How to GIF YouTube videos in 10 simple steps

So you're watching a fun video on YouTube. Neat, good for you. You've seen a moment you really like, and you want to convert that fun little moment from YouTube into a GIF. I get it, pal, GIFs can be fun.Don't be embarrassed if you don't know where to start.

SES Platform Services' Fluid Hub Passes 10-Customer Milestone

LUXEMBOURG & MUNICH -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- SES Platform Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SES S.A. (NYSE Paris:SESG) (LuxX:SESG) and one of Europe’s leading technical media service providers,

Android Marshmallow Has Arrived–Here's Why You'll Want It

It’s been four months since we learned about the forthcoming release of Android Marshmallow, fka Android 6.0. Today, it begins rolling out to Nexus phones, and soon...the world. What will this much-hyped software release bring to your phone?Read more...

The Five Biggest Problems With Twitch

Twitch is a popular service, and there’s a good reason Amazon paid nearly $1 billion for it. But as a streamer and viewer, I’ve come to realize it’s not perfect; there are lots of problems, actually.Read more...

Here’s A First Look At Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan

Here’s a look at some of the marquee features, and what they bring to the experience. Video Preview Notes I’m starting out with something that may seem minor to many because it happens to be among my favorite new additions to OS X with the El Cap update: Notes.

Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

Not every app of the week is always new–sometimes even updates to apps are deserving enough for some fresh attention. This week there are a few updates to old goodies in the Windows Phone world, Android users can choose to take a step back in time to the days of analog video recording,

10 Technologies Our Cars Should Have By Now 

Windows that tint themselves. A built-in phone mount. Real warnings instead of a vague "check engine" light. Jalopnik's Chris Perkins shows us the amazing(ly simple) tech that is long overdue in cars. Read more...

Apple CarPlay Review: Siri's a Boring But Useful Travel Pal

The first time I saw CarPlay in action, I couldn’t believe it . You could plug your plug your iPhone into the infotainment system and then get iOS on your dashboard?! It seemed like Apple finally found a way to turn an automobile into a rolling computer like Knight Rider.Read more...

15 Insane Indie Game Controllers For Even Crazier Games

Video games are pretty simple: there's a TV, a handheld controller and some buttons, right? Not at the Alt.Ctrl gallery at this year's Game Developer Conference . It's a handmade arcade filled with bizarre, custom game controllers that defy convention. Read more...

The Forgotten History Of CGI

The roots of CGI lie in the first mechanical aids to drawing and painting. The earliest of these were developed to help solve a problem every artist has found to be sticky: perspective.Read more...

Microsoft Surface 3 Review: The Tablet I Want At The Price I Don’t

I’m dancing on the grave of Microsoft’s original Surface tablet, and I feel no remorse. It’s hard to feel sad—it was a beautifully crafted ten-inch tablet that ran a crippled version of Windows. It was awful. Now it’s dead, and I’ve got a way better tablet. I’m so happy.Read more...

James Corden joining the 'Friends' cast for a backstage 'Carpool Karaoke' is fun watch

In case you somehow missed it, the cast of Friends recently had a major reunion that was hosted by James Corden — and the Late Late Show host clearly made the most of his time with them.

Travel smarter with a cool roll-up bag on sale

TL;DR: Travel light with the Rolo Portable Roll-Up Bag, on sale for 30% off. As of June 17, get one for only $34.99.If you're committed to only traveling with carry-on luggage, you know that the right accessories can make travel much easier. For you, we recommend the Rolo Portable Roll-Up Bag.

Take your pup in the car with this handy seat cover

TL;DR: Take your dog on vacation with the Meadowlark dog seat cover, which is on sale for 8% off. As of June 17, you can get an XL cover just in time for summer trips for $63.99.If you've been counting down the days until you can take a road trip again,

Get creative with a set of dot grid journals on sale

TL;DR: Get in touch with your creative side with the  A5 Dot Grid Journals from Yop & Tom, on sale for $10 off using code WRITE10. As of June 17, get a two-pack for only $30.When it comes to creative journaling, dot grid notebooks are the way to go.

Get a Rosetta Stone subscription and more with this travel bundle on sale

TL;DR: Learn how to hack travel tickets, get started on a new language, and more with the World Traveler Bundle. As of June 17, use code TRAVEL20 at checkout to get it for $159.20.

5 critical features to consider when choosing your hosting provider

So, you or your client has finally pulled the trigger on a business license, brainstormed a genius blog idea, or purchased a domain name that promises to be the gateway to your future fortune. Now, it’s time to get your website up and running. But before you launch into copy, design,

Trevor Noah reacts to Juneteenth becoming a national holiday

On Wednesday, U.S. Congress approved a bill to make Juneteenth a national holiday, the vote passing with an overwhelming 415-14 majority. President Biden is scheduled to sign the bill into law this Thursday,

TikTok discovered 'green needle vs. brainstorm' two years later and it blew up again

I know it's the weekend and you want to relax, not have your brain pretzeled. I know. But I saw this and now I must share it. Do you remember the dress? You know — the viral blue or yellow dress? Or better yet, how about Yanny vs. Laurel? Well,

Apple may be setting up to compete with Square's contactless payments

Is Apple preparing to take on the mobile payment company, Square, Inc.?A recent purchase suggests as much.Apple has reportedly acquired Mobeewave, a Montreal-based tech startup that empowers tap-based payments. It works like this:

Big dog befriending a butterfly is a lovely feel-good distraction from... everything

We could use a little soothing in the pandemic and boy, did this video of a doberman meeting a butterfly do it for me. This good, large pup, named Titan, seems amused by the delicate yellow butterfly flapping around his head. Does Titan try to chomp the little critter? Sure. But, he doesn't get it,


文:刀刀 图:《影视圈》杂志、数托邦创意分析工作室 是时候有一个新榜单了。 电影盘点,不要只看票房榜;电视剧盘点,不要只看收视率榜;明星盘点,也无须对着各路盛典大奖干瞪眼。

字串最大和求解 - themo的一道题。之前在《算法导论》中看到介绍寻找最大字串的方法。书中介绍了一种用递归来求解的方法。另外提出可以最O(n)时间内找到最大和字串。今天主要说下自己的思路。

文章: Java 8的类型注解:工具和机会

在Java 8中,注解不仅可以写在声明中,还可以写在使用类型的任何地方,例如声明、泛型和强制类型转换等语句。本文介绍新的类型注解语法,以及提高生产率和软件质量的实用工具。 By Todd Schiller Translated by 梅雪松

Google已租下前Palm公司位于桑尼维尔的总部 耗资千万美金


Barnes & Noble准备放弃Nook业务

B&N的电纸书Nook曾经在该领域处于领先地位,但是长久以来的表现都落后于Kindle,从而拖累了这家书商的发展。但是这种情况不会继续下去了。Barnes & Noble刚刚宣布会将旗下的零售和NOOK媒体业务分拆成两家独立的上市公司。

怪獸級相機:Hasselblad H5D-200c MS 登場

近年相機的發展都側重於像素數量的競爭,不過其實對於中片幅相機來說,這實在不算是什麼。最近 Hasselblad 就公佈了新的極高像素機款,帶來新的 CMOS 感光元件。繼續閱讀了解更多。


首屏(above the fold)是指不滚动web网页屏幕就能被用户看到的画面。 世界著名的网页易用性专家尼 […]


据外媒报道,近日,全球最大视频游戏收藏者Michael Thomasson再次对外披露了拍卖个人收藏的计划。今年6月的时候,Michael已经在GameGave.com上开启了拍卖活动,并最终获得了750,250美元的竞价。



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