U.S. suspends export of sensitive tech to Hong Kong as China passes new national security law

The United States government began measures today to end its special status with Hong Kong, one month after Secretary of State Michael Pompeo told Congress that Hong Kong should no longer be considered autonomous from China.

Tesla is taking reservations for its Cybertruck in China

Tesla has opened up reservations for its all-electric Cybertruck to customers in China, a move that will test the market’s appetite for a massive, futuristic truck. The reservations page on Tesla’s China website was first posted in Reddit channel r/teslamotors by user u/aaronhry.

R&D Roundup: Tech giants unveil breakthroughs at computer vision summit

Computer vision summit CVPR has just (virtually) taken place, and like other CV-focused conferences, there are quite a few interesting papers. More than I could possibly write up individually, in fact, so I’ve collected the most promising ones from major companies here. Facebook, Google,

We need a new field of AI to combat racial bias

Responsibly managing machine learning processes is no longer just a desirable component of progress but a necessary one.

GGV’s Jeff Richards: ‘There is a level of resiliency in Silicon Valley that we did not have 10 years

Earlier this week, GGV Capital’s Jeff Richards and Hans Tung joined TechCrunch for an Extra Crunch Live session. During our hour-long chat, we touched on startup profitability, the global venture capital scene, why GGV doesn’t have an office in Europe,

As Q3 kicks off, four more companies join the $100M ARR club

Welcome back to our $100 million annual recurring revenue (ARR) series, in which we take irregular looks at companies that have reached material scale while still private. The goal of our project is simple: uncovering companies of real worth beyond how they are valued by private investors.

How Have I Been Pwned became the keeper of the internet’s biggest data breaches

When Troy Hunt launched Have I Been Pwned in late 2013, he wanted it to answer a simple question: Have you fallen victim to a data breach? Seven years later,

Dating app S’More adds blurred video calling and launches in LA

The pandemic hasn’t slowed down dating app S’More — at least according to CEO Adam Cohen-Aslatei, who said that the app’s daily active user count doubled in March and hasn’t gone down since. “When people are working form home, they have much more time to dedicate to their relationships,

Banking platform solarisBank raises $67.5 million at $360 million valuation

Despite the Wirecard fallout, German fintech startup solarisBank has raised a Series C funding round of $67.5 million (€60 million). Following today’s funding round, solarisBank is now valued at $360 million (€320 million). solarisBank doesn't have any consumer product directly. Instead,

Amazon Prime Video introduces ‘Watch Party,’ a social coviewing experience included with Prime

Amazon Prime Video is beginning to roll out a coviewing feature to Amazon Prime members in the U.S.,the company announced today. The “Watch Party” feature, which is included at no extra cost with a Prime membership,

CodeGuru, AWS’s AI code reviewer and performance profiler, is now generally available

AWS today announced that CodeGuru, a set of tools that use machine learning to automatically review code for bugs and suggest potential optimizations, is now generally available. The tool launched into preview at AWS re:Invent last December. CodeGuru consists of two tools, Reviewer and Profiler,


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Genie Smart Lock Aims For Year-Long Battery Life

Move over Lockitron, there’s a new smart lock contender aiming to connect your door handles to the Internet so that you can lock and unlock remotely, send digital keys to friends and tradespeople (via the companion app), keep tabs on comings and goings,

Threat of War With Russia Darkens Ukraine

Russia is intensifying its military action near the border with Ukraine,

身體發電!16 歲少女發明神奇體熱電筒




外媒:微软发布低端 Lumia 后值得思考的事

威智网1月16日消息,微软日前发布了两款低端 Lumia 新机:Lumia 435 和 Lumia 532。这两款入门设备均具备非常高的性价比,其不仅继承了 Nokia X 系列的典型设计,同时还为低端 Windows Phone 带来了新的标准。





工作流数据库表设计-ASP.NET - 孙凯旋

公司准备开发一套工作流引擎,以前没有什么OA开发经验,也是第一次设计工作流引擎,我把我的一些思路分享一下,希望得到些帮助或者能帮助到一些人。 产品的定位: 1、能够做到前后端分离 2、可以做到项目的分离使用,通过接口来实现 3、支持复杂流程逻辑 例如: 填写加班表单-》多人审核=》退回=》填写证明人

This hilarious note to a guy who lost his wallet is so New York

This is just further proof that New Yorkers are the best and worst people, all at the same time.Reilly Flaherty was at a Wilco concert in Brooklyn when he lost his wallet. After searching the venue and his Uber for the missing wallet, he returned dejectedly to Manhattan without itSee also:

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