Microsoft Surface Go 2 review: A versatile tablet in a laptop’s clothing

Microsoft Surface Go 2$399.

Why should you consider signing up for Amazon Prime?

The wait for Prime Day is almost over, so maybe it's time you finally signed up for that Amazon Prime membership? If you've been debating whether or not to commit, this might be your moment to take the plunge. With Prime Day just around the corner, and literally millions of deals about to drop,

This blockchain development course bundle is on sale for 97% off

TL;DR: The Cryptocurrency with Ethereum and Solidity Blockchain Developer Bundle is on sale for £21.25 as of June 17, saving you 97% on list price.Is everyone you know investing in cryptocurrency? The Cryptocurrency with Ethereum and Solidity Blockchain Developer Bundle can help you learn what's up.

Save 79% on a lifetime subscription to this stacked streaming app

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to the SelectTV Streaming App is on sale for £70.84 as of June 17, saving you 79% on list price.Most streaming platforms come with a monthly fee, but the SelectTV Streaming App by FreeCast offers a huge library with a one-time payment.

Facebook's Oculus is testing in-headset VR advertising

Facebook's Oculus is testing in-headset VR advertising, because not even our virtual realities can escape the claws of capitalism.On Wednesday Oculus announced it will begin a "small test" to insert ads into VR games, starting with 2020 indie shooter Blaston.

How to improve LGBTQ mental health care post-pandemic

Read more...{"player":{"description":""The model in America is 'how bad is it?' before we help you, versus 'let's help you before it gets bad.'"","image":"

What LGBTQ mental health support should look like after the pandemic

Mashable's Rebecca Ruiz moderated a discussion between LGBTQ mental health experts as part of the latest installment in our ongoing Social Good Series.  Read more...More about Mashable Video, Lgbtq, Mental Health, Sgs, and Pandemic

The Garmin Forerunner 35 is a basic GPS watch for the running purist

If you’re on the hunt for a flashy smartwatch that caters to a wide array of activities, has a high-res, full-color screen, and can measure nearly any variable you can think of (plus plenty you never knew existed), the Garmin Forerunner 35 is probably not for you.

Best audio workout apps for training without a screen

Since your gym is still closed and will be for a while, the world is now your workout space. But for those venturing outside or training in the living room, staring at a screen is the last thing you want after a day of, well, staring at a screen. That's why we recommend audio fitness apps.

'The Fight' is an invigorating reminder that freedom is an uphill battle

We are in the middle of a war.Not a specific war and not even a specific "we" — for most of its history, humanity has been fighting with or for something. It is a byproduct of civilization's very existence. We fight against each other, on behalf of each other,

Got a DIY painting project planned? These rim covers reduce the mess.

TL;DR: Stay stain-free with an 8-pack of Grip Drips Paint Can Rim Covers with a Magnetic Brush Holder for $62.99, a 21% savings as of Aug 1. Interior painting is by far the most satisfying home improvement activity and it's not hard to see why.


谷歌工程师保罗·高赫(Paulo Golgher)称:“10年前,Orkut是谷歌在社交网络领域的首次尝试。作为一个‘20%项目’,Orkut社区开始对话和连接,这是前所未有的。在人们还不知道‘社交网络’之前,Orkut就帮助人们构思了在线生活。


尽管微软的Hololens增强现实设备可能指明了人机交互的另一个方向,不过以目前的技术发展来看,不得不承认的是 […]

Twitter的赛利什 劳将在首届International CES Asia上发表行业推动因素演讲

劳将讨论新时代的数字化转型及其对亚洲企业的影响 弗吉尼亚州阿灵顿--(美国商业资讯)--International CES AsiaTM(亚洲消费电子展)今天宣布,Twitter的亚太、拉美和新兴市场副总裁赛利什·劳(Shailesh Rao)将在首届CES Asia上发表演讲,作为该活动的行业推动因素演讲者系列的一部分。


Google 今日宣布将对公司架构进行调整,将成立一家名为Alphabet的集团公司,Google首席执行官Larry 您可能也喜欢: 【资讯】优酷土豆更名“合一集团”,发布自频道战略 【资讯】阳狮集团成功收购中国领先的社交媒体营销服务公司[email protected]


【多图预警】我在2015年的「乌镇戏剧节」待满了10天看了大部分的邀请剧目外国剧目全数集齐,可以召唤神龙了简评如下,对,这是一个炫耀帖~~~“B先生和P先生”法国乐旭文化公司 — BP ZOOM喜剧组合编剧/导演/演员:伯尼·柯林斯、菲利普·马茨场馆:国乐剧院乔瞧戏:★★★★非常优雅的喜剧。

来来会牵手Hertz 启程全球无忧之旅

北京2015年11月13日电 /美通社/ -- 专注品质出境游特卖,最大出境自由行自营平台来来会(联合赫兹国际租车 -- 全球最大的汽车租赁公司,共同推出“启程全球,无忧之旅”系列出境游特惠活动。


为移动 app 提供客户支持功能的 Helpshift 近日获得了 2300 万美元的 B 轮融资。Helpshift 是一家为移动 app 提供客服支持 SDK 的初创企业,成立于 2012年,总部位于旧金山。有了它的 SDK 支持,移动 app 就能很快搭建出一个应用内的服务台,从而实现对用户问题的快速答疑。其过程一样是这样。用户输入问题后服务台会先搜索常见问题库,如果有合适解答则提交答案。如果问题库中没有相应问题答案,则服务台会把问题转交给二线的客服,让双方通过聊天对话框(就像 QQ 客服、淘宝旺旺等一样)进行交流完成问题解答。

We take Samsung Pay out to lunch

Samsung Pay launched in Australia Wednesday, but it will need a few more banking partners before it replaces my wallet.To begin with, only customers with cards issued by American Express or those with Citibank credit cards will have access to the mobile payments system.

iPhone Home 是个奇葩的苹果设备概念设计

设计师认为,沃兹尼亚克很可能会喜欢这样的设计,因为他对那些时髦的小玩意很感兴趣,而且他给人的感觉就像是一个“老顽童”。与此同时,你不得不佩服沃兹尼亚克的才华,于是,Kelvin 就想象自己是沃兹尼亚克,然后设计出一个很奇葩的苹果设备概念设计— iPhone Home 。  是的,这个概念设计是一部苹果座机,他将 iPhone 与家庭固话相结合起来。它拥有 iPhone 所有的优点(确定吗?),而且,它的头部就像是一个有点畸形的外星人头像,你其实也可以将其看成是一个淋浴的莲蓬头,嗯,这样奇葩的设计真是令人纠结。  

皇室战争墓园单卡使用指南 如何流畅使用墓园卡

皇室战争的骷髅召唤是一张传奇法术卡,消耗5圣水,每隔0.5秒就能召唤一个骷髅小兵,持续10秒,咋一看召唤的骷髅小兵没啥威胁,但成群结队的骷髅小兵可不是闹着玩的。10秒就是可以召唤20个骷髅小兵,骷髅小兵攻击速 ... ...

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