Eddie Bauer's 4th of July sale is live and almost everything is half off

TL;DR: The sporting goods stalwart Eddie Bauer is currently running a huge Fourth of July sale with 50% off almost everything on its site.

Escape reality with the 10 best animated movies on Netflix

In animation, the only limitation is the filmmaker's imagination. Unbound by the physical world, this medium can illustrate stories about talking animals, enchanted realms, menacing monsters, sci-fi odysseys, or the surreal adventures of a severed limb.

Now Google will display why it's showing you its search results

The man behind the Google Search curtain is coming out to explain a few things.On Thursday, Google expanded the information that it attaches to search results to show users why they're getting the website recommendations they receive.

More than 50,000 Chevy Bolt EVs recalled because of fires — again

Back in November, Chevy Bolt EVs from 2017 through 2019 were recalled due to battery fire risk. Now, months later, the same 50,932 electric sedans are being recalled again — even after a software update went out — because of more sudden fires.

10 best classic movies on Netflix for a trip down memory lane

Every week Netflix is updating their streaming service with new releases from around the world. However, if you’re hankering for classic American cinema that’s over 30 years old, you’ll have to do some digging. Fret not. Whether you’re in the mood for twisted thrillers, charming musicals,

QAnon believers don't know how to handle Michael Flynn's ties to spyware firm behind Pegasus

Edward Snowden is calling it the "story of the year."On Sunday, the first in a series of investigations were published involving NSO Group, an Israeli firm. The report focused on how the firm's spyware software, Pegasus, has been used by governments to target world leaders, political dissidents,

Save $200 on a KitchenAid Stand Mixer and more during Best Buy's "Black Friday in July" sale

What's that? You thought Black Friday was still a few months away? Honestly, so did we, but Best Buy apparently had a different view of the situation.

The struggle to secure funding is real for pro-sex worker apps like Lips

When Annie Brown, founder of Lips, a social app for free sexual expression, applied to the Newchip Accelerator program in late April, she repeatedly asked if the investors were inclusive — with good reason. Lips picks up where Facebook and Instagram ban images and messaging.

Katherine Langford wields a mighty sword in Netflix's epic 'Cursed' trailer

Legacy is a powerful thing. In most versions of the legend of King Arthur, it is the king himself who bears the brunt of legacy and stars in the story. But in Netflix's Cursed, which debuted its trailer on Tuesday, all eyes are on the woman who will become the Lady of the Lake.

Where to find badminton, pickleball, and tennis gear on sale

July marks the fourth or fifth month of quarantine and social distancing — depending on when your state started enforcing rules. While some of us were just hitting our strides with indoor hobbies like DIY-ing or baking, it's already time to make the switch to warm weather pastimes.

Best yoga apps and YouTube channels for practicing at home

As yogis like to say, yoga is as much about the body as it is about the mind. Both deserve attention in these times of social isolation and uncertainty. That's why now is a great time take up a yoga practice — virtually.Maybe you want to start the day with yoga,

UnityVS的开发商SyntaxTree被微软收购 今后开放下载

微软周三宣布已经收购法国软件开发商SyntaxTree,后者所开发的Visual Studio插件UnityVS备受欢迎,允许开发者使用跨平台Unity框架来编写游戏。此前,UnityVS个人版售价为99美元,专业版249美元,今后将开放下载。

5 Can't-Miss Apps: 'Civilization Revolution 2' and More

Between Google acquiring Songza and the first Android Wear apps hitting Google Play, you may have overlooked some of this week's best new apps. Luckily, Mashable creates a roundup each weekend of our favorite new and updated apps, so you won't miss out.See also:

Michigan Mud Day Is Pretty Much Every Kid's Dream

Summer heat can be unbearable, but one Michigan county has a creative way to battle the weather.Mud Day, which has been a Wayne County tradition for the past 26 years, began on Tuesday at 11 a.m. and lasted for two hours. In 81-degree weather,


编者按:想出国留学的同学注意咯!今天@EDC尤原庆 同学分享了自己在美国留学的经验,以及跟多位外国同事交流后的感受,有心到美国读设计先关专业的同学,建.

Left wing Syriza meeting with right wing Independent Greeks seeking coalition

Greece's left-wing Syriza party is preparing to launch coalition talks hours after a landmark general election victory fought on a pledge to rewrite the country's massive bailout deal with the eurozone.See also:


LG今天为旗下音乐流系列音箱推出了七个新成员,它们是首批支持谷歌Cast技术的音乐流系列音箱。这意味着用户能够轻松地将音乐从iOS和Chrome OS设备,以及Android智能手机和平板电脑上投射到音箱上播放出来。



Elasticsearch集群配置以及REST API使用 - xingoo

ES安装与启动 在官网下载压缩包,解压后直接运行bin目录下的.bat文件即可。下载地址戳这里。ES配置集群 Elasticsearch配置集群很简单,只要配置一个集群的名称,ES就会自动寻找并加入到其中。

Google 最新的無人駕駛車上路啦!

Google 無人車駕駛計劃目前的最新消息:最新版本的prototype的無人車已經上路囉! 大家可以看到這款車子已經在歐美道路上趴趴走了!

Gmail登陆中国区App Store 谷歌返华有望?

感谢科客网的投递近日,Gmail悄然登陆苹果App Store中国区。虽然Gmail可以下载,但是不能正常使用。或许,在不久的将来这个问题会得到改善。如果真是如此,很有可能说明Google Play或其他使用Gmail登录的服务也要一同到来了。

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