Startups Weekly: Qualtrics IPO to be even more exciting this time around

Editor’s note: Get this free weekly recap of TechCrunch news that any startup can use by email every Saturday morning (7am PT). Subscribe here. German software giant SAP bought experience management platform Qualtrics for $8 billion days before the unicorn’s IPO, back in November of 2018.

Elon Musk says ’embarrassingly late’ two-factor is coming to Tesla app

Tesla CEO Elon Musk acknowledged Friday that the company was ‘embarrassingly late’ rolling out a security layer known as two-factor authentication for its mobile app. “Sorry, this is embarrassingly late.

Clearview AI landed a new facial recognition contract with ICE

The controversial facial recognition software maker Clearview AI has a new contract with ICE, the most controversial U.S. government agency.

Birmingham-based Help Lightning raises $8 million for its remote training and support tools

In the four years since Help Lightning first began pitching its services out of its Birmingham, Ala. headquarters, the company has managed to sign up 100 customers including some large Fortune 500 companies like Cox Communications, Siemens, and Boston Scientific. Now,

Extra Crunch Live: Join Anu Duggal for a live Q&A on August 20 at 11am PT/2pm ET

Rent the Runway and Glossier became unicorns within the same week in June 2019. That same year, only 2.7% of venture capital dollars went toward female-founded companies.

Facebook’s former PR chief explains why no one is paying attention to your startup

At TechCrunch Early Stage, I spoke with Coatue Management GP Caryn Marooney about startup branding and how founders can get people to pay attention to what they’re building. Marooney recently made the jump into venture capital; previously she was co-founder and CEO of The Outcast Agency,

Sequoia Capital has internal crash courses for its founders — here’s how they work

No matter what you think of Sequoia Capital, the firm doesn’t rest on its laurels. Though it’s now managing ungodly amounts of money and has for decades been considered among the top venture firms in the world,

Thoughts on ‘self-driving money,’ day trading and product development from Wealthfront’s Andy Rachle

Andy Rachleff founded Wealthfront a decade ago to give investors a better and smarter way to manage their wealth, building on core academic research showing that a carefully balanced portfolio of low-fee ETFs outperformed more aggressive strategies. Since then,

TikTok says it’s “not planning on going anywhere” in response to pending U.S. ban

TikTok’s U.S. General Manager Vanessa Pappas has posted a video message to the platform that appears to be a response to reports from Friday that President Trump is working on an effective “ban” of the app in the U.S.,a plan he shared with reporters from the White House pool on board Air Force One.

What brands need to do if they want to break up with Facebook

With more than 90 major advertisers and counting announcing plans to dump Facebook, a significant question lingers: Where will brands go next for their digital marketing needs?

This Week in Apps: A guide to the US antitrust case against Apple, Microsoft in talks to buy TikTok

This week, we're focused on rounding up the news from the U.S. antitrust investigation into Apple, as it pertains to apps, the App Store and developers.



Keen On… Iridescent: How Girls Are 3 Years Ahead Of Everyone Else In The Race To Innovate

Tara Chklovski is the founder and CEO of Iridescent, a remarkable Google funded non profit dedicated to encouraging young women's innovation in technology. Read More

State-Sponsored Hacking Attacks Targeting Top News Organizations

An anonymous reader writes "Security engineers from Google have found that 21 out of the top 25 news organizations have been targeted by cyberattacks that are likely state-sponsored. We've heard about some high profile attacks on news sites,

Ohio Prison Shows Pirated Movies To Inmates

An anonymous reader writes "Richard Humphrey was sentenced to 29 months in prison for selling pirated copies of movies through the subscription-based He was later sent to the Lorain County prison in February for a parole violation and while he was a prisoner,

cocos2d-js 越来越慢的定时器schedule 制作不变慢的定时器 - 拂晓风起

对于动画控制,可能一点误差,大家不会察觉,但如果多次循环累积或网络同步等,大家就会很清楚意识到schedule的误差问题。首先做一个例子证明一下:var InaccuracyTestLayer = cc.Layer.extend({ ctor: function () { thi...


再次来华,特斯拉公司 CEO 埃隆·马斯克变得谨慎了一些。接受采访时,他谈到过去一年的销量窘境全是因为“黄牛党”和投机者骗了特斯拉;未来三年内将在中国建厂本土化生产;特斯拉还是一家小公司。

Android Chrome的分裂现状

从4.3开始,Chrome成为了Android默认的浏览器。然而不是所有的Android 4.3+设备都运行原生的系统,不同Android厂商提供了表面相同实际上略有差异的Chrome浏览器。在Android生态系统中,至少有11种基于Chromium的默认浏览器。

Facebook And Nokia Quietly Ink Deal For Here To Power Maps On Mobile, Instagram And Messenger

One of the companies in the frame as a potential buyer of Nokia’s Here mapping division has quietly inked a deal with the Finnish company to power mobile maps. Facebook is now using Here maps for its mobile web version,

Elon Musk:Model 3第一天的预定量18万,订单总价值75亿美元

在昨天愚人节这天,特斯拉发布了廉价款车型 Model 3,起步价为 3.5 万美元。Model 3 一次充电的续航里程至少为 346 公里,能够供 5 位成年人舒适乘坐。低配版 Model 3 能在不到 6 秒时间从 0加速到每小时96 公里。不过,Model 3需要一年左右时间才能出货。特斯拉公司CEO Elon Musk今天透露,在Model 3发布后的24小时内,公司已经收到了18万份订单。以平均4.2万美元的售价计算,18万订单的总价值将高达75亿美元。每人最多预定两辆Model 3,每辆车的预定金为1000美元,不过订金是可以退还的。


时隔半年多,经历过无数个关于收购的谣言与辟谣后,老罗终于召开锤子新品发布会了,出乎意料的是,传言中的锤子T3没有登场,来的是锤子M1,且最大的亮点是配置终于上来了。对于改名后T系列的走向以及锤子从鄙视参 ... ...

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