Charlie Hunnam Misses His 'Sons of Anarchy' Co-Star as Much as We Do

Warning: Spoilers aheadLast year of Sons of Anarchy was brutal when it came to departures. Not only did Clay Marrow meet his maker,

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Charlie Hunnam Misses His 'Sons of Anarchy' Co-Star as Much as We Do

Warning: Spoilers aheadLast year of Sons of Anarchy was brutal when it came to departures. Not only did Clay Marrow meet his maker,

'Sons of Anarchy' Season 7 Trailer Features Guns, Bikes and a Very Angry Jax

The final season of Sons of Anarchy can't get here fast enough — and its awesome new promo is making the wait even more painfulIn the just-released trailer,

The Life Cycle of a Meme

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How to stream Apple's March 25 streaming service announcement

One of the worst-kept secrets in tech over the past year or so is that Apple is gearing up to launch a video streaming service akin to Netflix. It's one of the few services Apple doesn't offer at this point, so the news is hardly a surprise.Still, Apple hasn't officially announced it just yet.

What to expect from Apple's March 25 event, from TV shows to news subscriptions

Apple is rolling out the red carpet for what could be a serious Netflix competitor. The iPhone maker will broadcast an event from its Cupertino headquarters at 1 p.m. ET on Monday, March 25. Rumors have swirled around the tech world for months about Apple beefing up its services business.

Why Facebook waited 3 months to disclose its latest privacy screw-up

Facebook is all about making the world more open and connected, except perhaps when it comes to sharing its own colossal privacy screw-ups with its more than 2 billion users.

RVR, the customizable bot that you can make do many, many things

Sphero is out here trying to make customizable bots super fun by giving you an insane amount of creative and technical freedom. That's where RVR comes in. The bot, which by now has been fully funded on Kickstarter, is a kid-friendly bot that you can change into just about anything with some code.

Woman asks Tinder for tech support with her Wii, and it actually worked

Turns out that sometimes, Tinder is good for something other than unsolicited dick pics and catfishing.  Twitter user @meggzsalad was having a bit of a struggle with her Wii when the images on-screen were only showing in black and white.

America can literally run on Dunkin' with these new shoes

Coffee isn't the only workout fuel Dunkin' has to offer— they have shoes now, too. The classic shoe brand Saucony has once again collaborated with Dunkin' on a pair of branded running shoes. In preparation for the Boston Marathon on April 15,

Israel and Hamas Agree to Open-Ended Cease-Fire

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Israel and Hamas agreed Tuesday to an open-ended cease-fire, halting a seven-week war that killed more than 2,200 people, the vast majority Palestinians, left tens of thousands in Gaza homeless and devastated entire neighborhoods in the blockaded territory.

Orbitz Stock Falls After American Airlines Pulls Listings

FORT WORTH, Texas—American Airlines and US Airways are pulling flight listings from Orbitz after they were unable to reach agreement on a long-term contract.Shares of Orbitz Worldwide Inc. fell more than 6% in afternoon trading on Tuesday.See also:

33-Year-Old American Killed Fighting for the Islamic State in Syria

A 33-year-old American man was killed fighting alongside militants with the Islamic State (formerly known as ISIS/ISIL), NBC News reports.See also: Why the Islamic State Is Scarier Than al-Qaeda in IraqDouglas McAuthur McCain, whose last known residence was in San Diego, California,


转自: 无论是产品经理、设计师、工程师,大家都是为用户服务的。用户各有所好。你喜欢这个,我喜欢那个,也有我们都喜欢的。那么在用户的心理隐藏着什么样的秘密呢?

一个简单的语义分析算法:单步算法 - 燕云



虚拟现实概念随着 Oculus rift 逐渐变得火爆起来,但玩的时候你只能“眼看手不动”,还不够现实。现在科学家开发出了一种的新的设备,让你能用手摸到虚拟的物品。  



苹果明年应用要使用iOS 8 SDK和64位支持

威锋网讯,苹果今天向其开发者们发出了一份通知,通知他们注意一些 App Store 中应用提交政策的变化。这个通知出现在苹果的开发者网页上,公告表示从明年的 2 月份开始,iOS 的应用必须符合两个新的要求。  

索尼又开始卖了 这次轮到网游公司

索尼日前将旗下索尼在线娱乐公司(SOE)出售给投资公司 Columbus Nova,SOE 将更名为 Daybreak 游戏工作室,并将为移动设备以及非索尼视频游戏机开发游戏。

Windows Phone's new 6discover app gets record response time from Snapchat lawyers

Famed Windows Phone developer Rudy Huyn teased his new app a few days ago on Twitter. He pushed it through the Windows Phone Store a couple of days ago. Yesterday Rudy’s app hit the Windows Store for general distribution. 24 hours later, he’s being asked by Snapchat’s lawyers to take it down.

The microwave may be getting its biggest upgrade in 50 years

The microwave has been a household staple since its inception nearly 50 years ago, but hasn't seen much in innovation despite major tech breakthroughs.It was only a matter of time before a company stepped in with a concept to fix a common problem:

美国Uber现假司机真罪犯 诱骗女乘客



关于高通 Snapdragon 810 芯片“过热门”的消息可能你已经听腻了,虽然它仍然是今年高通最强劲的旗舰移动芯片,但却不被列为最佳的选择,因为无论高通打了多少个补丁,过热的问题始终没有得到解决,因为最新批量生产的旗舰级依旧以特殊的散热方式代替,比如索尼 Xperia Z5 的双热管,还有微软的液冷方式。  

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