A Norwegian school quit Zoom after a naked man ‘guessed’ the meeting link

A school in Norway has stopped using Zoom, the popular video conferencing service, after a naked man apparently “guessed” the link to a video lesson. According to Norwegian state broadcaster NRK, the man exposed himself in front of several young children over the video call. The theory,

Livongo stock jumps over 10 percent on revised earnings guidance, pointing to digital health boom

Livongo Health’s stock jumped over ten percent on a day that saw most exchanges tumble after a day of crazy volatility.

Hong Kong fintech startup Neat raises $11 million Series A to give small companies more banking serv

Neat, a Hong Kong-based fintech startup, announced today that it has raised a $11 million Series A to help small businesses do cross-border banking. The round was led by Pacific Century Group, with participation from Visa and MassMutual Ventures Southeast Asia,

Tyto Care raises $50 million as it looks to buy and build new services during COVID-19 demand surge

Tyto Care, the provider of a home health diagnostic device and telemedicine consultation app, said it has raised $50 million in a new round of funding. The round was led by Insight Partners, Olive Tree Ventures, and Qualcomm Ventures,

Restaurant management platform Toast cuts 50% of staff

Last valued at $5 billion, restaurant management platform Toast has joined the sweep of startups laying off employees due to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Toast reduced the size of its staff by 50% through layoffs and furloughs, according to a blog post from Toast’s CEO,

Latin America Roundup: Grupo ZAP, Grow Mobility, Wavy get acquired; Credijusto adds $100M; Cornersho

As the world locks down borders and capital flows to brace for the impact of coronavirus, Brazilian startups continue to attract international attention.

This low-flying growth equity firm, with payments and logistics bets, just closed a $255 million fun

Activant Capital, a seven-year-old, Greenwich, Ct.-based growth equity firm that’s still making a name for itself, has managed to secure $255 million in fresh capital commitments, despite that the U.S. economy appears to be headed into a recession.

NASA puts $7M towards long-shot research, from moon mining to solar lenses

NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts program is all about making high-risk, high-reward bets on unique — and sometimes eyebrow-raising — ideas for space exploration and observation. This year’s grants total $7M and include one of the most realistic projects yet.

Stocks shoot upward as ‘Phase Three stimulus passes Senate and unemployment skyrockets

Stocks soared on Thursday even as the US reported its worst unemployment numbers in fifty years of tracking data. The pain felt on Main Street is offset for investors by the Federal government opening its wallet to Wall Street,

Report: WhatsApp has seen a 40% increase in usage due to COVID-19 pandemic

Social media usage has grown as a result of the COVID-19 crisis as more users go online to stay connected with family, friends, and colleagues. Now, new data from insights and consulting firm Kantar reveals exactly how much some apps are benefitting. According to a survey of over 25,

Prisma Health develops FDA-authorized 3D-printed device that lets a single ventilator treat four pat

The impending shortage of ventilators for U.S. hospitals is likely already a crisis, but will become even more dire as the number of patients with COVID-19 that are suffering from severe symptoms and require hospitalization grows.

用Qt写软件系列四:定制个性化系统托盘菜单 - 24K纯开源

导读 一款流行的软件,往往会在功能渐趋完善的时候,通过改善交互界面来提高用户体验。毕竟,就算再牛逼的产品,躲藏在糟糕的用户界面之后总会让用户心生不满。

如何一天就有臉書CEO Mark Zuckerberg的超能力?




Candy Company Sorry Its Gummy Candy Came Out Penis-Shaped

You know that excited, blissful feeling that comes when you're just about to chow down on a fresh pack of gummy bears, but then you notice you're actually holding a fistful of penises? Because after a little mixup at the gummy bear/penis factory, a whole bunch of kids in New Zealand do.

Lenovo Smartband joins the fitness gadget race

Lenovo is getting in on the growing market for fitness wearables, with its Smartband offering a heart rate sensor and sleep cycle monitoring.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/10/06/lenovo-smartband-joins-the-fitness-gadget-race/

iPad Air 2 与 iPad mini 3 登场后旧款也随之降价(一代 iPad mini:我还在!)

随着新款 iPad Air 2 以及 iPad mini 3 登上 Apple 平板电脑的王座,顺序"退位"的 iPad mini、iPad mini 2(之前不是叫做 iPad mini with Retina display 吗?)以及 iPad Air 也都调整了售价 -- 后两者分别降了...

英特尔开发3D 摄像头 准备通过面部识别替代密码

今年早些时候,英特尔展示了无线计算机系统,在英特尔下一代的芯片技术 Skylake 的帮助下,这种无线计算机系统真正的变成现实。

[视频]小伙微信勾引六旬老太发生关系 骗取十几万


Another Day, Another Hack: What Security News Should You Care About?

Every day it seems like there’s a new breach, a password to reset, or vulnerability. The trouble with a lot of security news though is that lot of it is important, but then there are garbage stories like this, big on scare and lacking in information, that make you just want to tune out.

跟我学习Storm_Storm主要特点 - 虾皮

Storm拥有低延迟、高性能、分布式、可扩展、容错等特性,可以保证消息不丢失,消息处理严格有序。Storm的主要特点如下所示:简单的编程模型。类似于MapReduce降低了并行批处理复杂性,Storm降低了进 行实时处理的复杂性。

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