Maxed out on game space? Get more storage with this big sale.

TL;DR: Right now, save up to 40% off a variety of external hard drives, memory cards, and flash drives at Amazon as of June 30. That includes extra storage options compatible with Nintendo Switch or your PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 

Escape reality with the 10 best animated movies on Netflix

In animation, the only limitation is the filmmaker's imagination. Unbound by the physical world, this medium can illustrate stories about talking animals, enchanted realms, menacing monsters, sci-fi odysseys, or the surreal adventures of a severed limb.

Now Google will display why it's showing you its search results

The man behind the Google Search curtain is coming out to explain a few things.On Thursday, Google expanded the information that it attaches to search results to show users why they're getting the website recommendations they receive.

More than 50,000 Chevy Bolt EVs recalled because of fires — again

Back in November, Chevy Bolt EVs from 2017 through 2019 were recalled due to battery fire risk. Now, months later, the same 50,932 electric sedans are being recalled again — even after a software update went out — because of more sudden fires.

10 best classic movies on Netflix for a trip down memory lane

Every week Netflix is updating their streaming service with new releases from around the world. However, if you’re hankering for classic American cinema that’s over 30 years old, you’ll have to do some digging. Fret not. Whether you’re in the mood for twisted thrillers, charming musicals,

QAnon believers don't know how to handle Michael Flynn's ties to spyware firm behind Pegasus

Edward Snowden is calling it the "story of the year."On Sunday, the first in a series of investigations were published involving NSO Group, an Israeli firm. The report focused on how the firm's spyware software, Pegasus, has been used by governments to target world leaders, political dissidents,

Save $200 on a KitchenAid Stand Mixer and more during Best Buy's "Black Friday in July" sale

What's that? You thought Black Friday was still a few months away? Honestly, so did we, but Best Buy apparently had a different view of the situation.

The struggle to secure funding is real for pro-sex worker apps like Lips

When Annie Brown, founder of Lips, a social app for free sexual expression, applied to the Newchip Accelerator program in late April, she repeatedly asked if the investors were inclusive — with good reason. Lips picks up where Facebook and Instagram ban images and messaging.

Eddie Bauer's 4th of July sale is live and almost everything is half off

TL;DR: The sporting goods stalwart Eddie Bauer is currently running a huge Fourth of July sale with 50% off almost everything on its site.

Katherine Langford wields a mighty sword in Netflix's epic 'Cursed' trailer

Legacy is a powerful thing. In most versions of the legend of King Arthur, it is the king himself who bears the brunt of legacy and stars in the story. But in Netflix's Cursed, which debuted its trailer on Tuesday, all eyes are on the woman who will become the Lady of the Lake.

Where to find badminton, pickleball, and tennis gear on sale

July marks the fourth or fifth month of quarantine and social distancing — depending on when your state started enforcing rules. While some of us were just hitting our strides with indoor hobbies like DIY-ing or baking, it's already time to make the switch to warm weather pastimes.

The Most Radioactive Place in New York City Is a Garage In Queens

Like so many NYC businesses, Primo Flat Fix occupies a nearly 100-year-old building. But this Queens, garage sits on a very peculiar piece of dirt: The former site of Wolff-Alport Chemical Company,

Girls Take All In $50 Million Google Learn-to-Code Initiative

theodp writes: On Thursday, Google announced a $50 million initiative to inspire girls to code called Made with Code. As part of the initiative, Google said it will also be "rewarding teachers who support girls who take CS courses on Codecademy or Khan Academy.

微软明日将启动第二轮裁员 涉及所有的事业部


一機三充夠實用!iWALK Extreme TRIO 外置充電池


支付宝拟与美国零售商合作 解决中国海外代购问题

据外媒Re/code报道,支付宝计划利用阿里巴巴在美国的影响力,与美国零售商就向中国消费者提供支付解决方案展开合作。该项桥接美国零售商与中国消费者的支付解决方案被称为Alipay ePass。

[图文直播]小米Note - 2015年春季旗舰新品发布会


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其实不赞同 @Sven。留守儿童问题其实是一个”表象“,作为问题其实它的边界和原因指向是模糊而多元化的。我们既可以从经济角度阐述,也可以从其他角度进行阐述。

買了 Apple Watch 卻老是讓他躺在桌上?來個 Just Mobile 鋁合金立架把它「供」起來吧!

Just Mobile 是一個「歐洲設計,台灣製造」的品牌,旗下一系列「高貴」鋁合金配件如觸控筆、電腦立架、行動電源等產品,通通都是可以在每一家蘋果專賣店顯眼角落中找到的產品,在台灣是曝光率非常高的蘋果配件品牌。

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