Beyoncé's 'Black is King' shows everything the light touches is our kingdom

Truly great stories can be told without specifics. They survive not because of the specific words used to recount them, but because their characters, arcs, and lessons are universalThe Lion King is a story about talking safari animals, but Simba’s journey of being shamefully forced from his home,

Technology's latest innovation is a remote-controlled cyborg cockroach

While a cyborg cockroach is probably the last thing you want to imagine, this technology is being developed with good intentions. Researchers at the RIKEN institute in Japan have designed a remote-controlled,

Quit your worrying, 'Don't Worry Darling' tops box office because people love mess and drama

After months of drama, spitting, and speculation, fans and nosey people alike ran to the cinema to see what all that worrying was about. It turns out Don't Worry Darling, Olivia Wilde's much-anticipated psychological thriller starring Florence Pugh and Harry Styles,

'Batgirl' Leslie Grace shares behind-the-scenes footage on TikTok

Earlier this summer, Warner Bros. announced it won't release its $90 million-budget Batgirl movie even though it was in post-production, dismaying the cast and crew as well as fans. "We are saddened and shocked by the news," wrote directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah on Instagram.

Elon Musk's Starlink to provide internet access to both Iran and U.S. school buses

SpaceX's internet service provider Starlink is attempting to be everything, everywhere, all at once. Despite Starlink's slowing speeds in recent months as its popularity increases, two major new initiatives were announced this week: service in Iran and in U.S. school buses.The first,

NASA's sci-fi mission to move an asteroid is crucial for humanity

It sounds like a movie.NASA will soon test its ability to deflect a threatening asteroid away from our humble blue planet. On Sept. 26, the agency will slam a spacecraft the size of a vending machine into a space rock the size of a great Egyptian pyramid. And, crucially,

TikTok creators are cashing in by summarizing movies

Have you ever felt that movies are too long? Do you wish they were a length of a TikTok? You're in luck, because some TikTok creators are condensing movies into minutes-long clips, Rest of World reports.

4 ways to help girls thrive online

Parents paying close attention to news headlines over the past year would be justifiably worried about the risks of letting their adolescent or teen girl spend too much time online.

Prep and organize your whole meal with this handy kitchen tool — Future Blink

‘Prepdeck’ is designed to make meal prep easy and more efficient. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Culture, Food Preparation, Cooking Gadget, and Future Blink

These bendable hangers can hang any article of clothing — Future Blink

'Hangio' hangers are made from durable materials that can mold to fit your clothes and keep them from being stretched out or slipping off.  Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Clothing, Eco Friendly, and Future Blink

Trump may demand TikTok’s Chinese owners sell it, and guess who may be interested

Sell the company or face a potential U.S. ban?That’s the decision TikTok’s China-based parent company, ByteDance, may have to make.TikTok may soon be put up for sale in the United States due to a possible order from President Donald Trump,

Uber Officially Opens Its API In a Bid To Be Everywhere

It's official: Uber wants to be everywhere in your phone. The rideshare company has unveiled its rumored API, which at launch will be integrated into apps including those from Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, OpenTable, Starbucks, Time Out, and TripAdvisor.Read more...

Anonymous Peer-review Comments May Spark Legal Battle

sciencehabit writes: The power of anonymous comments — and the liability of those who make them — is at the heart of a possible legal battle embroiling PubPeer, an online forum launched in October 2012 for anonymous, postpublication peer review.

百度地图 api 功能封装类 (ZMap.js) 新增管理事件功能 [源码下载] - Weiseditor

ZMap 功能说明ZMap.

狙擊 iPhone 6s!Samsung 推出粉紅金 Galaxy Note 5

iPhone 6s、6s Plus 將會在 10 月 23 日於韓國開賣,在世界各地玫瑰金色的新 iPhone 都成為焦點。為了在韓國主場搶客,Samsung 亦推出類似的 Galaxy Note 5 新機顏色。Samsung 未有將顏色命名為 Rose Gold,而是 Pink Gold(粉紅金)。

表达式树 - PacosonSWJTU



据科技网站Ars Technica报道,过去约3年,数以千万计运行Linux内核的设备一直存在一处权限提升缺陷。预计主要Linux发行商将于本周修复该缺陷,但由于为Android手机和嵌入式设备发布更新包相当困难,许多人未来数月或数年仍将面临受到攻击的风险。这一缺陷出现在2013年初发布的3.8版Linux内核中。安全厂商Perception Point研究人员发现了该缺陷,并报告给Linux内核维护团队。

Gawker The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of the GOP Anger Morons | Jalopnik Here’s What Happened When I D

Gawker The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of the GOP Anger Morons | Jalopnik Here’s What Happened When I Drove My Aston Martin In The Snow | Lifehacker The Biggest Lies Car Manufacturers and Dealerships Tell to Sell You a Car | io9 The 24 Most Insane Theories About Who Rey’s Parents Are |Read more...



Daring stuntwoman flies over active volcano in a wingsuit

As if skydiving weren't scary enough, did you know people also put on wingsuits and fly over volcanoes?In a new promotional video from GoPro, athlete Roberta Mancino does just that, jumping from 15,000 feet to soar over Villarrica, an active volcano in Chile."We felt the heat,

听说苹果会记下你的联系人? 不要那么紧张


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