How to remove the password from your Windows 10 PC

Protecting your PC with a strong password is essential in order to keep yourself secure. However, that’s not to say that all Windows installations need one. If you’re setting up a virtual machine, ditching the password will enable you to sign-in instantly,

How to view or delete your Microsoft Edge browsing history

For those of you who are new to Windows 10 and the Microsoft Edge browser, here is a useful tip for you. If you can’t find how to view or remove your browser history,...The post How to view or delete your Microsoft Edge browsing history appeared first on WinBeta.

These are my Top 5 Windows 10 features, what are yours?

It has been over a year since Microsoft first announced the future of Windows, skipping Windows 9 in favor of Windows 10, the last version of their popular OS. During the press conference back...The post These are my Top 5 Windows 10 features, what are yours? appeared first on WinBeta.

What Windows 10's "Privacy Nightmare" Settings Actually Do

Windows 10 has some handy new features, but if you believe the rest of the internet, it also comes with features that eviscerate any semblance of privacy. Let’s take a closer look at what each of these settings actually do—and which ones are actually a privacy problem.Read more...

Take Control of Your Connection With These Wi-Fi Management Apps

Between your home and corporate networks, from MiFis to Open Access Points and everything in between, keeping track of which network your mobile device is using and managing access to all these connectivity options is getting really tough these days. It doesn't have to be.Read more...

5 Painfully Clever Flash Drive Tricks We Wish We'd Though Of

Most of us see our USB flash drives as expendable, one-trick ponies—good for storing and sharing files and not much else. But with the appropriate knowledge, that little mess of gigabytes in your pocket has the potential to be so much more.Read more...

iCloak Stik Aims To Put Robust Online Privacy In The Hands Of The Many, Not The Few

Meet iCloak Stik: a plug and play device that’s being designed to make robust online privacy accessible to the many not the few — by enabling an average computer user to route their browsing via the Tor or I2P anonymizing networks so it can’t be tracked. Read More

"In The Shower Eating Cherries" and More Tales of Nightmare IT Calls

We asked for your worst stories of working IT phone support — and boy, did you ever answer our call. You have the patience of saints and the fortitude of soldiers. We’ll never look at a phone the same way again.Read more...

18 Google Chrome Extensions That Make the Internet a Better Place

Earlier this week, we asked you to share with us that one, special Chrome extension that you just can't bear to live without. As it turns out, for most of you, that one is actually more like eight. So to help, we've pared it down to the absolute cream of the Chrome extension crop.Read more...

Sunday's Best Deals: Sub-$4 Kindle Books, Sweaters, Bluetooth Headphones

Here are the best of today’s deals. Get every great deal every day on Kinja Deals, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to never miss a deal, join us on Kinja Gear to read about great products, and on Kinja Co-Op to help us find the best.Read more...

Saturday's Best Deals: Sunglasses, Charging Cables, $11 Bluetooth Headphones

Here are the best of today’s deals. Get every great deal every day on Kinja Deals, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to never miss a deal, join us on Kinja Gear to read about great products, and on Kinja Co-Op to help us find the best.Read more...

Windows 10 news recap: Xbox Game Bar gets new widgets, Edge browser rolls out to Education and Enter

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Xbox Game Bar for Windows 10 gets new widgets, including from 3rd parties Windows 10’s Xbox Game Bar has gained some new widgets,

Microsoft news recap: Head of Xbox Live leaves the company, OneDrive getting improved sharing, and m

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Minecraft Dungeons:

How to use Bing daily images as custom backgrounds in Microsoft Teams

If you're tired of downloading custom backgrounds over and over again, there’s a workaround that allows you to use Bing daily images during Microsoft Teams meetings.

PlayStation exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC on August 7th

Horizon Zero Dawn, one of Sony’s most successful new IPs on the PlayStation 4 during this console generation will be available on Steam and the Epic Games Store on August 7.

