Apple’s partners and Samsung apply for India’s $6.6 billion local smartphone production program

South Korean giant Samsung, Apple’s contract manufacturing partners Foxconn, Wistron and Pegatron, and Indian smartphone vendors Micromax and Lava among others have applied for India’s $6.6 billion incentive program aimed at boosting the local smartphone manufacturing, New Delhi said on Saturday.

Startups Weekly: What countries want your startup?

They say business needs certainty to succeed, but new tech startups are still getting funded aggressively despite the pandemic, recession, trade wars and various large disasters....

Share Ventures, an LA-based studio for company creation, is MoviePass co-founder Hamet Watt’s next a

Nearly eight years ago, Hamet Watt and Stacy Spikes launched MoviePass, the subscription-based movie ticketing service that captured the minds and dollars of investors and brought thousands of cinephiles a too-good-to-be-true deal for all-you-can watch movie passes. Watt,

How I accidentally gatecrashed a startup’s morning meeting

There’s a certain kind of panic that at some point gets us all. You just got to work but did you leave the oven on at home? The gut-punch “call me ASAP” message from your boss but now they’re not answering their phone. Or that moment you unexpectedly see your camera light flash on your […]

Daily Crunch: Trump bans transactions with ByteDance and Tencent

Trump escalates his campaign against Chinese tech companies, Facebook extends work from home until the middle of 2021 and Netflix adds support for Hindi. Here’s your Daily Crunch for August 7, 2020. The big story:

Extra Crunch members get 20% off an annual Canva Pro plan

Extra Crunch is excited to announce an update to our Partner Perk from design and publishing platform Canva. Starting today, annual and two-year members of Extra Crunch can receive 20% off an annual Canva Pro plan. You must be new to Canva to claim this offer, and reside in the U.S.,Canada or U.K. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ hands-on

During an Unpacked event that featured the announcement of five key new devices, the Galaxy Tab S7 didn’t get a ton of love. Understandable, perhaps. It doesn’t quite have the star power of the Note line, nor does it have the novelty of a new foldable or Bluetooth earbuds.

Human Capital: Uber and Lyft’s ongoing battle with the law and a brief history of diversity at Snap

Welcome back to Human Capital (formerly known as Tech at Work) that looks at all-things labor in tech. This week presented Uber and Lyft with a fresh labor lawsuit as a judge heard arguments from Uber,

Trump told reporters he will use executive power to ban TikTok

President Donald Trump told reporters on Air Force One that he will act as soon as Saturday to ban TikTok from the US, CNBC reported. The story is updating.

Disrupt 2020 early-bird savings extended until next week

Even the hard-charging world of early-stage startups has its share of procrastinators, lollygaggers, slow-pokes, wafflers and last-minute decision makers. If that’s your demographic, today is your lucky day. You now have an extra week (courtesy of Saint Expeditus,

Twitter survey reveals the subscription options it’s eyeing, including an ‘Undo Send’ button

Earlier this month, Twitter told investors it’s considering a subscription model as a means of generating additional revenue to support its business. Now we know what sort of value-add features Twitter may be eyeing. In a new survey,

How to Spot a Fake Online Review

Shopping online can be tricky thing to navigate, which is why online reviews come in handy. The comment sections where people write their honest opinions of a product, restaurant or hotel are helpful resources for figuring out whether or not something is worth buying.In 2012,



Endorphins Make Tanning Addictive

Rambo Tribble writes: Research published in the journal Cell describes a mechanism whereby exposure to UV light leads to endorphin production in the skin. Additionally, they show that rodents exhibit the characteristics of addiction to those substances.

[图]传 iPad Air 2 大量零件曝光: A8X, 2GB, 有金色版

台湾网站 消息, 在 QQ 空间上出现了大量据说是 iPad Air 2 的零件, 真假未知, 最明显的是两代 iPad Air 对比, 处理器由 A7 升級到 A8X, 内存也升级到 2GB. 这样一来, iPad Air 2 的配置基本会高于 iPhone 6 Plus 了,

An App That Lets You Converse With The Deaf, No Sign Language Necessary

Transcense is a new app that accurately translates conversations in real time so the deaf and hard of hearing can participate in meetings, presentations and conversations. Founders Thibault Duchemin, Pieter Doevendans and Skinner Cheng, all deaf themselves, say one-on-one conversations are easy.

简单看看这两个类 String和StringBuilder - 一线码农



早报导语 果粉”眼中的苹果是完美的,各国政府眼中的苹果公司是狡诈的。苹果公司的创新思维赢得了世界的认同,但它善 […]

Steph Curry is completely oblivious in new 'This Is SportsCenter' spot

Steph Curry is riding highThe sharp-shooting guard has led his Golden State Warriors to the NBA's best record at 28-5, while playing the type of beautiful basketball that should be somehow bottled up and sent to outer space to show extraterrestrials the best of what humanity has to offer.


Facebook 等 379 家公司联名要求最高法支持同性恋婚姻  3 月 6 日消息,据国外媒体报道,近日包括 Facebook、苹果、谷歌、Twitter 等巨头在内的 379 家公司联名向最高院法提交了申请文件,强烈要求最高法院能在 4 ... ...


英文原文:The Next Feature Fallacy: The fallacy that the next new feature will suddenly make people use your product  译文创见首发由 TECH2IPO/创见花满楼编译转载请注明出处  创见干货:App 开发人 ... ...

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