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Samsung Unveils The Galaxy Note 4

Samsung has just unveiled the fourth generation in its surprisingly popular phablet series. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Galaxy Note 4. In terms of design, the Galaxy Note 4 is very similar to the Galaxy Note 3, save for a few small details. For example,

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Specs Comparison

With the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, we took a closer look at how it compares to its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 3.Read more:

Samsung debuts new super-thin metal Galaxy A5 and A3 smartphones

Samsung is slowly moving away from its oft-maligned, all-plastic smartphone designs of the past, in an attempt to convince consumers that it too can make premium-looking and feeling devices.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 review

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 is a giant tablet with some business specific features. It is alluring, but is it practical?Read more:

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Review: The Best Android Phone That Spares No Expense

The original smartphone-with-a-stylus is all grown up. It’s easily the best smartphone Samsung has ever made, and it looks and feels the part.Read more...

Best gadgets of IFA 2014: Sony Xperia Z3, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Moto 360 smartphones

Shhh. You hear that? That’s the future, barrelling towards you like a faithful Labrador, and it’s bringing a whole goodie bag of IFA 2014 gadgets between its jaws courtesy of Samsung, LG and Sony.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Is A Nearly Perfect Mini Tablet

Like the great zeppelins of old, nobody expected the Galaxy Note to fly. The phones were too big, the embedded stylus too silly. I reminded us all of the bad old days when PIMs were black and white and bulky. But Samsung persevered and Apple followed suit and now we enter the era of the phablet,

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review: The Best at Being Big

While Apple has only just released its first huge phone , Samsung's gargantuan Note is already on its fourth iteration. In a lot of ways, it's the big phone that started this runaway screen-size race. But even though it's facing an ever-growing army of up-sized competitors ,

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet review

The Xperia Z2 Tablet is a svelte slate and a powerful performer – but does it do enough to stand out from the crowd?Read more:

Galaxy S6 Hands-On: Samsung's Got a Whole New Look

The Galaxy S6 is unlike any smartphone that Samsung has ever made. How, you ask? Let me count the ways.Read more...

Sony Xperia Z3 unveiled alongside Z3 Compact at IFA 2014

Sony has shown off its new flagship Android handset, and its mini sibling, claiming that the firm now has the brightest smartphone display in the world.Read more:

Facebook and Twitter remove hundreds of accounts linked to Iranian and Russian political meddling

Facebook has removed hundreds of accounts and pages for what it calls "coordinated inauthentic behavior," generally networks of ostensibly independent outlets that were in fact controlled centrally by Russia and Iran. Some of these accounts were identified as much as a year ago.

CardMunch founder returns with HiHello, a new app aiming to replace business cards

A new app called HiHello is taking aim at business cards. While plenty of apps in the past have tried to kill the business card, they never achieved critical mass. Mainly, this is because most required that both parties — the business card holder and recipient — have their app installed.

Announcing the latest additions to the agenda for Disrupt SF (Sept. 5-7)

TechCrunch Disrupt SF (September 5-7), we said from the start, was going to be the most ambitious ever, and when it comes to programming, there’s no question the Disrupt SF agenda eclipses anything we’ve done in the past. There are two BIG stages, plus two speaker Q&A stages,

Study ties Facebook engagement to attacks on refugees

A study of circumstances and demographics attendant on attacks against refugees and immigrants in Germany has shown that Facebook use appears to be deeply linked with the frequency of violent acts. Far from being mere trolling or isolated expressions of controversial political opinions,

Why the next CryptoKitties mania won’t be about collectables

The legacy of CryptoKitties is still in development, but most can agree that the project raised awareness (and attracted development talent) to new uses for blockchain tokens.


Are you trying to stay off social media, but just can’t seem to stop yourself from posting? When random thoughts pop into your head, do you find yourself launching Twitter and typing before you remember you’re trying to quit? Well, now there’s a better way. Hello, Brizzly.

On Tesla’s path to privatization, Morgan Stanley halts equity coverage of electric automaker

Morgan Stanley is no longer providing equity coverage on Tesla’s stock, the second firm to drop its stock rating on the electric automaker since CEO Elon Musk announced plans via Twitter to take the company private. Tesla declined to comment.

Hands-On With The Samsung Gear S Smartwatch

Samsung announced its new curved-display smart watch last week, but today we were able to get up close and personal with the new wearable. Unlike most smart watches, the Gear S has two very special features. The first is a curved 2-inch, AMOLED display, and the second is 3G connectivity,

EQLIM Startup Aims To Surface Geopolitical Big Data In The Middle East

The EQLIM startup, which means ‘region’ or ‘territory’ in Arabic, has launched, aiming to create a subscription service for real-time data about human activity in emerging economies. The Beirut, Lebanon-based startup wants to address the lack of data about the Middle East.

Runa Capital Achieves An Exit As BackupAgent Is Acquired By Acronis

BackupAgent a Netherlands-based provider of cloud backup to SMEs and telcos, has been acquired by Acronis, the data protection company, another Runa investment. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. Last year BackupAgent secured $2 million in an investment round led by Runa Capital.

Inside The Revolutionary 3D Vision Chip At The Heart Of Google’s Project Tango Phone

At the core of Google’s freshly announced experimental Project Tango smartphone platform is a vision processor called the Myriad 1, manufactured by chip startup Movidius and its CEO Remi El-Ouazzane. The chip is being used by Google’s Advanced Technology And Projects Group,



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5 crowd-pleasing punch recipes to bulk up your buzz

No party host wants to spend all night in the kitchen creating custom craft cocktails for each guest. In times like these, it's best to employ a punch, the tastiest — and arguably cheapest — option.


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New York parties hard for pride parade and SCOTUS decision

The annual NYC pride parade is known to be a big affair, but this year supporters had even more to celebrate with the Supreme Court's recent decision to legalize gay marriage across the countryWatch scenes from the event in our video above.

Imagine a 'Jurassic Park' where everyone had to wear crazy high heels

Jurassic World instantly propelled itself to the top of the box office when it was released in June — but it also stirred a web-wide conversation about how its protagonist, Claire Dearing, never takes off her sky-high heels. Even though she spends most of its run time in a jungle,

Microsoft starts highlighting Windows 10 Mobile ready phones on its website

Microsoft already revealed the initial list of devices which will get Windows 10 Mobile when it launches later this year. Previously, the Redmond giant mentioned that all existing devices will get the new Windows 10 Mobile...

Samsung fridge lets you check what's inside while you're at the grocery

LAS VEGAS — The era of people talking to their appliances and the appliances answering back has begun.Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator, unveiled here at 2016, is the company’s latest smart appliance and it brings together a massive 21.5 inch,

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