Kellogg’s Minecraft Creeper Crunch breakfast cereal is coming to the US next month

Kellogg's Minecraft Creeper Crunch is described as a “cinnamon flavoured cereal with marshmallows,” and each box will also come with Minecraft digital goodies.

Microsoft is pausing Edge Dev, Beta, and Stable updates for the next two weeks

The Dev, Beta, and Stable channels for Microsoft Edge won’t get any updates for the next two weeks to stay aligned with the Chromium Project’s release schedule.

Microsoft’s Yammer app updates with support for the iOS dark mode system settings

The iOS Yammer app updated to Version 7.69.0 today. This latest update adds support for the iOS operating system’s dark mode settings which enables users to set all supported apps to the dark mode display option by flicking one switch within the Settings app. Until now,

PowerToys version 0.19.0 released, focused on fixes

Microsoft has just released PowerToys version 0.19 for Windows 10 with quality and stability improvements. The latest version of the app specifically addresses over 100 issues across all of its utilities and brings tons of PowerToys Run search improvements,

Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev can now export Collections to OneNote

The Send Collections to OneNote option is now live for available in the Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev versions, and this is an addition to the existing options to send collections to Excel, Word, and Pinterest.

Microsoft launches global skills initiative to bring new skills to 25 million people, includes new T

Microsoft announced a new global skills initiative aimed at bringing more digital skills to 25 million people worldwide by the end of the year.



Tweekaboo, The Family Photo Sharing App, Adds Book Printing

Private family photo sharing network Tweekaboo has just launched the Tweekabook, an 8.5" x 8.5" book offering that lets parents produce and print baby books right from their iOS app. The books start at $29.95 for a 24-page book and the company ships anywhere in the world. Read More

Oculus Rift Makers Sued for Allegedly Stealing Virtual Reality Tech

The makers of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset are being sued by game publisher ZeniMax, best known for owning id Software and Bethesda, for allegedly infringing on the company's trademarks and patents for the virtual reality technology.ZeniMax filed the lawsuit Wednesday in the U.S.



Korean E-Book Platform Ridibooks Raises $8M Series B

Ridibooks, which claims to be South Korea’s largest e-book vendor, announced that it has raised a $8 million Series B to improve its user experience and reach new customers. Investors include NeoPlux, which led the round, Company K, Mirae Asset Venture Investment, and Atinum Investment.

Vinyl's Revival Is Now a Phenomenon On Both Sides of the Atlantic

New submitter journovampire sends this report about the resurgence of vinyl: Vinyl album sales smashed records on both sides of the Atlantic in 2014, as a format that recently seemed on its last legs hit astonishing new heights. ...n the UK in 2014, vinyl album sales totalled of 1.

瑞致达集团 (Vistra Group) 推出新品牌

优化协同效应,加强企业联系,扩大全球覆盖率 香港和伦敦2015年1月19日电 /美通社/ -- 全球首屈一指的全球公司注册、信托、受信及基金行政管理企业服务供货商瑞致达集团 (Vistra Group) 今天宣布推出全新品牌,更紧密地联系旗下两个主要国际业务瑞致达 (Vistra) 及 OIL。

Microsoft acquires Revolution Analytics, provider of data analysis for businesses

Today, Microsoft acquired Revolution Analytics for an undisclosed amount. Revolution Analytics provides businesses with services and software for “R;” a programming language used throughout the world for predictive and statistical analytic information. 


赞助商、展商20%早鸟优惠月底截止 上海2015年3月19日电 /美通社/ -- 由上海市经济和信息化委员会指导,博闻中国(UBM China)主办的2015全球云计算大会.

Microsoft contract workers finally beginning to be given paid leave

Although many of us take it for granted, paid leave is far from a human right in many parts of the world. Though most of us have no power to affect this state of affairs, others do, such as Microsoft. Indeed, back in March, the tech giant saw fit to enforce certain standards,

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