Top three tips and tricks for getting the most out of Microsoft Search

Here are some tips and tricks for how you can get the most out of Microsoft Search

10 Tricks to Make Yourself an Evernote Master

Evernote is well established as the go-to app for organizing just about everything in your life. Whether it's notes for a novel or bookmarks from the Web, Evernote can take pretty much anything you want to throw at it. But are you using the platform to its full potential?

Windows 10 news recap: Xbox Game Bar gets new widgets, Edge browser rolls out to Education and Enter

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Xbox Game Bar for Windows 10 gets new widgets, including from 3rd parties Windows 10’s Xbox Game Bar has gained some new widgets,

Microsoft news recap: Head of Xbox Live leaves the company, OneDrive getting improved sharing, and m

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Minecraft Dungeons:

How to use Bing daily images as custom backgrounds in Microsoft Teams

If you're tired of downloading custom backgrounds over and over again, there’s a workaround that allows you to use Bing daily images during Microsoft Teams meetings.

PlayStation exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC on August 7th

Horizon Zero Dawn, one of Sony’s most successful new IPs on the PlayStation 4 during this console generation will be available on Steam and the Epic Games Store on August 7.

Kellogg’s Minecraft Creeper Crunch breakfast cereal is coming to the US next month

Kellogg's Minecraft Creeper Crunch is described as a “cinnamon flavoured cereal with marshmallows,” and each box will also come with Minecraft digital goodies.

Microsoft is pausing Edge Dev, Beta, and Stable updates for the next two weeks

The Dev, Beta, and Stable channels for Microsoft Edge won’t get any updates for the next two weeks to stay aligned with the Chromium Project’s release schedule.

Microsoft’s Yammer app updates with support for the iOS dark mode system settings

The iOS Yammer app updated to Version 7.69.0 today. This latest update adds support for the iOS operating system’s dark mode settings which enables users to set all supported apps to the dark mode display option by flicking one switch within the Settings app. Until now,

Discord is pivoting away from gaming to become “your place to talk”

Discord has revamped its website to better reflects its new ambitions beyond gaming.

You can now listen to the official Minecraft Dungeons video game soundtrack on Spotify

The official soundtrack for the Minecraft Dungeons Xbox One and Windows 10 video game is now available to listen to on the Spotify music streaming service.

Microsoft’s head of Xbox Live leaves after 15 years in the company’s Xbox department

Microsoft’s Dan McCulloch announced via his personal Twitter account this morning that he would be stepping down as head of Xbox Live after 15 years working for the company’s Xbox division. “After 15 years at XBOX, I announced today that I would be leaving,” his tweet reads.


近一个月来的低迷终于等到了最后这一闷棍。负面消息不断的Mt.Gox昨天停止了交易,到现在依然没有恢复。业内多方消息称,Mt.Gox有74.4万个比特币丢失了,基本接近破产。Mt.Gox的CEO Mark也已经退出比特币基金会。今天,Mt.



浅谈浏览器兼容性问题-(3)他山之石整理 - p2227



在腾讯和京东的交易还在传言阶段时,易迅的归属业内几乎没有悬念,但水落石出之后,大家发现对于易迅,交易双方的处理很诡异。即京东获得易迅9. Puts Out Early Data On What Europeans Want To Vanish From Google

An online service called, launched last week to quickly capitalize on a European court ruling from late May that requires Google to process requests by private individuals to de-index outdated or irrelevant personal information,

Suddenly Visible: Illicit Drugs As Part of Silicon Valley Culture

The recent death by overdose of Google executive Timothy Hayes has drawn attention to the phenomenon of illegal drug use (including abuse of prescription painkillers) among technology workers and executives in high-pay, high-stress Silicon Valley.

The cookstove that could save 4 million lives per year

Growing up, Phil Ferranto never thought about how people cooked around the world. He took it for granted, like many of us do, thinking most people had access to some type of stove to feed their families.

13 times North West dressed better than Kanye

It's officially National North West Day, y'allSee also: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting their second childIt was only two years ago that the chic toddler — the biggest fashion icon of them all — came to grace us mere mortals with her presence. Since her birth,

新款 iPod touch 视频上手体验 新颜色真机图片欣赏

本周早些时候,苹果正式发布了第六代 iPod touch,新款 iPod touch 搭载全新 A8 芯片和 M8 运动协处理器,800W 像素 iSight 后置摄像头并支持蓝牙4.1。新款 iPod touch 有6种颜色:蓝色、金色、粉色、红色、银色和深空灰。

Mark Zuckerberg praises Chris Christie's emotional speech about drugs

WASHINGTON —When New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie first spoke about his mother’s cigarette addiction and a friend’s death after a lengthy addiction to drugs, it went largely unnoticed.

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