TikTok says it's not going anywhere after Trump promised a ban

TikTok said Saturday it has no plans on leaving the U.S.Of course it may not be totally up to the company after President Donald Trump told reporters on Friday that he intended to ban the uber-popular short-form video app. It's not clear if he has the power to do so,

Stephen Colbert calls on Congress to protect the Postal Service from Trump

Lagging behind Joe Biden in the polls, Donald Trump is on a mission to delegitimize and undermine mail-in voting in the middle of a pandemic, and he'll destroy the U.S. Postal Service to get it done. Stephen Colbert took a deep dive into the push during Thursday night's Late Show monologue,

Amazon is liable for defective third-party products, Californian court rules

A Californian Court of Appeal has ruled Amazon is responsible for defective products sold through its Marketplace, even if they are being sold by a third party. This decision has significant implications for Amazon,

Learn to code front-end programming languages for under £11

TL;DR: The Front End Developer Bootcamp course is on sale for £10.72 as of August 14, saving you 93% on list price.At this point, you may have already gained fluency in Animalese due to your excessive Animal Crossing gaming.

These online courses teach you how to win at online poker

TL;DR: The Ultimate Poker Pro Blueprint Mastery Bundle is on sale for £16.08 as of August 14, saving you 99% on list price.Playing poker online is a totally different game than playing in real life. You aren't playing other people so much as you are just playing the algorithm. Therefore,

ISIS allegedly used Facebook in bid to scam people desperate for face masks

In mid-March, as the first shelter-in-place orders were issued across the U.S. and desperate public health officials scrounged for medical grade face masks, an online store by the name of FaceMaskCenter.com offered hope. Despite the global shortage,

'Fortnite' has now been punted from the Google Play Store as well

Apple removed Fortnite from its App Store on Thursday, citing developer Epic Games' addition of new, unapproved features to the massively popular battle royale game. Now it seems Google has done the same, unceremoniously booting Fortnite from the Google Play Store.As is the case with Apple,

7 coping skills to deal with anger you might be feeling right now

There's a lot to be angry about these days. For instance: A pandemic that has stolen more than 166,000 American lives (and counting), a government unwilling to act to prevent more death, officials pushing to re-open schools despite a deadly virus, mass unemployment,

Microsoft Surface Go 2 review: A versatile tablet in a laptop’s clothing

Microsoft Surface Go 2$399.

Best audio workout apps for training without a screen

Since your gym is still closed and will be for a while, the world is now your workout space. But for those venturing outside or training in the living room, staring at a screen is the last thing you want after a day of, well, staring at a screen. That's why we recommend audio fitness apps.

'The Fight' is an invigorating reminder that freedom is an uphill battle

We are in the middle of a war.Not a specific war and not even a specific "we" — for most of its history, humanity has been fighting with or for something. It is a byproduct of civilization's very existence. We fight against each other, on behalf of each other,



Canadian Police Want You To Respond to Sexts With These Insane Replies

It's been a red-letter past few years for both teens and sexters alike. So it's not surprising that, today, we find ourselves in the era of the sext-addled teen.

2014版Moto G评测:依然是好用的廉价手机

去年的Moto G让所有人都大吃一惊。虽然我们已经知道摩托罗拉想要重塑其在廉价智能手机的地位,但是作为首款产品,它还是远超我们的预期。


2015年的今天,人人都拿著智能手機篤篤篤,還有人記得灰白色的黑色大牛龜 Game Boy 嗎? 就在 2014年的最後一天任天堂決定把最經典的 Game Boy 遊戲《俄羅斯方塊》從歐洲網路商店下架。


据Recode报道,微软与美国无线电话通讯技术提供商InterDigital就无线电话通讯方面的专利打了一场官 […]

The Nuke Kids On The Block Are Coming To Disrupt SF

Solving the nation’s energy problem is not for the faint of heart, a topic we’re excited to bring to Disrupt SF this year.Leslie Dewan, of Transatomic Power, and Jacob DeWitt, of Upower Technologies will join us on-stage next week at TechCrunch Disrupt SF to chat about how they,

【人人早报】591期:直播时代:如何破局? 怎么变现?

导读 直播正成为新的风口。 根据华创证券4月发布的《直播行业深度报告》,2015年直播行业市场规模约为15 ...

'Game of Thrones' star drops big hint about King's Landing S6 storyline

Warning: Contains spoilers from Game of Thrones season 6, episode 4.LONDON — King's Landing is close to boiling point.When you throw the scheming Lannisters, the equally scheming Tyrells and the possibly-most-scheming-of-all High Sparrow into one city, it's always going to end badly.SEE ALSO:

Ruby on Rails作者支持下班后禁止电子邮件

法国的新劳工法将第一次赋予员工“离线权”,禁止企业下班后向雇员发送电子邮件。Ruby on Rails作者David Heinemeier Hansson(DHH)对电子邮件禁令表达了支持。他说,越来越多人整天拿着电脑,白领现在也需要有更多的劳动保护。

年轻人的第一款助力车:小米米家电助力折叠自行车发布 售价2999元


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