SpaceX’s first crewed spacecraft launch is officially cleared to proceed on May 27

SpaceX has received approval on its mission to launch NASA astronauts for the first time ever on May 27, having passed the final Flight Readiness Review (FRR) conduced by the agency to ensure everything is go for launch. This final check,

Bird shuts down Circ operations in Middle East, scraps as many as 10,000 scooters

Bird has shut down scooter sharing in several cities in the Middle East, an operation that was managed by Circ, the micromobility startup it acquired in January. About 100 Circ employees have been laid off and as many as 10,

BBC releases first beta of its Beeb voice assistant to UK Windows Insider members

Back in August 2019, the BBC made some waves with the news that it was developing a voice assistant called Beeb, an English language “Alexa” of its own that could interact with and control its array of radio and TV services, and its on-demand catalogue,

Venture firms rush to find ways to support Black founders and investors

As protests against police brutality and economic manifestations of systemic racism in the U.S. continue, venture capital firms are joining the chorus of technology industry advocates lending their support to the cause. For the past three days,

Ahead of its 2015 debut, Atlassian’s IPO deck detailed a financial rocketship

TechCrunch recently dug into Atlassian’s IPO deck, detailing how the company prepped the document and took it on the road. It’s worth your time. Read it. It’s always interesting to dig into a company’s IPO documents and decks after they’ve debuted,

Trump’s executive order attacking social media companies faces its first legal challenge

An executive order from the White House targeting Twitter for moderating one of the president’s posts is being challenged in a new lawsuit from a digital rights group.

Zoom’s paid usage skyrockets as remote work takes over

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, few companies seemed more poised to receive a usage bump than Zoom and its enterprise-grade video chat platform, but it turns out Zoom’s growth has outpaced those expectations. In the company’s quarterly earnings release,

Remote work helps Zoom grow 169% in one year, posting $328.2M in Q1 revenue

Today after the bell, video-chat service Zoom reported its Q1 earnings. The company disclosed that it generated $328.2 million in revenue, up 169% compared to the year-ago period. The company also reported $0.20 per-share in adjusted profit during the three-month period. Analysts,

Startup Battlefield is going virtual with TechCrunch Disrupt 2020

You read that right. The big announcement came yesterday — TechCrunch Disrupt is now fully virtual. What does this mean for Startup Battlefield? More opportunity. The best companies from across the globe, an even bigger launch platform,

Netflix’s beloved animated series Tuca & Bertie is getting a second life on Adult Swim

Tuca & Bertie was wonderful. It was a hilarious and heartfelt examination of adult relationships, coupled with whimsical animated visuals. And like most good things in this world, it was simple too beautiful to live. The Netflix series,

Steve Case and Clara Sieg on how the COVID-19 crisis differs from the dot-com bust

Steve Case and Clara Sieg of Revolution recently spoke on TechCrunch’s new series, Extra Crunch Live. Throughout the hour-long chat, we touched on numerous subjects, including how diverse founders can take advantage during this downturn and how remote work may lead to growth outside Silicon Valley.

Gap Prank Calls Attention to Retailer's Role in Fatal Bangladesh Factory Fire

A group advocating the rights of Asian workers used a fake organization called "Gap Does More" to pose as the clothing retailer and send out a press release claiming to donate money to victims of a factory fire in BangladeshThe group 18MillionRising — the figure refers to the number of Asians and Pacific islanders in the U.

VS Extension+NVelocity系列(三)——让VS支持 NVelocity的智能提示(中) - Kevin.Choi

一、定义 我们知道,我们的插件是服务于NVelocity的,在你的项目当中,对于NVelocity的模板应当有一个统一的文件扩展名,以便于VS在打开指定扩展名的文件后,就能起到具体的作用。

Xbox One SmartGlass Beta for Windows 8.1 updated, shows popular games played by your friends

Xbox One SmartGlass app transforms your mobile device or tablet into a second device for you Xbox One. Recently, the app picked up an update on Windows 8.1, bumping it to version 2.2.1409.8001, and introduces a few useful features for the app.


当年,上司是个胖子,在外屋热得实在受不了了,就会以检查工作为由头,呆在里屋看我噼里啪啦敲键盘。他并不管我,只是静静地坐在一边,眼里透着一种敬畏感。   20年前的我,大学毕业3年,月薪400元。


外设厂商 Game Tech 最近推出了全新的配件产品 DEKAVita7,它的功能是 —— 把 PlayStation TV 变成掌机。  PlayStation TV 是什么?

A 'Frozen' parody to mock Kobe Bryant's not-so-hot season

Amidst one of the roughest basketball seasons of Kobe Bryant's career, Bleacher Report created a brilliant parody titled "Let It Tank," which mocks the player's slow descent into mediocrityIt's a Lakers parody so on point ("Let it tank, let it tank/Without Phil, why even try?"),

睽违两年之久,Chromebook Pixel 新品将至

2013 年 2 月 21 日,Google 发布了旗下首款笔记本产品——Chromebook Pixel,用超高的分辨率、精湛的做工、颇具未来感的设计“惊艳”了世人。转眼两年过去,Chromebook Pixel 像是被 Google 遗弃的孩子,出世后就再也没有了下文。


深圳2015年4月13日电 /美通社/ -- 2015年4月9日,由快投会、中关村股权投资协会协会、快创学院、快乐投资学院、中关村智能硬件产业联盟、泛泰思、清华科技园启迪之星、中国风险投资研究院、中关村天使投资协会、中国青年天使会、天使汇、中华创投家同学会、中国股权投资基金协会、鑫思宇、美通社联合举办的中国智能硬件创新企业评选在深圳正式启动。

微软的新硬件和 Windows 10 能扭转 PC 市场下滑的颓势吗?

刚刚过去的一周对 PC 行业来说意义重大。 微软推出了多款采用 Windows 10 操作系统的新设备 ,而媒体对此的积极反应也超出我的预期。这家软件巨头还宣布,运行 Windows 10 操作系统的设备现已达到 1.

发布 4K 旗舰还能如此低调的,恐怕也只有索尼了

假如,首先用上 4k 屏幕的不是现在人人都要调侃、调戏一番的索尼,而是国产品牌,它们又会怎样口吐莲花,吹得天花乱坠,吹得人神共愤。

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