Students in Tunisia aid hospitals running out of supplies by 3D printing 1000 face shields

Situated on Tunisia’s border with Algeria, Jendouba's few hospitals are understaffed and often lack sufficient supplies. So a group of engineering students launched the “Save Ain Draham” initiative, supported by Mercy Corps and Khir Khmir Association,

Billy Eichner roasts everyone in magnificently mean Kimmel guest host monologue

Give Billy Eichner a talk show (that's filmed indoors), you cowards.Eichner's first night as guest host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! (or as he put it, "another night of entertainment in our disease-ravaged fascist state") gave him the opportunity to do what he does best: be wonderfully,

Elon Musk endorsing Kanye, then reconsidering, is the world's shortest love story

It only lasted for three days. When Kanye West announced his candidacy to become President of the United States on July 5, Elon Musk was quick to proclaim his "full support."But when a Twitter user pointed out to West's anti-abortion and anti-vaccination comments,

6 of the best cordless lawn mowers for your garden

You can fill your garden with a wide range of beautiful flowers, shrubs, and trees, but it's still going to look tired if your lawn is out of control. There is no amount of water features and hanging baskets that can make up for an ugly lawn.

The overwhelming whiteness of Netflix's 'Stateless' undermines its good intentions

Something about Stateless doesn't sit right. Debuting globally on Netflix today (following its Australian broadcasting premiere in March), the six-part limited series paints a moving portrait of immigration detention in Australia. One of the world's largest refugee safe havens,

Facebook takes down network linked to Roger Stone, Proud Boys for ‘inauthentic behavior’

Facebook routinely bans profiles and pages from its platform for trying to cheat the system and fake engagement or mislead users.But it’s not everyday that one of those networks is run by President Donald Trump’s former associate, Roger Stone.In a post on its website today,

Earth won't immediately cool off if we slash emissions

The amount of heat-trapping carbon dioxide in the atmosphere hit a record high in May. That's because humanity kept emitting a prodigious amount of carbon, even through the worst pandemic in a century. But if civilization does begin to significantly cut emissions,

9 excellent recent novels to read this month

Summer is in full swing, and while plenty of things are looking different these days, one that hasn't is the joy of a good book. You may not be reading it on the subway or a beach like normal, but the pleasure of drifting somewhere else still holds strong appeal,

Dick's Sporting Goods is having a flash sale — these are the best deals

TL;DR: Save up to 50% on outdoor gear during Dick's Sporting Goods' one-day flash sale happening May 28.Outdoor season is upon us and that means it's time to break out all your gear for some outside adventures. If you find yourself in need of new fishing equipment, camping gear,

Eric Trump celebrates the stock market as the U.S. coronavirus death toll hits 100,000

One hundred thousand: It's the number on everyone's mind. Well, almost everyone. More than 100,000 Americans have died from COVID-19, a shocking, tragic, and — according to some research — potentially avoidable number of deaths. Eric Trump, the president's son, meanwhile,

Coronavirus scams are thriving. Google hopes a new site can help potential victims.

From posing as the IRS to selling fake vaccines, scammers have kicked it into overdrive since the coronavirus pandemic began.Online scams have become so prevalent during the past few months that Google decided to take action. On Thursday,

阿里通信170号段限量公测:首批放号300个 邀请用户定规则


SpaceX Dragon V2 技术水平如何,跟中国神舟飞船相比有什么优势?

我来回答这个问题,可能不会包含太多准确信息,只是框架性的概要几点,给大家对于了解SpaceX,DragonV2和ElonMusk做个参考:1 Dragon v2的技术水平是相当高的,这里面包含几个技术要点,有工程方面的,也有理论技术方面的:1.


猎云网 3 月 11 日报道 (编译:朱宁马赈翊)  野心勃勃的年轻人想要创业,除了要有明确地目的、计划、产品原型加工和市场,还要特别注意股权分权、融资、法律、雇佣与解雇员工等等事项,只有经历过整个过程的 ... ...



VLC app for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 updated with bug fixes and small UI changes

VideoLan has rolled out a new update for the VLC app on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. This new app update fixes several bugs and adds minor user interface changes. VLC, for those that did not know, is a free and open source cross-platform media player that plays most media files as well as discs,

实体类和DataTable的转换 - 老男人李


Obama set to reject Keystone XL Pipeline, in huge win for environmentalists

After a seven-year review process that gave rise to a grassroots climate activist movement, the Obama administration is set to reject the Keystone XL Pipeline on Friday, a decision that will hand a major victory to environmentalists.

原價 59.95 美元!執相軟件 Perfect Effects 9.5 Premium 現已限時免費

提起在電腦上面執相,相信大部份人應該會即時想起 Adobe 的 Photoshop,不過 市面上其實還有不少實用的相片編輯軟件,比如 On1 的 Perfect Effects 9.5 便是其中之一。

OmniGraffle 型板下载 | OMG 移动端原型模板下载,助你的原型设计飞

OmniGraffle 是 Mac 平台上最好用的原型设计工具之一,是著名的 OmniGroup 的一员,其成 ...

'Fear the Walking Dead' revealed Strand's surprising backstory

It's impressive how in just a single episode, Fear the Walking Dead managed to change so much about a single character in the best way and in all the right ways.Going into this week's episode, our picture of Victor Strand probably was something like this: Criminal of some sort, shady af,

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