Start coding with this comprehensive master class

TL;DR: The Complete C# Master Class Course is on sale for £10.55 as of June 30, saving you 93% on list price.Remember back in the day when you had to spend years in school and/or your life savings to learn to code? Those days are long gone.

Interviews: Bjarne Stroustrup Answers Your Questions

Last week you had a chance to ask Bjarne Stroustrup about programming and C++. Below you'll find his answers to those questions. If you didn't get a chance to ask him a question, or want to clarify something he said, don't forget he's doing a live Google + Q & A today at 12:30pm Eastern.

The 15 best Netflix original series of 2020 (so far)

Even in the darkest of times, our Netflix queues shine bright. Thus far, 2020 has been a bit of a...bumpy ride. Thankfully for the Netflix-subscribed among us, the streaming service's steady offering of original series has provided some much needed consistency. Over the past six months,

10 protests that have defined 2020 so far

You'll likely tell your grandkids about the protests you attended in 2020. Future historians, too, will toil over the twists that emerged on what felt like a daily basis throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Even before COVID-19 fully gripped the world, 2020 was shaping up to be a year of activism. 

What are the best video games of all time? I asked our team to help decide.

Video game fans frequently try to crown one favorite or another as "The Best." There are tens of thousands of words scattered across the internet, all devoted to identifying the titles that represent the absolute pinnacle of games one can play. There's also no consensus:

Apple surveys customers on old chargers amid rumors iPhone 12 won’t include one

Is Apple really going to stop including the power adapter in-box for your brand new iPhone?These surveys may be hinting that, at the very least, the company is strongly considering it.

22 tweets for people who are sick and tired of Zoom calls

We're only halfway through 2020, but the Zoom fatigue is real.Quarantining, social distancing, and working from home if possible are crucial actions needed to help slow the spread of COVID-19. But physically isolating yourself from your co-workers, friends,

Watch Seth Rogen star opposite himself in 'An American Pickle' trailer

What's better than a movie that stars Seth Rogen? A movie that stars Seth Rogen...twice.The trailer for the forthcoming HBO Max comedy film, An American Pickle, just dropped, and Rogen is seen masterfully playing opposite himself in the two main roles.The movie is based on Simon Rich's short story,

If any hair straightener is worth $500 in a pandemic, it’s the Dyson Corrale

Dyson Corrale hair straightener$499.

This set of online courses gives your brain a serious boost

TL;DR: The Brain Booster bundle is on sale for £16.23 as of June 30, saving you 97% on list price.Your brain, like any other part of your body, needs exercise in order to operate at peak capacity. Yes, it also needs fuel and plenty of sleep, but exercise is essential.

'Hamilton' teases fans with a very satisfying new clip ahead of Disney+ release

The filmed original cast performance of Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton is now only a moment away, due to land on Disney+ on July 3. To tide over eager fans as they wait for it, Disney has just released a sneak peek of Renée Elise Goldsberry's Angelica Schuyler performing her iconic song "Satisfied.

Every platform that took action against Trump accounts and groups so far

President Donald Trump has been saying covertly and overtly racist stuff since before he became the president. Now, after protests against police brutality and systemic racism swept the country, some social media companies are finally doing something about it. In May,

美国男子多次用Xbox 360夹带走私军火

凭借在北美旺盛的需求,微软Xbox 360一直是全球最成功的游戏机之一,而其也成为走私者们所利用的工具。



传: 苹果将会为移动支付系统配备标记化技术

威锋网讯,根据 Bank Innovation 在今晚发布的最新报道称,苹果将会为其即将推出的移动支付服务配备标记化技术,连带 NFC。标记技术已经被很多的金融机构所接受,因为这个技术被认为非常安全。  


2014年移动生态--信息图 您可能也喜欢的文章: 2014年中国独立游戏圈生态报告(下)——信息图 移动商务生态演化图谱 2014年中国独立游戏圈生态报告——信息图



Transparent Batteries That Charge in the Sun Could Replace Smartphone Screens

A group of Japanese researchers have managed to improve the design of a transparent lithium-ion battery so that it’s now able to recharge itself when exposed to sunlight without the need for a separate solar cell.Read more...

Bryan Cranston-produced 'Sneaky Pete' to debut on Amazon in 2016

The star of Breaking Bad is coming back to TV!Well, sort of. And...sort of.See also: People who like may also like Amazon's new physical bookstoreAmazon quietly revealed in September that it had picked up a full season of a pilot first posted to Prime in August: Sneaky Pete,


Perception Point的研究人员发现了一个Linux内核本地提权漏洞,影响3.8之后的版本,在服务器上利用该漏洞需要本地访问,而受影响的Android设备则不太可能得到修正。使用3.8+内核的Android系统包括了KitKat、Lollipop和Marshmallow,Jellybean使用3.4.39内核所以不受影响,而Lollipop和Marshmallow启用SELinux屏蔽了相关的系统调用,漏洞在这些系统上是无法利用的,所以真正受影响的是KitKat设备,其市场占有率是36%。

Xbox One跨平台联机确认 从此玩家不再分家

买 PS4,那就只和 PS4 玩家联机;买 Xbox One,那就只和 Xbox One 玩家联机。这种“真理”很快就要被打破了,因为微软不久前正式宣布 Xbox One 跨平台联机功能!  新的机制加入后,Xbox Live 上的玩家将有机会和 PSN 甚至 Steam 上的人同台竞技。一直以来两个阵营似乎都是壁垒分明,现在我们终于能接触更多的玩家了 —— 也不知道微软帮和索尼帮会不会约架打起来。  当然了,是否要支持跨平台那是由开发商来定的。玩家在准备联机的时候,也可以选择是否要进行跨平台游戏,以免用手柄的主机玩家被用鼠标的 PC 玩家一点一个准。  

性能缩水 魅族PRO 6还能站稳高端市场吗?

没错,魅族又开发布会了。在发布魅蓝note 3仅一周后,这家手机厂商又带来了今年的第二款产品PRO 6。去年魅族基本上保持了平均一个月开一场发布会的节奏,因此也被网友调侃为“月经”发布会,而今年则已经达到“周经”的节奏了。  早在这次发布会前,PRO 6的相关信息已经被魅族主动曝光得差不多了。从最初的疑似炒作iPhone 7的天线设计,到李楠澄清其实是他们家的PRO 6,再到黄章在微博自曝PRO 6的外观,魅族已经为这款旗舰产品造了不少势。  

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