Phone location data is being handed over to the EU to help track coronavirus

The data will be deleted once the health crisis has passed.  Read more...More about Privacy, Mashable Video, Location Tracking, Coronavirus, and Covid 19

Meet two adorable baby penguins in this aquarium livestream

Coronavirus social distancing has us sitting in front of screens a lot more than usual, which is rough considering that they're largely filled with terrible things. Fortunately, an Australian aquarium is doing its part to fight the despair with the power of baby penguins.

Jack Dorsey invites you to follow along via Google Docs as he spends $1 billion

Jack Dorsey has officially thrown his hat in the rich-person-fighting-COVID-19 ring. Dorsey, the CEO of both Twitter and Square, announced on Tuesday that he will transfer a significant portion of his equity in the latter company to an LLC. The stated goal of that LLC, at least initially,

Sony unveils its new DualSense controller with improved triggers

With every new console, Sony has released a new DualShock controller to go along with it. Not this time.What you're looking at is the new DualSense controller, revealed Tuesday by Sony, a gamepad for the upcoming PlayStation 5 that looks like a cross between the DualShock 4 controller,

Tip: Use iMessage Tapbacks for impromptu polls

For the most part, I do not like iMessage Tapbacks. While it's marginally fun to send a little heart if you don't have anything else to say, the feature brings mostly unnecessary push notifications and confusion. (Did you even know those things were called Tapbacks?

How to set up HDR on your TV

If you've purchased a TV in the last three or four years, there's a good chance it supports some form of high dynamic range, or HDR. Even if it doesn't, you've probably at least heard about the rapidly spreading display technology,

In 2020, 'semi' is the new 'ex,' because not every relationship is official

Maddy, a 24-year-old woman in New York City, defines "ex" as a past exclusive relationship.  Well, most of the time. I spoke with Maddy after she completed a survey I created for this article all about the term "ex." It was distributed over social media in February, and 283 people responded.

These are the 5 best shows to watch on Quibi

The short-form streaming service Quibi made its debut this week, featuring over 50 new shows. We've rounded up five shows we think you should prioritize in your binging endeavors. Read more...More about Tv, Mashable Video, Rupaul S Drag Race, Streaming Services, and Quibi

Coronavirus won’t make a difference in the climate crisis

Widespread economic shutdowns may create a slowing of rising CO2 levels, but no dents in the mass of CO2 currently built up over 150 years. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Climate Change, Climate Science, Coronavirus, and Covid 19

This discounted Dell bundle has all of the essentials for working from home

TL;DR: Get this comprehensive Dell XPS 13 laptop bundle that includes a monitor, keyboard, and more for just $1,034.99 with coupon code 50OFF699. As of March 26, you'll save $442.96 on an essential bundle for anyone who has the luxury to work from home. 

How to use social distancing to get closer to your friends and family

As an extrovert who craves being close to people, I'm not a fan of social distancing — but I'm practicing it because currently it's the most effective tool we have to fight the virulent coronavirus. Instead of going out with my friends for our regular Friday night dinners, we FaceTime.


据台湾媒体报道,该网站近日曝光小米手机会偷偷传送用户资料到位于北京的服务器,尽管小米此前对此进行否认,但昨日,小米通过 Facebook 发表声明,就此事进行道歉,并发布升级包。

New Cridex Malware Copies Tactics From GameOver Zeus

Trailrunner7 writes The GameOver Zeus malware had a nice run for itself, making untold millions of dollars for its creators. But it was a run that ended with a multi-continent operation from law enforcement and security researchers to disassemble the infrastructure.



I cruised the streets of Las Vegas in a self-driving Audi

LAS VEGAS – Self-driving cars are not just some Sci-Fi fantasy, or even a faraway technological innovation we might have to wait decades to enjoy. At CES 2015, they’re real, they’re here and, if they get a license, can drive themselves around the public streets of Las VegasDelphi Automotive,


中国常州2014年3月27日电 /美通社/ -- 天合光能宣布向英国 Anesco 公司地面太阳能电站供应6.9兆瓦 Trinasmart 光伏组件。

This was the year Mark Zuckerberg evolved from distant technocrat to dad and philanthropist

Like many who met Mark Zuckerberg in the first years of Facebook, Reid Hoffman initially thought the founder was incredibly smart, but not necessarily the most outgoing or natural chief executive"My first impression of Mark was a quiet,

英特尔新驱动改善Surface Pro 4睡眠模式耗电问题

自去年11月开始,不断有Surface Pro 4用户反馈在睡眠/待机模式下存在严重消耗电池问题,每小时持续掉电7%至9%左右,迫使用户进入冬眠(Hibernation)模式而并非睡眠模式来保持电量。上个月,Paul Thurrott表示微软确认存在这个问题,并称解决方案是“非常困难的计算机科学问题”,而今天部分深受困扰的Surface Pro 4用户有望得到缓解,英特尔最新驱动更新(能够有效改善这个耗电问题。

How disunity and instability in Europe benefits Vladimir Putin

Many world leaders are fretting over Britain's possible exit, or Brexit, from the European Union, which some fear could lead to the eventual collapse of the 28-member bloc. Most, including President Barack Obama, are urging David Cameron to stay in the EU. With the exception of one leader:

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West made their own version of Carpool Karaoke

Kanye West definitely jams out to Kanye West in the car. On her new Snapchat, Kim Kardashian gave us normals a peek into how Kimye deals with traffic. Listening to The Life of Pablo is of course on the agenda,

三星Galaxy J7(2016)渲染图曝光:上市在即

看起来三星很快就要发布它的最新款中端Android智能手机了,日前,一组Galaxy J7(2016款)的渲染图曝光。实际上,这两款机子已经获得了工信部认证,而今日曝光的这组Galaxy J7渲染图则来自德国网站。至于Galaxy J5的渲染图已经在早几日曝光。

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