How to watch Samsung’s Unpacked 2014 Galaxy Note 4 reveal live

This afternoon, Samsung is set to launch its new phablet, and several other pieces of hardware. Here’s how you can watch the Unpacked 2014 event live.Read more:

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has tech spec leaked by retailer

Want to know the full details on the upcoming Note 4 phablet? Then read on, as an Indonesian retailer has let the cat out of the bag…Read more:

A closer look at how the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will shape up

What can we expect from Samsung’s new phablet at the launch event this afternoon? We round up the most persistent and likely to be accurate rumours.Read more:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 camera specs leaked

We already knew that Samsung’s upcoming phablet will have a 16 megapixel rear camera, but further details on the snapper have been leaked.Read more:

How to watch Samsung’s Unpacked 2014 Galaxy Note 4 reveal live

This afternoon, Samsung is set to launch its new phablet, and several other pieces of hardware. Here’s how you can watch the Unpacked 2014 event live.Read more:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 pre-orders go live tomorrow

Samsung has chosen to set pre-orders going from tomorrow, the same day the iPhone 6 goes on sale, with the Note 4 to hit shelves in three weeks’ time.Read more:

Samsung Touts Video Chops With Two More Big Screen Phones

As expected (and amply leaked), Samsung has today whipped back the curtain on a pair of new flagship smartphones, announcing two new phablets: the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+ at press events in New York and London.

Samsung Unveils The Galaxy Note 4

Samsung has just unveiled the fourth generation in its surprisingly popular phablet series. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Galaxy Note 4. In terms of design, the Galaxy Note 4 is very similar to the Galaxy Note 3, save for a few small details. For example,

Galaxy Note 4 Rumor Roundup: Everything We Think We Know

The Galaxy Note 3 is a monster, both in size and importance. It was the best-selling device in Samsung's Galaxy lineup last year, and more importantly made phablets something you'd actually want to use. But with Apple potentially about to enter the biggie-sized smartphone space,

Samsung to supply West Yorkshire Police with thousands of Galaxy Note 3 phones

Some 4,000 officers in West Yorkshire will be equipped with the phablets, allowing them to remotely record crimes and spend more time on the beat.Read more:

Will Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 have an ultrasonic cover to help visually impaired owners?

It’s rumoured that it could offer an ultrasonic cover as an option that is likely to emit ultrasonic sound waves that help to alert the user when they are close to objects.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Q&A: How wireless tech helps companies use screens better

From looking professional to acting professional, wireless technology is on the rise once again.

Google and T-Mobile team up with US emergency services

New partnership aims to help locate those who have dialed emergency services faster and more accurately.

8 steps to CRM success

Creating a strategy and plan before implementing a new CRM system is an absolute must.

Picking the right sales technology and training

Does your organisation have a sales tool training disconnect?

Best ways to protect your organization against advanced email-based cyberattacks

While it’s great to be able to manage email at any time of the day from anywhere, it makes security really difficult.

How biometric payment smart cards are radically transforming the payment industry innovation process

Make way for the biometric smart payment card.

When SDN breaks down

SDN brings clear benefits to the businesses that have adopted the technology but what should organisations do when their network goes down?

Clinch location-based video editing app thrown on the scrapheap

A video app that allowed users to bring together various different clips and collaborate with different app owners has been withdrawn due to a change in direction for the firm.Read more:

Has Microsoft China just accidentally revealed the Windows 9 logo?

A social media post by the firm’s Chinese arm posted a picture showing a number nine made up of Windows Live tiles with Windows written underneathRead more:

Netflix no longer reveals your embarrassing viewing habits to Facebook friends

A change to its recommendations feature means that users can choose to send notifications to friends when they have watched a show that may interest them instead of automatically informing everyone.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

How Cloud Technology Could Have Tracked the Malaysia Airlines Plane

As the biggest ever hunt for a missing plane continues, many are beginning to wonder if we will ever know what happened to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. If the plane has crashed, it has been suggested that it could take up to two years to find its wreckage.

How big data population analytics will shape the way we build, plan and manage

By spring 2024 the United Nations estimates that the world population will reach 8 billion. Perhaps big data has the key to answering the challenges of the growing population.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Bacteria Have Been Hacked to Work Like Tape Recorders

You might not think a lone E. coli bacterium has much in the way of memory. But now, researchers have hacked their DNA so that they can store memories of their environment—working much like an old tape recorder. Read more...


史蒂芬说:“今天我们用QQ、微信聊天,将来我们还可以用QQ、微信做饭、洗衣服、开车、看医生……”腾讯如是描述着 […]



#milifandom might be the strangest thing about the UK election so far

LONDON — For those who say all teenagers are apathetic about politics, we give you #milifandom.That was one of the top trending hashtags in the UK Tuesday evening as teenagers threw their support behind the current leader of the Labour Party, Ed MilibandSee also: What's in a signature?

Getting hit in the face with whipped cream pie will always be funny

Some forms of comedy are just timeless.Pie Face from Rocket Games is like a (mostly) harmless version of Russian roulette for kids. Players take turns placing their faces in range of a mechanical hand holding whipped cream in its palm.

NVIDIA's G-Sync brings smoother graphics to gaming laptops

NVIDIA's G-Sync promised to kill a lot of gaming issues like lag and stutter on desktop PCs, but you need both a supported graphics card and monitor to make it work. However, that's obviously not an issue for laptops, and NVIDIA has just announced G-...

Reddit Co-Founder Steve Huffman In For Reddit CEO Job, Pao Out

We’d been hearing that Steve Huffman, a co-founder of Reddit who also co-founded flight and hotel search startup Hipmunk, is currently being considered for the CEO job at Reddit. Now that move is confirmed.


苹果于7月晚些时候再度开启了“返校促销”活动,不过最初只有几个指定市场的零售商店参加。而今天,苹果公司已经将“Back to School”项目扩展到了线上,并且加入了对更多国家/地区市场的支持。

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