To Kiss or Not to Kiss: How Culture Affects Business in Latin America

In Latin America, kisses on the cheek are natural, cultural accompaniments to almost all salutations and farewellsCheek kissing is a way of showing familiarity and respect, even when people are not well acquainted with each other. However,

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To Kiss or Not to Kiss: How Culture Affects Business in Latin America

In Latin America, kisses on the cheek are natural, cultural accompaniments to almost all salutations and farewellsCheek kissing is a way of showing familiarity and respect, even when people are not well acquainted with each other. However,

Top VCs Are Chasing Digital Companies In Latin America

It has been difficult to attract investors to the digital startup space in Latin America. This is because of a variety of reasons, including the lack of a track record of established VC firms in Latin America,

Google now supports non-Latin characters in Gmail

Today, Google is stepping up to bring support for both non-Latin and accented Latin characters, in its very popular Gmail service.Read more:

Nubeliu Is Bringing The Private Cloud To Latin America

Private cloud enterprise solution Nubeliu has raised a seed round from Latin American powerhouse investors Kaszek Ventures in the “couple of millions,” according to a source close to the company.Storm Ventures and MercadoLibre (NASDAQ:

Gmail Recognizes Addresses Containing Non-Latin Characters

An anonymous reader writes In response to the creation in 2012 by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) of "a new email standard that supports addresses incorporating non-Latin and accented Latin characters", Google has now made it possible for its Gmail users to "send emails to,

Latin America Exhausts IPv4 Addresses

An anonymous reader writes "LACNIC, the regional Internet registry for Latin America and the Caribbean, considers its IPv4 address pool exhausted, because it is down to less than a quarter of an /8, roughly 4 million IPv4 addresses which are reserved for facilitating transitioning mechanisms.

Understanding Tech Penetration In Latin America

It’s pretty telling that Mark Zuckerberg, didn’t chose Beijing, London or Dubai, to have the first Facebook overseas town-hall meeting. He chose a place that 10 years ago, few people in Silicon Valley knew much about, and much less regarded as a player in technology.

How m-commerce is courting Latin America

A Note from our Sponsor, MasterCardConsumers in Latin America, as well as around the globe, hardly go anywhere without their phones these days. Mobile enables millions of consumers to lead a more connected life – allowing them to do many activities that weren’t possible before. At MasterCard,

World Cup Provides A Boost To Netflix Due To Smart TV Adoption In Latin America

It might seem counter-intuitive, but Netflix will probably get a boost from the viewership of live sports — at least in Latin America. That’s because, in preparation for the 2014 FIFA World Cup,

Xiaomi plots path to global greatness through emerging markets in Asia and Latin America

The firm’s founder has planned for five-fold expansion by 2015 and will aim to do so through Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines as well as India, Brazil and Mexico.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

The 15 best dramas on Disney+ to stir your feels

Looking for a movie that really moves you? Try one of the dramas on Disney+. The streaming service offers a range of family-friendly films that can be enjoyed by viewers of all ages and interests. Whether you’re looking for a compelling period piece, an enchanting musical,

It was tough, but we found the 21 best movies on HBO Max

When HBO Max launched in May of 2020 boasting thousands of hours of content, they weren't lying. The streaming service that came into our lives by way of yanking Friends from Netflix has proved to be an endless source of movie magic,

What will Apple unveil at their 4/20 event?

Apple leaked their latest event date a little early, but what other leaks will prove true? Dive in with us to find out what we expect to see on 4/20! Read more...More about Apple, Ipad, Mashable Video, Apple Event, and 420

Facebook's most popular post about the J & J COVID vaccine was posted by a conspiracy theorist

Anti-vaxxers are having a field day with the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine news that broke earlier this week.And that news is helping them go viral on Facebook.

Spotify launches voice-controlled 'Car Thing'

Whether your road trip soundtracks consist of music, news, entertainment, or talk, Spotify's Car Thing has you covered. The new smart player, currently available to select users in the U.S.,puts your audio library just a voice command, tap, turn, or swipe away.

