Kellogg’s Minecraft Creeper Crunch breakfast cereal is coming to the US next month

Kellogg's Minecraft Creeper Crunch is described as a “cinnamon flavoured cereal with marshmallows,” and each box will also come with Minecraft digital goodies.

Go behind closed doors and Watch Panos Panay talk more about Surface Duo in this product brief

Microsoft has shared the product briefing for the Surface Duo on its YouTube page

Injustice 2 and Nascar Heat 5 are free to play with Xbox Live Gold this weekend

The Xbox team announced another Free Play Days event today featuring Injustice 2 and Nascar Heat 5.

Microsoft unites with other technology giants to “stay vigilant,” safeguard the 2020 U.S. election

As the 2020 Presidential election in the United States approaches, Microsoft is assuring American citizens that it will continue to coordinate with the government on election security.

Microsoft Teams will soon get the ability to spotlight an individual video participant in a meeting

Microsoft is working on a new feature which will allow presenters to lock on an individual video feed for all meeting participants in Microsoft Teams.

Common Excel formula errors and how to fix them

Here's a look at some common excel formula errors and how you can fix them

How to enable the default administrator account in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a default Administrator account that can be used in lieu of a regular user account when making administrative changes. The account is disabled by default. The simplest way to activate the Administrator account is via Command Prompt.

Xbox head Phil Spencer teases “really great” Xbox Game Pass announcements after news of Halo Infinit

Xbox head Phil Spencer believes that Halo Infinite being delayed shouldn’t affect too much the launch of the Xbox Series X, and the exec teased some exciting announcements for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Microsoft is pausing Edge Dev, Beta, and Stable updates for the next two weeks

The Dev, Beta, and Stable channels for Microsoft Edge won’t get any updates for the next two weeks to stay aligned with the Chromium Project’s release schedule.

Microsoft’s Yammer app updates with support for the iOS dark mode system settings

The iOS Yammer app updated to Version 7.69.0 today. This latest update adds support for the iOS operating system’s dark mode settings which enables users to set all supported apps to the dark mode display option by flicking one switch within the Settings app. Until now,

NBA 2K21 will cost more on next-gen consoles

NBA 2K21 won’t leverage Microsoft’s Smart Delivery program on Xbox consoles, and the next-gen versions of the game will cost $10 more than the Xbox One and PS4 versions.


huzheng 写道 "两本新整理的书发布:《菩萨治国论》和 《呵,我要逍遥自由!》。"以下引用该文:“中 黑强宗的cpu是1024位的。大黑强宗是4096位。我们地球的科技还在64位。...宇宙物质,能观测到的只占4.


锂离子电池有着相当不错的便携性,但是它们也有一些比较明显的缺点——比如散热和有毒元素——这限制了其应用的发展。不过,美国南加州大学的科学家们,却正致力于“水性有机电池”(water-based organic battery)的研究。

HP's Luxury Smartwatch Looks Absolutely Stunning

If you thought the Moto 360 was beautiful , brace yourself for HP's luxury smartwatch. For something made by Hewlett-Packard, this thing is surprisingly beautiful.Read more...


本文介绍Docker容器的特点,介绍Docker中运行Hadoop的优势,并进一步讨论了改进YARN的Docker执行器,使得YARN完全运行于Docker之内的方案。 By 张天雷


继两天前美国 NASA 的 MAVEN 火星大气探测/通讯卫星抵达火星后,今天印度也迎来了历史性的一刻 -- 其昵称为 Mangalyaan...



WellDeserved Is A (Fake) Startup That Pokes Fun At Tech’s Priviledge

Have a free Google Lunch you don’t take advantage of because you’re eating only local blueberries this week? Does your company have a masseuse you don’t use because you’re touch-phobic? WellDeserved is for you. The app allows you to sell the things you get for free.

每周要闻回顾:岩田聪去世、Tesla「Ludicrous Mode」、HTC Grip 不上市等

岩田聪去世、Tesla「Ludicrous Mode」、HTC Grip 不上市等。...

[攝影小教室] 業配文照片這樣拍(六):雖然逆光照很漂亮,但如果修圖處理一下會更好!


Hey VCs, Here Are The Companies On Display In Startup Alley At Disrupt London

Attention all you investors out there. We’re excited to unveil the companies that will be participating in the Startup Alley at Disrupt London 2015, and you can catch a glimpse of all of them by visiting our new Startup Alley Hub. In addition to being generally awesome,

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