Teens who vape should consider quitting now. Here's how to do it.

After years of declining nicotine use amongst teens, rates have once again surged amongst young people thanks to e-cigarettesOne in four high school students now vapes. To many teens, the devices look cool and sleek, not unlike how a cigarette seemed glamorous long ago.

Meet two adorable baby penguins in this aquarium livestream

Coronavirus social distancing has us sitting in front of screens a lot more than usual, which is rough considering that they're largely filled with terrible things. Fortunately, an Australian aquarium is doing its part to fight the despair with the power of baby penguins.

Jack Dorsey invites you to follow along via Google Docs as he spends $1 billion

Jack Dorsey has officially thrown his hat in the rich-person-fighting-COVID-19 ring. Dorsey, the CEO of both Twitter and Square, announced on Tuesday that he will transfer a significant portion of his equity in the latter company to an LLC. The stated goal of that LLC, at least initially,

Sony unveils its new DualSense controller with improved triggers

With every new console, Sony has released a new DualShock controller to go along with it. Not this time.What you're looking at is the new DualSense controller, revealed Tuesday by Sony, a gamepad for the upcoming PlayStation 5 that looks like a cross between the DualShock 4 controller,

Tip: Use iMessage Tapbacks for impromptu polls

For the most part, I do not like iMessage Tapbacks. While it's marginally fun to send a little heart if you don't have anything else to say, the feature brings mostly unnecessary push notifications and confusion. (Did you even know those things were called Tapbacks?

How to set up HDR on your TV

If you've purchased a TV in the last three or four years, there's a good chance it supports some form of high dynamic range, or HDR. Even if it doesn't, you've probably at least heard about the rapidly spreading display technology,

In 2020, 'semi' is the new 'ex,' because not every relationship is official

Maddy, a 24-year-old woman in New York City, defines "ex" as a past exclusive relationship.  Well, most of the time. I spoke with Maddy after she completed a survey I created for this article all about the term "ex." It was distributed over social media in February, and 283 people responded.

These are the 5 best shows to watch on Quibi

The short-form streaming service Quibi made its debut this week, featuring over 50 new shows. We've rounded up five shows we think you should prioritize in your binging endeavors. Read more...More about Tv, Mashable Video, Rupaul S Drag Race, Streaming Services, and Quibi

Take a break from stressing and watch these puppies explore an aquarium

Since many non-essential businesses are closed to limit the spread of the coronavirus, aquariums are largely left empty. Which means it's the perfect time for shelter animals to make some aquatic friends. The Atlanta Humane Society brought puppies to explore the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta,

Amazon warehouse workers in U.S. have tested positive for coronavirus

The news comes after more than 1,500 Amazon warehouse workers started a petition asking the company to take more precautions to protect them from the virus. Read more...More about Tech, Amazon, Mashable Video, Coronavirus, and Covid 19

This self-cleaning toothbrush kills germs with UV light — Future Blink

LUMIO is designed to keep your teeth as clean as possible. Read more...More about Health, Mashable Video, Uv Light, Self Cleaning, and Future Blink

The PC Market And The 300 Million Mark

Today IDC predicted that the PC market will contract by 6% in 2014, and will continue to decline at least into 2018. Unit volume according to IDC would slip from 315.1 million units in 2013, to 291.7 in 2018. The figures include traditional PCs — laptops, desktops,

Shaq's LinkedIn Profile Belongs in the Internet Hall of Fame

During his Hall of Fame NBA career, Shaquille O'Neal went by a plethora of nicknames — the Big Aristotle, the Big Shaqtus and the Big Shamrock among themNow, it's time to add a new jumbo-sized moniker to Shaq's list: The Big NetworkerSee also:

(原创)拨开迷雾见月明-剖析asio中的proactor模式(二) - qicosmos

在上一篇博文中我们提到异步请求是从上层开始,一层一层转发到最下面的服务层的对象win_iocp_socket_service,由它将请求转发到操作系统(调用windows api),操作系统处理完异步请求之后又是如何返回给应用程序的呢,这里是通过iocp(完成端口)来实现的。

Java之控制反转和依赖注入 - Devin Zhang

1.简介依赖注入和控制反转,目的是为了使类与类之间解耦合,提高系统的可扩展性和可维护性,下面通过一个例子来引入这一概念。2.案例1)一般情况下的类耦合Main.javapublic class Main { public static void main(String[] args) { ...


云数据仓库初创企业Snowflake刚刚获得了2000万美元的B轮融资。Snowflake是一家总部位于圣马特奥的云数据仓库初创企业,成立于2012年,现有员工50人。其创始人是曾在微软工作23年、后在Juniper担任过执行副总裁的Bob Muglia。

环信即时通讯云获3000万融资 用于研发运维




This Xiaomi Action Cam Beats a GoPro Hero on Specs and Only Costs $64

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has today launched its first action camera. Aimed squarely at GoPro, it beats the Hero on specs and price—though it's not yet clear if you'll be able to buy one in the U.S..Read more...

Peak America: Tom Brady endorses Donald Trump for president

Straight from the 'Merica factory where they still make 'Merican things — the most 'Merican of things! — comes this nugget: Donald Trump has Tom Brady in his corner for the 2016 presidential electionSpeaking to reporters Wednesday,

韩最后一名MERS患者病情反复 推迟宣布疫情结束


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