'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier' introduced another surprising new villain

Just when it seemed like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier had all of its players set up for the endgame, episode 5 threw a curveball that changed the MCU playbook again. That curveball was Julia Louis-Dreyfus appearing as Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, sometimes known as Madame Hydra.  

We want to swim with this slithering, underwater robot snake — Strictly Robots

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon created a robot snake that can now slither underwater.  Read more...More about Mashable Video, Robot, Underwater, Carnegie Mellon, and Robot Snake

Armed Group Detains 43 Peacekeepers in Syria

UNITED NATIONS — The United Nations says 43 peacekeepers have been detained by an armed group in Syria during fighting and 81 other peacekeepers are trapped.The office of U.N.

Microsoft Updates OneDrive Apps to Unify Business and Personal Files

Microsoft is making it easier for mobile users of its OneDrive cloud storage platform to access both business and personal files simultaneously.The company plans to roll out improvements to its OneDrive app on Android, iOS and Windows Phone on Thursday.See also:

Taylor Swift is Not Going to Age Well

Not everyone's Paul Rudd — that is to say, not all of us are going to age wellA new app called Oldify lets you "age" certain photos and take a disturbing glance into the future. Results are not always pretty. See also:

WP8.1版Music应用更新已跳票 本周才到来

微软此前承诺将每两周推送一次 Xbox Music 应用更新,原本应该于上周到来的更新已经被推迟到本周。微软官方表示他们正在进行最后的优化,最快会在近两天内发布。  即将发布的这次更新是 WP 8.

Russia Blocks 'House of Cards' Filming at UN

UNITED NATIONS — Diplomats say Russia has refused to allow the U.S. television series "House of Cards" to film in the U.N. Security Council chamber.The show's producers approached the United Nations,





三只松鼠京东“封杀门”系虚惊 旗舰店恢复访问


日本开发新技术 人工光合成效率可完胜植物


Uber 全面大改版,快看一眼以免找不到 app 啊

赶在过年前,Uber 把自己内内外外包括 app 与网页都打点得焕然一新,给人一种全新的面貌 -- 不过想必应该今早一堆人赶着出门却找不到 app 吧(XD)。这次,该公司针对不同国家带来了不同的界面背景,其共同创办人 Travis Kalanick 今天在博客文章中,向全球展示了他们围绕在 bit 与 atom 的最新企业识别设计概念,将 Uber 原本较为生硬与黑白色的印象,改成了更为圆滑与多彩给人更为活泼有朝气的感觉(有人觉得方块的设计很 Windows 吗 XD)。Kalanick ...


30家中概股、200家新兴企业、百家投资机构……战略新兴产业板(下称战新板)生死不明,创投界暗涛汹涌。6个月内挂牌新三板、1年内借壳、3年排队IPO,上市之路,选哪条?后续融资估值,要少了?退出节奏被打乱,这是要亏本的前兆?折腾回国,还是留在美国?还是再等等吧。战新板没了,要拿美元基金,去当美国的独角兽?美国硅谷投资人或想说:oh ,no。创投界现在在唱哪出戏? 中概股回归只剩三条路?如今,对于回归的中概股来说,也只有借壳登录A股,排队等待IPO登录A股,亦或挂牌新三板。 过去一年,在注册制和战新板的美好预期下,中概股公司加速回归。

视频丨VR 世界里应该怎样用电脑?

[视频]《Pokémon Go》热退潮 但不是所有地方都如此

Pokémon Go上个月发布后每日玩家数量一度达到了4500万,但进入8月后这一数字减少了1200万,目前的每日玩家数量还有3000多万。Pokémon Go热逐渐退潮,预计未来玩家数量还会下跌。其他曾担心用户被吸引过去的流行社交应用如 Twitter、Facebook和Snapchat可以松口气了。

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