Tik… Tok… Microsoft emerges as what looks to be an Azure play after Donald Trump says he’s going to

Aren’t late breaking fluid stories fun? Late yesterday (Friday July 31st), US President Donald Trump told reporters on Air Force One that he was planning to ban TikTok in the US, apparently not satisfied with news reports that Microsoft was in talks to buy the video service from ByteDance.

Outlook for Android gets Play My Emails with latest update

Microsoft has started rolling out a new update to the Outlook mobile app for Android users this week, which brings the “Play My Emails” feature.

Save big on more than 500 Xbox games during the Ultimate Game Sale

Now is your chance to save big on more than 500 Xbox games during the Ultimate Game Sale

The new Lists app in Microsoft Teams will start rolling out in September

Microsoft Lists, the new Microsoft 365 app that the company announced at the Build 2020 conference in May, will start rolling out in Microsoft Teams next month.

Here’s why the Surface Duo’s Link to Windows feature is a big deal for Microsoft fans

Here's a look at why the Surface Duo's Link to Windows feature is a big deal

What to do when your Windows 10 is “nearing end of service”

Windows warnings about “nearing the end of service” can be confusing. If you’ve seen this on your device, you don’t need to worry. The message stems from the way in which Windows 10 is updated. It simply means it’s time for you to upgrade to a newer release of the operating system, in order to […]

Microsoft Edge Canary can now generate QR codes to share images with mobile devices

Microsoft has introduced a new feature in the latest Microsoft Edge Canary build (v86.0.607.0) that brings the ability to create/share QR codes for images within the browser.

How to stop Windows 10 suggesting tips and tricks in notifications

Windows 10 has a habit of presenting “tips and tricks” at various points as you use the operating system. These are delivered as notifications in Action Centre which can become distracting. To disable these help messages, open the Settings app (Win+I) and click the “System” category. Next,

Windows 10 news recap: Windows 10 reaches the 5 year mark, Spotify app adds Chromecast support, and

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Windows 10 is 5 years old today, but has it really matured? This week saw Windows 10 reach its.

Microsoft news recap: new Bing Webmaster Tools launches, Gabe Newell chooses Xbox Series X over Play

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Microsoft to phase out Cortana Skills, drop support for Harman Kardon speakers, mobile devices In the US,

Wait what? A Microsoft acquisition of TikTok makes no sense… or does it?

News broke earlier today that the US Government is poised to move on TikTok, forcing its Chinese owners ByteDance to sell of the US version of the popular video and music app, if not ban it altogether. Right on the heels of that bombshell came another,

Scratch-N-Sniff Jeans Always Smell Minty Fresh Even If You Don't

When you find that perfect fitting pair of jeans, you don't want to do anything to jeopardize their size and shape. And if you're among a growing demographic who refuses to wash their jeans as a result,

Restaurant Reservation Scalping Site Is Everything Wrong with SF

There are two things startups shouldn't fuck with in San Francisco. One is parking , and the other is restaurants. San Francisco is, after all, a city of foodies. Techies write bots to score competitive reservations. Foodies stand two hours in the rain waiting for day-old New York bagels.


辛辛那提2014年7月9日电  /美通社/ -- 确认发情期的准确度达88.6% 高科技乳品业设备制造商 Dairymaster 是奶牛发情期检测领域的全球领导者。

Too busy to read this? Facebook Save it

Facebook has rolled out a new feature called Facebook Save that allows users to save items that they don’t have time to read right away.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/22/too-busy-to-read-this-facebook-save-it/

[what if]第103期:水不见了



IFA2014 德国柏林国际消费类电子展上,三星发布全新 105 英寸曲面 UHD 电视产品,这款产品直接把尺寸从上次的 85 英寸一下子跳到了 105 英寸(21:9)。  三星 105 吋曲面 UHD 电视拥有 21:



We’ll Get Our First Look At Windows 10 Consumer Features In January

Windows 10 is already a known quantity to some degree thanks to the developer preview, but Microsoft is holding an event late in January to present its consumer features properly, according to a new report from The Verge. The January event will include discussion of new features for end-users,



15+ professional events in development, design and startups

The Mashable Events Board is a great place to find leading conferences in your industry, whether it's advertising, technology, media or public relations. This week, we're highlighting five events that can help move your career forward. If you don't find something that's right for you,

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