CMU researchers develop a an automatic politeness engine for text-based communications

If you’re a typically terse communicator who could probably benefit from a little more civility in your everyday communications, a new Carnegie Mellon University research project could be the answer.

Facebook makes education push in India

Facebook, which reaches more users than any other international firm in India, has identified a new area of opportunity to further spread its tentacles in the world’s second largest internet market. On Sunday,

Rocket Lab launch fails during rocket’s second stage burn, causing a loss of vehicle and payloads

Rocket Lab’s ‘Pic or it didn’t happen’ launch on Saturday ended in failure, with a total loss of the Electron launch vehicle and all seven payloads on board. The launch vehicle experienced a failure during the second stage burn post-launch,

How to watch Rocket Lab launch satellites for Canon, Planet and more live

Rocket Lab is launching a rideshare mission today which includes seven small satellites from a number of different companies, including primary payload provider Canon, which is flying a satellite equipped with the camera-maker’s Earth imaging technology, including high-res photo capture equipment.

Startups Weekly: Tech unicorns look to IPOs as Lemonade, Accolade boom

Hundreds of tech-oriented startups worth a billion or more dollars had envisioned successful public offerings before the pandemic hit. But new tech listings slowed to nearly nothing this spring as companies have tried to adjust to the profound changes sweeping the world. Today,

This Week in Apps: India bans Chinese apps, Apple freezes game updates in China, iOS developer backl

Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the Extra Crunch series that recaps the latest OS news, the applications they support and the money that flows through it all. The app industry is as hot as ever, with a record 204 billion downloads and $120 billion in consumer spending in 2019.

Tesla is taking reservations for its Cybertruck in China

Tesla has opened up reservations for its all-electric Cybertruck to customers in China, a move that will test the market’s appetite for a massive, futuristic truck. The reservations page on Tesla’s China website was first posted in Reddit channel r/teslamotors by user u/aaronhry.

R&D Roundup: Tech giants unveil breakthroughs at computer vision summit

Computer vision summit CVPR has just (virtually) taken place, and like other CV-focused conferences, there are quite a few interesting papers. More than I could possibly write up individually, in fact, so I’ve collected the most promising ones from major companies here. Facebook, Google,

Fivetran snares $100M Series C on $1.2B valuation for data connectivity solution

A big problem for companies these days is finding ways to connect to various data sources to their data repositories, and Fivetran is a startup with a solution to solve that very problem. No surprise then that even during a pandemic,

OnePlus will return to its budget roots with the launch of Nord

Two factors defined OnePlus’s seemingly out-of-nowhere growth in the middle of the last decade: solid specs and a budget price tag. But markets change, and companies must adapt to survive. As someone who’s followed the Chinese smartphone maker since close to the beginning,

NexHealth’s founder went from a receptionist at a clinic in the Bronx to $12 million in funding

The summer before Alamin Uddin was set to begin medical school, he worked in a small doctor’s office in the Bronx as a receptionist. There, dealing with the workflow of managing paper and electronic health records, organizing and scheduling patient’s visits and follow ups,

中兴会连同九城一起推出游戏主机 Fun Box,三月中在国内上市

分类: 游戏产品根据 Bloomberg 指出,中兴跟九城联合组成的中兴九城公司将会于三月内,在国内推出一款名为 Fun Box 的游戏主机。

HBase之HFile解析 - 小吴蜀黍

Sumary:ProtobufBinarySearch 本篇主要讲HFileV2的相关内容,包括HFile的构成、解析及怎么样从HFile中快速找到相关的KeyValue.基于Hbase 0.98.1-hadoop2,本文大部分参考了官方的资源,大家可以先阅读下这篇官方文档,Reference G....





Somebody Wearing an Oculus Rift is Soon Going to Die

I will never, ever forget the first time I played F.E.A.R. Years later, the game's dark corridors continue to haunt me and every time I think of Alma, that ghostly little girl, I feel slightly queasy. Still, I guess I'm thankful we didn't have the Oculus Rift in those days. Read more...

Python框架之Django学习笔记(十五) - 尛鱼

表单 从Google的简朴的单个搜索框,到常见的Blog评论提交表单,再到复杂的自定义数据输入接口,HTML表单一直是交互性网站的支柱。本次内容将介绍如何用Django对用户通过表单提交的数据进行访问、有效性检查以及其它处理。

新浪取消总编岗 网媒不需要总编了?

2015 年 4 月 3 日晚上我在中关村和新浪的一位老人吃饭,席间谈到我老乡邓庆旭接替陈彤担任总编辑一事是否落实(详情百度搜索新浪总编辑接班人选 3 大猜想邓庆旭或胜出),对方告诉我新浪正式取消总编辑这个职位, ... ...

Apple finally puts women onstage at WWDC

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote on Monday was memorable for a slew of product news, but perhaps the company's biggest move was the inclusion of female presentersJennifer Bailey, Apple vice president of worldwide online stores, announced new Apple Pay features. Meanwhile,




昨天我们用多张片子分析了 Oracle 对 Google 发起的长达 6年 的 Android 不 “合理使用” Java API侵权案,现在这次索赔 90 亿美元天价的案子已经有了结果。旧金山联邦法庭陪审团今日已做出裁决,认定 Google Android 并未侵犯 Oracle 所有的 Java 版权。松下一口气的不只有 Google,也包括成千上万的软件开发者。不过,Oracle 已经明确表示将要上诉。广大开发者和版权专家可以暂时松一口气了。

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