Elon Musk rides shotgun as Jay Leno drives Tesla Cybertruck underground

In this week's episode of Jay Leno's Garage on CNBC, the former talkshow host chatted with Musk about his electric car company and snagged the opportunity to drive the only Cybertruck that currently exists. 

Tesla launches 'S3XY' short shorts, breaks its website

Elon Musk wasn't kidding about launching Tesla shorts. Over the weekend, the Tesla CEO announced the new product on Twitter: Tesla short shorts with "S3XY" emblazoned on the back. They've proven so popular that the website went down at one point (as of publication time, it's working again). 

Uber is reportedly buying Postmates for $2.65 billion

Uber is reportedly acquiring food delivery start-up Postmates for $2.65 billion, with official confirmation of the all-stock buyout expected as soon as Monday. The news was reported Sunday by Bloomberg and The New York Times, both of which cited anonymous sources with knowledge of the deal.

These might be the best IT certifications to add to your CV

TL;DR: The Complete 2020 IT Certification bundle is on sale for £31.31 as of July 6, saving you 97% on list price.If CVs were Twitter profiles, certifications would be verification badges. They're not the most important feature to your page,

Become a top social media manager with this comprehensive online course

TL;DR: The Become a Social Media Manager Certification bundle is on sale for £23.27 as of July 6, saving you 97% on list price.The 2010s, also known as the social media era, reconfigured the way we interact with each other. Just when we thought SMS was already instantaneous,

The 15 absolute best original series on Netflix

2020 has been a particularly long "year," but our streaming subscriptions flourish more than ever. It's entirely likely that you or someone you know has recently uttered the phrase "I've watched everything in my queue," or "I've seen everything on Netflix."No, sweetie, you haven't.

'The Hobbit' is getting a new audiobook edition read by Andy Serkis

As if we needed an excuse to dive back into J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit, a new audiobook version of the prelude to The Lord of the Rings read by Andy Serkis is coming out in September.To tease the release of this version of The Hobbit,

Protests surged nationwide on July 4 in a collective call for a better America

Independence Day in the United States saw thousands and thousands of protesters eschewing the typical traditions of relaxed grilling and celebration to instead continue the fight against racism and violence against Black people with inspiring marches, speeches,

New to RVing? Here's what you need to know.

In the wake of a pandemic that requires social isolation, it makes sense people are more interested in RVs — it's a roving home where you can isolate but still go on vacation. Dealerships across the country have reported a recent rise in sales of recreational vehicles, often from first-time buyers. 

Get your dad something unique with these personalized Father's Day gifts

PSA: Father's Day is on June 21, 2020. Dads come in many forms and don't just have to be the biological person who helped bring you into the worldFather's Day is a time to celebrate all the father figures who are special and important in your life. If you want to get your dad, stepfather, grandpa,

Upgrade your at-home workspace on a budget with this Lenovo QHD monitor

TL;DR: Buy the vibrant Lenovo L24q-30 24-inch QHD monitor for $159.99 with coupon code DISCOVER20 as of May 28. The $40 discount makes this a more affordable upgrade from your standard FHD monitor. All of the extra time you spend on your home computer these days,

感知机(python实现) - jihite


A Tale Of Two Patents: Why Facebook Can’t Clone Snapchat

Facebook released Slingshot, its second attempt at an impermanent sharing app, last Tuesday. The app borrows heavily, in concept and features, from Snapchat, as well as smaller startups like Frontback and Look.There’s just one problem: Facebook may be violating Snapchat’s patent,

分析师:英特尔收购 MTK 将得移动市场天下

威锋网 8 月 21 日消息,日前,RBC 的分析师 Doug Freedman(道格·弗里德曼)表示,对于目前移动业务垂死挣扎的英特尔,可以启动一个很有效的解决方案迅速崛起。

Windows 經典藍屏死機畫面到底出自誰人手筆?

相信各位使用過 Windows 系統的人,都曾見過死機後所出現的藍畫面警告提示。不過大家又知不知道這個經典藍畫面是由誰人設計的呢?原來正正就是出自 Microsoft 前 CEO Steve Ballmer 的手筆。

Injury-ravaged Steve Nash posts candid letter for Lakers fans after controversy

Father Time, as they say, is undefeatedTwo-time NBA MVP, eight-time all-star and all-around class act Steve Nash's sterling career is fading toward a sad end. A succession of injuries have robbed him of his ability to play basketball,


微软此前已经把自己的业务做到了天上。软件巨人与达美航空、沙特航空等一班国际知名航空公司进行战略合作,合作的方面 […]






Slashdot和SourceForge的母公司DHI Group Inc.(旧称Dice Holdings Inc.)在最新财报中宣布了出售 Slashdot Media的计划,它正在寻找买家。

Ride Review: What It's Like To Pilot A Supercharged 300 HP Sea Doo With Brakes

The nice man from Sea Doo told me the 2016 Sea Doo RXP-X 300, with its all new supercharged 300 horsepower engine, would provide one G of force under full acceleration. I ride the fastest motorcycles in the world, I should be fine...right?Read more...

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