20 cool gadgets and tiny tools on sale this weekend

The term "essentials" has an entirely new meaning these days. From face masks to sanitizers, we now have true essentials that we must carry regularly. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't think beyond that.From multifunctional screwdrivers to no-touch door openers,

A Printer You Won't Hate, 3TB External for $90, and More Deals

It doesn't have wireless networking, a scanning bed, or even color, but by golly if you want a printer that just works, and doesn't require new ink every month, it's tough to beat this Brother laser printer. [Brother HLL-2320D Mono Laser Printer, $60]Read more...

This heated massage therapy gun is on sale for more than 50% off

TL;DR: Say goodbye to muscle pain with a FusionX heated massage gun for $199.99, a 33% savings as of Sept. 20. Whether you work out all the time or just on occasion, we can all agree on one thing: Sore muscles are a real buzzkill.While foam rollers and stretching can help,

Kitchen gadgets, tech gear, and more on sale already at Black Friday prices

There are still three more months of 2020, which means you have around 100 days to make it a better year. There is hope for us yet. Step one — treat yourself.For one weekend only, you can slash an extra 20% off these gadgets and gizmos because why the hell not have a huge sale in September?

Summer isn't over 'til you say it's over — save $130 on this inflatable pool

TL;DR: Have fun with the whole family with an Avenlur inflatable family pool for $179.99, a 40% savings as of Sept. 20. Summer is basically over, and many of us didn't even get the chance to partake in a pool partySigh. With most public pools closed due to social distancing measures,

This weekend's best outdoor deal is this sleek (no, really) mosquito trap

TL;DR: Get rid of pesky insects with a Wizap™ Monster 360° 3-in-1 mosquito trap for $71.99, a $77 savings as of Sept. 20. Whether you have a beautiful outdoor patio or a balcony big enough for a single lawn chair,

15 online courses on sale for under $30 this weekend

It's never a bad idea to learn a new skill or explore a new field. Online learning is a great way to do that — and there are classes out there on pretty much everything.We've compiled 15 online courses on sale this weekend,

Lindsey Graham said in 2016 to use his words against him. Twitter followed through.

Senator Lindsey Graham's own words are being used against him, thanks to old videos recirculating on Twitter. Graham is the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the cohort of senators who review judicial nominations. In the wake of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death,

Honestly, I'm just tired.

2020 won't stop, and I'm exhausted. Maybe I should have known this year would be cursed when the New Year's Eve party I attended missed the countdown to midnight by three minutes — the year has been a downward spiral ever since. On the personal front, my cat died on my 24th birthday,

Lirica is an educational app that uses music to help you learn Spanish

TL;DR: Work on your Spanish with a lifetime subscription to the Lirica Premium Language Learning app for $49.99, a 66% savings as of Aug. 14. Learning a second (or third or fourth) language can be a great boost for your career.

This luxurious subscription box can help you forget about reality for a bit

TL;DR: Enjoy high-end products with a three-month subscription to the Robb Vices Luxury Boxes for $339, a 71% savings as of Aug. 14. You may be used to seeing subscription boxes all over Instagram, especially after a season of The Bachelor when the contestants rack up their sponsorships.

This wireless UV sanitizer kills odor-causing bacteria in your shoes

TL;DR: Eliminate 99.99% of bacteria with a two-pack of Natural Fusion 2.0 Wireless UV Sanitizers for $84.99, a 29% savings as of Aug. 14. Just because you can't see bacteria, viruses, or other harmful particles, doesn't mean they're not there. But depending on what kind of particles they are,





A8 處理器有幾強勁?原來已經可支援播放 4K 影片了

相信大家都知道 A8 處理器是現時 Apple 所採用的最新款處理器,而 iPhone 6 及 iPhone 6 Plus 等產品都已經在使用。不過這個處理器到底有幾強勁呢?近日就有人發現原來它竟然已經有足夠性能可以支援 4K 影片播放了。

Occlutech 在韩国推出 PFO 和 ASD 封堵器

德国耶拿2014年11月27日电 /美通社/ -- 欧洲领先的结构性心脏病治疗产品创新商 Occlutech 今天宣布,该公司将在韩国推出其卵圆孔未闭 (PFO) 和房间隔缺损 (ASD) 封堵器。




据业内知情人士称,富士康电子(鸿海精密)正在持续加大对应用技术和集成服务平台的投资,以增加其IT供应链的增值。知情人士指出,富士康最近刚刚以购买股权的形式投资了互动营销平台ConneXionOne和设计公司Gixia Group。


威锋网 2 月 26 日消息,根据外媒报道苹果地图增加了新的数据供应商 GasBuddy 和 GreatSchools,也就是说用户很快能够通过苹果地图应用,查看当地汽油价格以及学校位置了。

60 秒看完苹果春季发布会

Game Troopers launches another game for Windows Phone - Monster GO!

Game Troopers is one of the most active Windows Phone developers with several popular titles under it's name such as Tiny Troopers and Overkill 3. The developer has released yet another game, this time it's an endless runner game known as Monster GO!. As a player,

Bear regrets ever messing with this cat

In Alaska, roaming black bears are hardly an uncommon sight. But Anchorage resident Darlis Elliott had quite the surprise when her Savannah cat, Nani, went head-to-head with a curious black bear that had wandered onto the porch. Because Nani doesn't appreciate unannounced visitors.And,

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