Slow Ring Insiders get a new patch for Windows 10 version 2004

Microsoft released today another minor update for Windows 10 version 2004, the next feature update that is currently being tested with Slow Ring Insiders.

Xbox Game Bar for Windows 10 is becoming much more versatile with new widgets from Razer, XSplit, an

Microsoft's Xbox Game Bar for Windows 10 is about to become much more customizable thanks to a new widget store, and the company has already managed to get Razer, XSplit and Intel on board.

Journey to the Savage Planet, Alvastia Chronicles and more are coming to Xbox Game Pass in April

The adventure game Journey to the Savage Planet is coming to Xbox Game Pass for Console soon, along with the J-RPG Alvastia Chronicles.

Panos Panay just gave us a first look at the Surface Duo’s camera quality

Panay is teasing the camera quality on the upcoming Surface Neo, sharing a "special moment" captured from the device.

ESA cancels plans for digital-only E3 2020 after IGN announced ambitious Summer of Gaming online eve

The ESA has now cancelled its plans for a digital-only E3 2020 event entirely, right after IGN recently announced its own Summer of Gaming online event in June

PowerToys for Windows 10 get minor improvements and bug fixes

It's been a week since Microsoft released PowerToys v0.16 with 4 exciting utilities, and the company is following up this week some improvements and bug fixes including enabling new features to be turned on by default for upgrades.

Microsoft announces new changes to SharePoint and OneDrive Files On-Demand to cope with higher usage

As usage of Office 365 soars, Microsoft is changing how OneDrive Files on Demand works on Windows 10 and macOS to remove thumbnails for certain files, and the company also clarified its SharePoint changes announced two weeks ago

Bing team leads open up about how search works: first up, core algorithms

For many marketers and users of search engines, search engine results can be veiled in mystery.  When I have a question or need to find something, I simply enter it in the search box and like magic, I am presented with various results around whatever it is that I am looking for.  The reality of […]

Microsoft ask developers to not break the Internet with Xbox game updates

Microsoft has recently asked game companies to not release big game updates during peak hours when everyone else could use more bandwidth for critical activities.

Microsoft releases Power Platform solution for healthcare emergency response

With Covid-19 still impacting businesses globally, Microsoft has taken another step to help hospitals and healthcare providers to better manage communications across their organizations.  Today,

Microsoft to acquire 5G mobile network operations provider Affirmed Networks

Today, Microsoft announced on its official blog that they are acquiring Affirmed Networks,  the industry leader in cloud-based virtualized mobile networks.  While the terms of the deal were not disclosed,

Team USA vs. Canada: The Official Internet Recap

Featuring stacked rosters of hockey superstars boasting more that $200 million in combined NHL contract money, Friday morning's Team USA versus Canada men's hockey semifinal match at the Winter Olympics was one of the games' most anticipated events — at least,

花大钱收购更多大公司 苹果并购团队招聘整合分析师

为苹果效力18年的公司首席财务官Peter Oppenheimer将在今年9月正式退休。苹果的财务部门即将在新任CFO Luca Maestri的领导下进入新时代。今天,根据苹果招聘网站的信息,苹果财务部门的整合团队将招聘一位收购整合分析师。    







苹果前员工暗示iPhone 6将配备蓝宝石玻璃

7 月 4 日消息,今天苹果公司前员工 Sonny Dickson 在推特上更新了一条消息表示:新的蓝宝石玻璃屏幕在 iPhone 6 上看起棒呆了,准备好被惊艳到吧。

搅动电话市场?Switch 或被 Google 收购

老板打电话来,你可以在手机上接,到办公室后可以转到电脑上继续接听。Switch的这一功能已经与Google Apps深度合作,有可能被收购并与微软进行对抗。

Apple Said To Be Planning OS X-Like Public Beta Seed Program For iOS, Too

Apple intends to offer a public beta program for iOS 8.3 and iOS 9, starting in March and this summer respectively, according to a new report from 9to5Mac. The move makes sense in light of Mac OS X’s public beta program,

Soon, astronauts may be able to enjoy a cocktail like the rest of us

Astronauts hoping to sip drinks in style may soon have an open-top cocktail glass to look forward to.Called the Zero Gravity Cocktail Project, the idea is to create an open-top cocktail glass that can be used in space.


东东导读:日前,万达院线(002739.SZ)公布了上市后的第一份年报。报告显示,2014年营收53.4亿,同 […]

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