How Trump bent the National Park Service to do his bidding

For the first 100 years of the National Park Service's existence, there has almost continually been an official director who leads the prestigious conservation agency. Now, that's changed.

This heated massage therapy gun is on sale for more than 50% off

TL;DR: Say goodbye to muscle pain with a FusionX heated massage gun for $199.99, a 33% savings as of Sept. 20. Whether you work out all the time or just on occasion, we can all agree on one thing: Sore muscles are a real buzzkill.While foam rollers and stretching can help,

Kitchen gadgets, tech gear, and more on sale already at Black Friday prices

There are still three more months of 2020, which means you have around 100 days to make it a better year. There is hope for us yet. Step one — treat yourself.For one weekend only, you can slash an extra 20% off these gadgets and gizmos because why the hell not have a huge sale in September?

Summer isn't over 'til you say it's over — save $130 on this inflatable pool

TL;DR: Have fun with the whole family with an Avenlur inflatable family pool for $179.99, a 40% savings as of Sept. 20. Summer is basically over, and many of us didn't even get the chance to partake in a pool partySigh. With most public pools closed due to social distancing measures,

This weekend's best outdoor deal is this sleek (no, really) mosquito trap

TL;DR: Get rid of pesky insects with a Wizap™ Monster 360° 3-in-1 mosquito trap for $71.99, a $77 savings as of Sept. 20. Whether you have a beautiful outdoor patio or a balcony big enough for a single lawn chair,

15 online courses on sale for under $30 this weekend

It's never a bad idea to learn a new skill or explore a new field. Online learning is a great way to do that — and there are classes out there on pretty much everything.We've compiled 15 online courses on sale this weekend,

Lindsey Graham said in 2016 to use his words against him. Twitter followed through.

Senator Lindsey Graham's own words are being used against him, thanks to old videos recirculating on Twitter. Graham is the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the cohort of senators who review judicial nominations. In the wake of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death,

Honestly, I'm just tired.

2020 won't stop, and I'm exhausted. Maybe I should have known this year would be cursed when the New Year's Eve party I attended missed the countdown to midnight by three minutes — the year has been a downward spiral ever since. On the personal front, my cat died on my 24th birthday,

How to cure your pandemic blues with moments of pure joy

Everyday I walk down to our unfinished basement to do something I call treadmill dancing. You might have seen it before in Taylor Swift's Apple Music commercial. When I watched the spot a few years ago, I thought:

Protect your digital presence with this security subscription

TL;DR: A two-year subscription to Ivacy VPN is on sale for $2.25 per month as of Aug. 14, saving you 77% on list price.The internet might seem like a friendly place full of interesting things, but it can also be pretty dangerous if you're not protected. Data harvesters, hackers,

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to code, now is a great time to start

As remote work has become both increasingly popular and necessary, it’s brought new meaning to who essential workers are and which job skills can survive — meaning who can work remotely and who can’t. 



宝龙地产中期总收入44.23亿元 同比增长27.4%

上海2014年8月27日电 /美通社/ -- 8月27日,宝龙地产 (HK.1238) 在香港公布了2014年上半年业绩报告。

Lumia 830配置又有新说法: 主摄像头1000万

作为一款有望与Lumia 730同时亮相的新机,Lumia 830同样是近期热门的曝光设备,它的配置以及真机谍照等信息均已被大量披露。







中国移动公布3月手机黑榜 中兴、酷派部分机型上榜

今日下午“中国移动10086”官方微博发布3月手机黑榜,其中中兴Q805T、酷派8702、TCL J938M等10款机型上榜。据介绍,该榜单根据中国移动遍及全国的售后服务网点每月采集的手机维修记录生成,为3月份手机故障率TOP10。

How The Rules Of Cyber Engagement Have Changed

A series of recent breaches at United Airlines, Anthem and, most recently, Sabre Corp. and American Airlines are reportedly tied to state-sponsored cyber attackers. These attacks further highlight an important trend in the cybersecurity arena:

iOS 9当中苹果使用“嘿Siri”功能 进行个性化语音识别

苹果昨天发布iOS 9.1第一个公测版之后,一些测试人员发现这次更新引入的新功能。


日前来自美国内布拉斯加林肯大学(University of Nebraska-Lincoln,UNL)的一个研发团队开发了一款“以火防火”的UAS-FF新型消防无人机,通过向小树、灌木、多余杂草等投入火球,人为烧去这些易燃物并进行远程监控,来预防野火的发生。

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