Eddie Bauer's 4th of July sale is live and almost everything is half off

TL;DR: The sporting goods stalwart Eddie Bauer is currently running a huge Fourth of July sale with 50% off almost everything on its site.

Would you like to see a 'fluffy' galaxy? Check out Hubble's spectacular new photo.

The European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA released a new image Thursday taken using the Hubble Space Telescope and showing a very detailed look at the unique spiral galaxy known as NGC 2775. The ESA described this galaxy as flocculent, meaning it has a woolly, feathery, or fluffy appearance,

Uber's global reach grows as the rideshare company comes to Tokyo

It took six years, but Uber is finally hitting the road in Tokyo.The company kicked off rideshare operations in Japan's capital city on Friday, according to a report from Bloomberg. Thanks to a partnership with three local taxi services,

TwoSeven review: All-in-one group streaming that's far from perfect

TwoSeven group streaming$nullView ProductThe GoodRobust service selection • Intuitive chat features • Good playback on some servicesThe BadPersonal and web playback is buggy • Browser feature differences • Minor video chat issuesThe Bottom LineTwoSeven is a versatile group streaming site that occasionally bites off more than it can chew.

The best apps of 2020 (so far)

Without apps, an iPhone is an expensive paperweight. Luckily for iOS and Android users, there have been a lot of great new apps released in 2020. And while our day-to-day routines have been radically altered by the global pandemic, apps are still integral to our lives.

Fourth of July sale: This 32-inch LG LED TV is on sale for under $200

TL;DR: Binge-watch all your favorites with a 32-inch LG LT340C Series FHD LED TV for $189.99, a 37% savings as of July 5.While your state might be dabbling with a phased re-open or dialing back previous re-opening plans, one thing is for sure: there's still a ton of TV to be watched.

Emotional intelligence classes designed to help you become a better human

TL;DR: Work towards becoming more self-aware with The Emotional Intelligence and Decision-Making bundle for $34.99, a 96% savings as of July 5.Humans kind of suck these days. Seriously. A quick scroll through Twitter will validate that. With emotions running high, empathy, social skills,

Were your taxes a hot mess? This receipt tracker app is 87% off.

TL;DR: Get a 5-year subscription to Foreceipt's receipt tracker app for $29.99, an 87% savings as of July 5.We've all encountered it: piles of receipts in need of filing all year until Tax Day comes along. Some are crumpled in our wallets, some are stacked in drawers,

Katherine Langford wields a mighty sword in Netflix's epic 'Cursed' trailer

Legacy is a powerful thing. In most versions of the legend of King Arthur, it is the king himself who bears the brunt of legacy and stars in the story. But in Netflix's Cursed, which debuted its trailer on Tuesday, all eyes are on the woman who will become the Lady of the Lake.

Where to find badminton, pickleball, and tennis gear on sale

July marks the fourth or fifth month of quarantine and social distancing — depending on when your state started enforcing rules. While some of us were just hitting our strides with indoor hobbies like DIY-ing or baking, it's already time to make the switch to warm weather pastimes.

Best yoga apps and YouTube channels for practicing at home

As yogis like to say, yoga is as much about the body as it is about the mind. Both deserve attention in these times of social isolation and uncertainty. That's why now is a great time take up a yoga practice — virtually.Maybe you want to start the day with yoga,

Extraordinary eggs and caterpillars are as beautiful as the butterflies

These microscopic photos of butterfly eggs by National Geographic, Prüftechnik Uri, and the University Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland are truly fascinating. I find them even more beautiful than the adult insects. Same goes for their incredible caterpillars.Read more...

Mara Wilson's Sweet Tribute to Robin Williams: 'He Seemed So Vulnerable'

Mara Wilson, who played Robin Williams' daughter in the 1993 film Mrs. Doubtfire, has penned a lengthy and sweet blog post about her movie dad, exposing the actor's surprisingly shy and vulnerable side.Robin was so on so much of the time that I was surprised to hear my mother describe him as “shy.

Tour the wilderness of Iceland without leaving your desk with Google maps

If Iceland happens to be on your bucket list of places to see, and the trip isn't in your budget at the moment, fear not - Google Maps can give you a glimpse of the countryRead more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/08/21/tour-the-wilderness-of-iceland-without-leaving-your-desk-with-google-maps/

Battle of the Status: If Facebook Were More Like 'Street Fighter'

That humblebrag Facebook status isn't just annoying — it's a sonic boom to your News Feed.Director Dennis Liu and comedians from Upright Citizens Brigade imagine how brutal Facebook would be if it were more like the game, Street Fighter. Watch the video, above,


在ZUK Z1的发布会上,ZUK CEO常程曾表示360旗下的奇酷手机有望在本月26日正式发布,现在这一消息得到了确定。

锋友投票:用3D Touch调出后台有难度吗?

苹果在最新推出的 iPhone 6s/6s Plus 上搭载了 3D Touch 触控技术,这项技术被苹果称为新一代多点触控技术。其实,它就是此前在 Apple Watch 上出现的 Force Touch 技术,屏幕可感应不同的感压力度触控。  


台湾COSPlay达人Hsu Chia-Hao和澳大利亚设计师Jenny Manik Mercian用一种绝对夺人眼球的方式重现了知名《光环》系列游戏中士官长的头盔,相比较其他传统塑料喷漆材质,整个头盔除护目镜之外镶嵌了总计超过2.5万枚施华洛世奇水晶。

专业级摔落测试对比:HTC 10和Galaxy S7

在以往的手机摔落测试中,通常都是手工确认高度并进行摔落,多少存在一些不公平。专业级摔落测试频道“PhoneBuff”则通过应用于消费电子产品制造商的相同类型设备来检测设备的耐用性,在最新上传的一段视频中将Galaxy S7和HTC 10两款旗舰进行了摔落对比,让我们一起来看看结果吧。

易到CEO炮轰马化腾 微信既当裁判又当运动员

朋友圈发广告,很多人表示不能忍,更不要说号称有洁癖的张小龙了。为了把微信打造成一款用完即走的产品,微信团队制定了各种各样的规则。不过,微信的规则现在受到了挑战。   最近,几张专车比价图在朋友圈疯传,学霸们纷纷计算,到底哪个打车软件更划算。随后易到用车在微信上推出了一个“专车比价”应用,却发现,从比价软件到APP朋友圈分享,都被微信屏蔽了。    于是昨晚至今,易到和微信的4封公开信在朋友圈开始热传。   


据外媒报道,日前,美国波士顿游戏开发者、知名网络骚扰反对者Brianna Wu公布了将在2018年参选众议院议员的计划。虽然Wu没有正式宣布这一动作,但她却在Facebook公布了一张其将参选的宣传图。据了解,Wu的政治立场将包括维护女性权利、修复民主党总统竞选人希拉里支持者和左翼竞选人伯尼·桑德斯支持者之间关系等方面。 阅读全文

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