "a lack of confidence in its contractor's ability to deliver.


周鸿祎目前在奇虎的持股情况  3 月 6 日消息,周鸿祎减持了大约 80 万股奇虎 360 股票。  奇虎 360 提交给美国证券交易委员会的股东持股报备文件显示,截至 2014 年 12 月 31 日,董事长周鸿祎持有 31,313,235 ... ...

车主看过来 苹果推出CarPlay合作伙伴页面

威锋网 1 月 12 日消息 随着选择 CarPlay 车载系统的汽车品牌和车型越来越多,今天苹果在官方网站上专门推出了 CarPlay 合作伙伴和车型介绍界面,让车主和准车主们能够更方便、更清楚地了解到最新的 CarPlay 支持信息。  苹果官方 CarPlay 合作伙伴介绍页面显示,如今已有 22 个汽车品牌、超过 100 种车型支持、或是宣布即将支持 CarPlay 车载系统,其中不仅包括奥迪、别克、凯迪拉克、雪弗兰、法拉利、奔驰等厂商,还有刚刚才在 CES 上宣布为 2016 年新车型预装 CarPlay 的福特。  


一、写在前面 鹅厂对产品经理的能力项要求中有一条重要考量,叫做技术理解力。我一直在思考学习,怎样才能算得上是具 ...

: 恐怖經典《時鐘塔》與《咒怨》精神之結晶!《NightCry》將要嚇壞所有玩家!

早期年代說到恐怖遊戲,總有幾款相當經典的系列,《時鐘塔》(Clock Tower)這個名字,對於超級任天堂年代的老玩家應該不陌生。當時其特殊的操縱法,還有詭異的劇情氣氛,以及那個到處拿著大剪刀的恐怖男,現在回想起來總會讓人捏把冷汗,如今,繼承這款遊戲精神的作品《NightCry》即將問世。閱讀全文




对新经济抱有幻想和挚爱的人们,曾经以为新经济可以永久的把重资产的活儿交给别人,而自己可以利用互联网技术的红利、资本的碾压以及信息整合的优势,享受坐而论道的惬意以及互联网+的道德正确。  这一幕在中 ... ...

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