TikTok says it's not going anywhere after Trump promised a ban

TikTok said Saturday it has no plans on leaving the U.S.Of course it may not be totally up to the company after President Donald Trump told reporters on Friday that he intended to ban the uber-popular short-form video app. It's not clear if he has the power to do so,

Trevor Noah reacts to Juneteenth becoming a national holiday

On Wednesday, U.S. Congress approved a bill to make Juneteenth a national holiday, the vote passing with an overwhelming 415-14 majority. President Biden is scheduled to sign the bill into law this Thursday,

Softbank's new Leica-branded phone is cool, but we've seen it before

Hey everyone, Leica has a phone!It's called the Leitz Phone 1 (via Engadget), and it's the first time a phone has been thoroughly branded as a Leica phone, though it's actually being sold in Japan by mobile giant SoftBank. The focus, of course, is on the camera system,

Why should you consider signing up for Amazon Prime?

The wait for Prime Day is almost over, so maybe it's time you finally signed up for that Amazon Prime membership? If you've been debating whether or not to commit, this might be your moment to take the plunge. With Prime Day just around the corner, and literally millions of deals about to drop,

This blockchain development course bundle is on sale for 97% off

TL;DR: The Cryptocurrency with Ethereum and Solidity Blockchain Developer Bundle is on sale for £21.25 as of June 17, saving you 97% on list price.Is everyone you know investing in cryptocurrency? The Cryptocurrency with Ethereum and Solidity Blockchain Developer Bundle can help you learn what's up.

Save 79% on a lifetime subscription to this stacked streaming app

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to the SelectTV Streaming App is on sale for £70.84 as of June 17, saving you 79% on list price.Most streaming platforms come with a monthly fee, but the SelectTV Streaming App by FreeCast offers a huge library with a one-time payment.

Facebook's Oculus is testing in-headset VR advertising

Facebook's Oculus is testing in-headset VR advertising, because not even our virtual realities can escape the claws of capitalism.On Wednesday Oculus announced it will begin a "small test" to insert ads into VR games, starting with 2020 indie shooter Blaston.

How to improve LGBTQ mental health care post-pandemic

Read more...{"player":{"description":""The model in America is 'how bad is it?' before we help you, versus 'let's help you before it gets bad.'"","image":"https://mondrian.mashable.com/uploads%252Fvideo_uploaders%252Fdistribution_thumb%252Fimage%252F96359%252F2635a8ab-80aa-4737-bfeb-9005cb2beabf.

Microsoft Surface Go 2 review: A versatile tablet in a laptop’s clothing

Microsoft Surface Go 2$399.

Best audio workout apps for training without a screen

Since your gym is still closed and will be for a while, the world is now your workout space. But for those venturing outside or training in the living room, staring at a screen is the last thing you want after a day of, well, staring at a screen. That's why we recommend audio fitness apps.

'The Fight' is an invigorating reminder that freedom is an uphill battle

We are in the middle of a war.Not a specific war and not even a specific "we" — for most of its history, humanity has been fighting with or for something. It is a byproduct of civilization's very existence. We fight against each other, on behalf of each other,

顯示更多資訊!5.5 吋 iPhone 6 將採用 iPad 風格介面

近日已有不少 4.7 吋 iPhone 6 實機測試影片流出,可以看到其介面與現時的 iPhone 5s 介面十分相似,不過 5.5 吋 iPhone 6 的介面又如何呢?最近就有人利用模擬器去模擬 5.5 吋 iPhone 6 的橫向介面,發現竟然與 iPad 的介面十分相似。

Visual Studio 发布新版API智能提示 - Jialiang

Visual Studio 新版API智能提示两周前发布。有了它,你可以在调用API的同时,方便了解到API的相关示例代码。这大大地有助于开发人员学习和使用API.安装方法如下:1. 打开Visual Studio, 在工具菜单中选择“扩展和更新”2.

将退货和多余库存转化为新销量的Optoro 融资4000万美元

Optoro 完成了4000万美元的融资,以扩张其将无人问津的物品转化为企业新销量的业务。


这并非天方夜谭——“打个飞的”已经为现实了。在打车软件业各方鏖战、风起云涌之时,一家名为 Gotham Air 的公司高冷地上线了互联网打“飞的”服务。

4 ways to work with a millennial boss

Social networks are wonderful tools, but the information we uncover about our friends, family and co-workers can sometimes do more harm than good. You didn't enjoy discovering that an ex was seeing someone else,

One Physicist's Quest for New Physics Beyond Einstein and the LHC

All eyes are currently on the upgraded Large Hadron Collider as it ramps up its hunt for new physics. But some physicists are already looking beyond and pinning their hopes on an even bigger machine, four times the size of the LHC. One of them is Nima Arkani-Hamed,

La prima regola dell'imprenditoria: "Move fast and break things"

Le innovazioni degli ultimi anni sono state sviluppate con una frequenza maggiore e ad un ritmo più intenso di quanto non sia mai accaduto prima.Abbiamo ormai un accesso quotidiano a invenzioni, tecnologie e competenze sempre nuove, che modificano il nostro modo di pensare,

LG G4 下周陸續將可升級 Android 6.0 吃棉花糖,波蘭搶到全球首升

雖然 Google 已經正式發表 Android M ,不過市面上已經開賣的品牌機種由於還要經過相容性與穩定性測試,往往很難在第一時間獲得升級,然而 LG 已經正式宣布下周 G4 將獲得 Android M 的升級,不過是波蘭搶到全球第一波...閱讀全文

尼桑开发电动汽车无线充电技术 无需动手


Police offended by Miley Cyrus meme after illegally hacking Facebook page

The New South Wales police are not huge fans of badly photoshopped images making fun of them, it turns out — especially not ones that include Miley Cyrus.It has emerged that in 2013,

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