Go behind closed doors and Watch Panos Panay talk more about Surface Duo in this product brief

Microsoft has shared the product briefing for the Surface Duo on its YouTube page

Watch JerryRigEverything attempt to bend the Surface Duo in half (and fail at doing so)

In his latest video, JerryRigEverything attempted to bend the Surface Duo in half and fail at doing so. The device survived the bend test and the hinge mechanism protected it from becoming toast.

Microsoft’s next Surface Event could come in the next two weeks on September 30

Microsoft could be planning a new Surface event in two weeks where the 2nd-gen Surface Pro X and a cheaper 12.5" Surface Laptop could be revealed.

Windows 10 October 2020 Update (20H2) is now rolling out to the Release Preview ring

Microsoft has just announced that the October 2020 Update, the next major update for Windows 10 is now available to download for Windows Insiders in the Release Preview Ring.

Remember Andromeda? New reports reveals more about the Windows-based Surface Duo prototype

If Microsoft worked with Google to optimize Android for the dual-screen Surface Duo, we had never seen how the previous Windows-based “AndromedaOS" looked like.

Microsoft Teams is rolling out new Spotlight feature to highlight select meetings participants

Microsoft has finally started rolling out the new Spotlight feature in Microsoft Teams, which was initially announced in August 2020.

The TikTok train wreck – US rejects Oracle’s bid, could Microsoft be back in play?

(Quick update: TikTok has vowed to fight the ban) Even though Microsoft’s bid for the popular short video sharing service TikTok was rejected last week, news has been churning on the fate of TikTok’s US operations. Yesterday, it seemed as though there may be a resolution in hand,

Microsoft Edge Canary can now save resources by putting idle tabs to sleep

Microsoft is testing a new feature for Microsoft Edge that lets the browser freeze tabs when they’re not being used to free up memory.

Injustice 2 and Nascar Heat 5 are free to play with Xbox Live Gold this weekend

The Xbox team announced another Free Play Days event today featuring Injustice 2 and Nascar Heat 5.

Microsoft unites with other technology giants to “stay vigilant,” safeguard the 2020 U.S. election

As the 2020 Presidential election in the United States approaches, Microsoft is assuring American citizens that it will continue to coordinate with the government on election security.

Microsoft Teams will soon get the ability to spotlight an individual video participant in a meeting

Microsoft is working on a new feature which will allow presenters to lock on an individual video feed for all meeting participants in Microsoft Teams.

Dubai's Drone Delivery Idea Might Be Slightly Less Crazy Than Amazon's

Jeff Bezos has some new competition in the crazy drone delivery race. Dubai officials want to start using drones to deliver government documents by next year. And while Amazon's drone delivery program probably won't happen,

Samsung 78 吋曲面 4K 电视 U9800 香港发布,十万元港币而已

分类: 家居产品说了很久的 Samsung 曲面电视,今天总算要在香港发布三种尺寸,78 吋丶65 吋与 55 吋,其中 78 吋的版本 6 月下旨就可以买得到,售价也不过是 HK$106,890 而已。

'Game of Thrones' Visual Effects Reel Shows How Westeros Comes to Life

Effects are comingA new video by VFX studio Macklevision shows the extensive CGI work that goes into bringing Game of Thrones' Westeros (and Essos) to lifeSee also: Couple's Extreme 'Game of Thrones' Wedding Is Fit for King's LandingThe video focuses on scenes from the show's fourth season,

OKCupid Experiments on Users Too

With recent news that Facebook altered users' feeds as part of a psychology experiment, OKCupid has jumped in and noted that they too have altered their algorithms and experimented with their users (some unintentional) and "if you use the Internet,

Larry Rosen: A Case Study In Understanding (and Enforcing) the GPL

lrosen (attorney Lawrence Rosen) writes with a response to an article that appeared on Opensource.com late last month,



优栈:2014年前往亚洲的欧美游客最钟爱泰国 比例达29%


【今日乐见】变成“低头士”后,BAT 做出哪些非常愚蠢的决策?


IFA 2015前瞻:Android Wear手表将成主角

美国科技博客The Verge本周刊文称,9月第一周是数码产品厂商非常活跃的一周。这些厂商将推出新产品,争夺返校季的学生用户,并为年底的圣诞购物季做准备。柏林消费电子展(IFA)将成为这些厂商公开展示的一个重要舞台。

『美国经常使用Apple Pay的用户比例下降至15%』今日数据行业日报(2016.02.19)

『美国经常使用Apple Pay的用户比例下降至15%』今日数据行业日报(2016.02.

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