GM promises 2,700 new fast EV chargers to catch up to Tesla's Supercharger network

General Motors is teaming up with the EVgo charging network to add 2,700 fast-charging connectors in cities across the U.S. The Chevy Bolt EV maker announced the new charging infrastructure Friday,

Jason Sudeikis and James Corden play enjoyable Zoom game of 'Football Pro or Football No?'

The Late Late Show team has been on a break for the past few weeks, which means they've had plenty of time to think up more Zoom-based guessing games of the "Pants or PJs" variety.First out of the gates is "Football Pro or Football No?",

Trevor Noah tears apart Trump's mission to attack mail-in voting

Trump tends to find one or two new people/countries/entities to go after each week, and this time — along with his slightly confused comments on Biden's running mate Kamala Harris — he's set his sights on the U.S. Postal Service.Specifically, Trump has an issue with mail-in voting,

How Trump bent the National Park Service to do his bidding

For the first 100 years of the National Park Service's existence, there has almost continually been an official director who leads the prestigious conservation agency. Now, that's changed.

How to cure your pandemic blues with moments of pure joy

Everyday I walk down to our unfinished basement to do something I call treadmill dancing. You might have seen it before in Taylor Swift's Apple Music commercial. When I watched the spot a few years ago, I thought:

Protect your digital presence with this security subscription

TL;DR: A two-year subscription to Ivacy VPN is on sale for $2.25 per month as of Aug. 14, saving you 77% on list price.The internet might seem like a friendly place full of interesting things, but it can also be pretty dangerous if you're not protected. Data harvesters, hackers,

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to code, now is a great time to start

As remote work has become both increasingly popular and necessary, it’s brought new meaning to who essential workers are and which job skills can survive — meaning who can work remotely and who can’t. 

20 cool gadgets and tiny tools on sale this weekend

The term "essentials" has an entirely new meaning these days. From face masks to sanitizers, we now have true essentials that we must carry regularly. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't think beyond that.From multifunctional screwdrivers to no-touch door openers,

The only thing better than 'Black Is King' is 'Black Is King' in HDR10+

Even if you didn't care about watching Game of Thrones or Endgame in 4K, dedicated Beyoncé stans are certainly in the market now that the musical film and visual album Black Is King has finally made its Disney+ debut.

Students can grab these JBL earbuds for nearly half off at Best Buy

TL;DR: Enjoy powerful sound without the wires with the JBL FREE True Wireless in-ear headphones Gen 2 for $79.99, a $70 savings as of July 31. Calling all students! If you don't know about Best Buy's Student Deals, we're here to make sure you don't miss out any longer. 

Dr. Fauci has the perfect reaction to Rep. Jim Jordan wild questioning

We should all know this by now: Being in a crowd, especially indoors without a mask, is dangerous during the coronavirus pandemic.Still, Ohio Rep.


据国外媒体报道,在昨晚的全球合伙人大会上,微软高管Kevin Turner称,微软即将推出一款价格超低的99美元平板。Turner解释道,该平板并不是微软生产,而是由中国一家合作伙伴生产,平板的价格会相当便宜。

Coin Cards Will Be Obsolete Months After They Are Released

Coin already blew their launch, pusing back the release of the all-in-one credit card eight-plus months right before pre-orders were supposed to ship. Now, customers will only be able to use their $100 Coin card for a few months before it's made obsolete.Read more...



Transgender Model Geena Rocero Responds to Emma Watson's UN Speech

Transgender activist and model Geena Rocero is supporting Emma Watson and her definition of genderDuring a speech Watson made at the United Nations on Saturday, she said, "If we stop defining each other by what we are not and start defining ourselves by what we are, we can all be freer...

Verrado Drift Trike is the awesome toy your parents wouldn’t let you ride

The Verrado Electric Drift Trike is not a kids’ toy. It’s a shockingly powerful three-wheel vehicle that has about as much in common with a tot’s tricycle as a real Humvee does with a pint-sized Power Wheels version of the same thing.

Tweetium releases a number of updates overnight with several improvements and bug fixes

Tweetium is one of our favorite Twitter client here at WinBeta, not just on Windows but for Windows Phone as well. Recently, the folks at Tweetium updated their Windows Phone app, bumping it to version 3.2. with lots of bug fixes and improvements on board. It didn't end there,


Unwire Space 創業 Tips:湊掂你老闆

湊客其實同湊老闆差唔多,無論係創業定打工,相信大家感同身受,一齊睇睇有咩辦法,湊好你老闆 / 你個客!The post Unwire Space 創業 Tips:湊掂你老闆 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

25 of the fanciest sandcastles at the beach

Put away your sad sand bucketThese artistic sandcastles totally trump the ones you built as a kid at the beach. But maybe their intricate designs will inspire you to build something magnificent with sand before summer comes to a closeSee also:

Lana del Rey drifts through an ocean of her tears in 'Music to Watch Boys To' video

Lana del Rey's new music video is part Little Mermaid and a lot Virgin Suicides, so all is right in her listless, romantic world. And by that, of course, we mean that almost everything is wrong save for a few flickers of temporary relief.In "Music to Watch Boys To,

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