Microsoft's Cortana is saying goodbye to Android and iOS in 2021

It's looking like curtains for Cortana, Microsoft's digital assistant. On mobile, at least.In an announcement posted on July 31, the company said it would pull the Cortana mobile app from both iOS and Android devices in early 2021. While this is new for American users,

Amazon is liable for defective third-party products, Californian court rules

A Californian Court of Appeal has ruled Amazon is responsible for defective products sold through its Marketplace, even if they are being sold by a third party. This decision has significant implications for Amazon,

Learn to code front-end programming languages for under £11

TL;DR: The Front End Developer Bootcamp course is on sale for £10.72 as of August 14, saving you 93% on list price.At this point, you may have already gained fluency in Animalese due to your excessive Animal Crossing gaming.

These online courses teach you how to win at online poker

TL;DR: The Ultimate Poker Pro Blueprint Mastery Bundle is on sale for £16.08 as of August 14, saving you 99% on list price.Playing poker online is a totally different game than playing in real life. You aren't playing other people so much as you are just playing the algorithm. Therefore,

ISIS allegedly used Facebook in bid to scam people desperate for face masks

In mid-March, as the first shelter-in-place orders were issued across the U.S. and desperate public health officials scrounged for medical grade face masks, an online store by the name of offered hope. Despite the global shortage,

'Fortnite' has now been punted from the Google Play Store as well

Apple removed Fortnite from its App Store on Thursday, citing developer Epic Games' addition of new, unapproved features to the massively popular battle royale game. Now it seems Google has done the same, unceremoniously booting Fortnite from the Google Play Store.As is the case with Apple,

7 coping skills to deal with anger you might be feeling right now

There's a lot to be angry about these days. For instance: A pandemic that has stolen more than 166,000 American lives (and counting), a government unwilling to act to prevent more death, officials pushing to re-open schools despite a deadly virus, mass unemployment,

Misinformation spreads about Russia connection to

There is zero proof that Russia owns the domain name, but that isn’t stopping people from spreading exactly that rumor online.Yesterday, Trump supporters were up in arms over the discovery that forwarded visitors to Joe Biden’s campaign website.

The 15 best documentaries free with Amazon Prime

Documentaries are able to offer a glimpse into real life in a way that fictional films cannot. Though both types of movies can educate viewers on important societal issues, provide insight into rarely talked about subjects, and show someone else's point of view,

'Close Enough' captures the surreality of Millennial existence in 2020

You know how in 2020 you'll just be living your life, stressed about money and your job and stuff, then all of a sudden you're trapped in an alternate dimension '90s sitcom that you thought was just some wholesome escapism you could enjoy for, like, one goddamn second? Lol same.OK,

Netflix rolls out new playback speed settings, starting with Android

You want to watch a 30-minute episode on Netflix but you only have 20 minutes to spare. What can do you?The answer to that question used to be "nothing," but a new feature on Netflix now lets Android users bend time to their will.

[WPF]带下拉列表的文本框 - 东邪独孤


Cortana reportedly gets a backend update with new animations and features, then gets pulled

Apparently, Cortana received a backend update recently, adding new animations and features to the service on Windows Phone 8.1. Unfortunately, it seems that some, if not all of these features have been rolled back. Clearly Microsoft is testing some new features for Cortana.

"Post-Play" with Netflix on Android phones and tablets

If you have been using Netflix on any number of devices in your living room, including game consoles and various set-top boxes, then you're likely familiar with the "Post-Play" option...Read more:



阿里股票认购火爆 基金“打新专户”已筹数十亿元


“Room” App开发者指控脸书剽窃其创意 威胁起诉

“Room” App开发者对外表示,将对脸书提起诉讼,指控其最近发布的iPhone版聊天室软件“Rooms”剽窃了自己的创意。近日,Facebook推出了“Rooms”应用程序,它可以让用户创建基于兴趣的聊天室,并允许其他人参与聊天。

网上手工月饼 安全与质量存较大隐患


千呼万唤始出来!—— GG(高仿QQ)终于有移动端了!(技术原理、实现、源码) - GG2014


Nearly 3,000 climate scientists condemn Australia's dramatic research cuts

The news that Australia’s federal science agency plans to cut as many as 350 climate science research jobs is being met with worldwide condemnation from the climate science community.The cuts, which are planned for the country's Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO),



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