Taylor Swift meme honors all the last great American dynasties

It's been one week since Taylor Swift dropped her eighth studio album, folklore, and fans are still gushing over the 16 new tracks online.As people meticulously dissect lyrics and smile whenever they hear Swift drop the f-bomb, the album continues to inspire more and more memes.

Technology's latest innovation is a remote-controlled cyborg cockroach

While a cyborg cockroach is probably the last thing you want to imagine, this technology is being developed with good intentions. Researchers at the RIKEN institute in Japan have designed a remote-controlled,

Quit your worrying, 'Don't Worry Darling' tops box office because people love mess and drama

After months of drama, spitting, and speculation, fans and nosey people alike ran to the cinema to see what all that worrying was about. It turns out Don't Worry Darling, Olivia Wilde's much-anticipated psychological thriller starring Florence Pugh and Harry Styles,

'Batgirl' Leslie Grace shares behind-the-scenes footage on TikTok

Earlier this summer, Warner Bros. announced it won't release its $90 million-budget Batgirl movie even though it was in post-production, dismaying the cast and crew as well as fans. "We are saddened and shocked by the news," wrote directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah on Instagram.

Elon Musk's Starlink to provide internet access to both Iran and U.S. school buses

SpaceX's internet service provider Starlink is attempting to be everything, everywhere, all at once. Despite Starlink's slowing speeds in recent months as its popularity increases, two major new initiatives were announced this week: service in Iran and in U.S. school buses.The first,

NASA's sci-fi mission to move an asteroid is crucial for humanity

It sounds like a movie.NASA will soon test its ability to deflect a threatening asteroid away from our humble blue planet. On Sept. 26, the agency will slam a spacecraft the size of a vending machine into a space rock the size of a great Egyptian pyramid. And, crucially,

TikTok creators are cashing in by summarizing movies

Have you ever felt that movies are too long? Do you wish they were a length of a TikTok? You're in luck, because some TikTok creators are condensing movies into minutes-long clips, Rest of World reports.

4 ways to help girls thrive online

Parents paying close attention to news headlines over the past year would be justifiably worried about the risks of letting their adolescent or teen girl spend too much time online.

'The Umbrella Academy' cast break down their favorite Season 2 moments

Emmy Raver-Lampman, Robert Sheehan, Aiden Gallagher, David Castañeda and Justin H. Min break down how their favorite Season 2 scenes were made.  Read more...More about Netflix, Mashable Video, Emmys, Season 2, and The Umbrella Academy

3 ways to improve sustainable travel today

Mashable's Social Good Summit panelists discuss techniques you can use today to maintain the environment no matter where you are in the world. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Electric Cars, Carbon Footprint, Social Good Summit, and Sustainable Living

How to recognize and avoid fake news

Fake news is all around us, and getting harder and harder to detect. We made a handy guide of what to look out for and how to figure out if your news is fake or real. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Trump, Fake News, Fact Check, and Culture

Maker Studios' First Deal With Cable TV Brings Bart Baker to Music Choice

It was only a matter of time before one of Maker Studios' breakout YouTube channels wound up on TV.Just before it was acquired this week by Disney for $500 million or more, Maker made a deal to license content with digital cable programmer Music Choice,

Bill Gates Patents Detecting, Responding To "Glassholes"

theodp (442580) writes "As Google Glass goes on sale [ed: or rather, went on sale] to the general public, GeekWire reports that Bill Gates has already snagged one patent for 'detecting and responding to an intruding camera' and has another in the works.

【Maker Voice】原理简单到没朋友,手机壳CaseCam用镜面反射帮你完美自拍

Maker Voice是为关注新硬件的朋友们准备的一个栏目,初期的形态是每天一篇文章,梳理总结一天下来新硬件行业的精华内容,可能是有意思的产品,也可能是引人思考的观点,目标是让朋友们能用最短时间在这里遍览真正值得关注的内容。



A cocktail cloud will let you get tipsy without opening your mouth

LONDON — Move over, powdered alcohol. This is the latest way to get drunk without actually drinkingPlayful food and drink experimentalists Bompas & Parr are creating a cocktail cloud in the UK capital later this month where visitors will able to breathe in their drinks.See also:

读完这个,你就清楚 Google logo 的变迁史了

这是十几年来 Google logo 变化最大的一次。#欢迎关注爱范儿认证微信公众号:AppSolution(微信号:appsolution),发现新酷精华应用。 爱范儿 |原文链接 ·查看评论 ·新浪微博 ·微信订阅

NodeJS Stream 二:什么是 Stream - 撒玛利亚人

对于大部分有后端经验的的同学来说 Stream 对象是个再合理而常见的对象,但对于前端同学 Stream 并不是那么理所当然,github 上甚至有一篇 9000 多 Star 的文章介绍到底什么是 Stream —— "stream handbook" 。为了更好的理解 Stream,在这篇文章的

maven单元测试设置代理 - 添经地翼

背景 环境需要设置代理才能够访问外部网络,如果只是运行java程序来访问网络,我们可以通过java jar test.jar DproxyHost=proxy_ip DproxyPort=proxy_port,但如果是java的maven项目中,单元测试需要访问网络,只执行mvn test则会导致单


因为存在触电危险,NVIDIA宣布召回用于Shield Tablet和机顶盒的墙壁式插头。调查发现,欧版的插头会存在金属连接器脱落,进而导致插头裸露在外,官方已经收到了六起触电报告。 阅读全文

混改无法支撑股价持续上涨 联通A股跌回停牌价

复牌后仅仅收获两个涨停,中国联通A股股价就出乎市场意料掉头向下。昨日,中国联通收于7.54元/股,已近乎跌回停牌时的7.47元/股。而曾被市场艳羡的日赚近一亿元的传奇牛散王素芳,如今是否落袋为安获利走人还是投资打了水漂? 阅读全文

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