Former Twitter Chief Scientist Launches Steven, An Emoji-Based Social App

I can’t quite put my finger on why I keep using this new app called Steven – yes, Steven, like a boy’s name – but I do. The app itself is sort of silly – it offers you a way to log your activities and location using emoji, optionally add photos,

相关内容: Steven that emoji your could where friends using o

Coinbits launches as a passive investment app for bitcoin

Erik Finman is a twenty-something bitcoin maximalist as famous for his precocity as he is for his $12 bet on the currency a few years ago. Now, Finman, who built his first company while still in High School, is launching a new startup called Coinbits,

Livekick raises $3M to use live video for one-on-one training

Livekick, a startup that gives customers access to one-on-one personal training and yoga from their home (or hotel room, or elsewhere), is announcing that it has raised $3 million in seed funding. The company was founded by entrepreneur Yarden Tadmor and fitness expert Shayna Schmidt.

SpaceX reveals more Starlink info after launch of first 60 satellites

Last night's successful Starlink launch was a big one for SpaceX — its heaviest payload ever, weighed down by 60 communications satellites that will eventually be part of a single constellation providing internet to the globe. That's the plan,

CFIUS Cometh: What this Obscure Agency Does and Why It Matters to Your Fund or Startup

On January 12, 2016, Grindr announced it had sold a 60% controlling stake in the company to Beijing Kunlun Tech, a Chinese gaming firm, valuing the company at $155 million...

Daily Crunch: Assange faces Espionage Act charges

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Apply to TechCrunch’s premier startup competition, Startup Battlefield

Imagine what $100,000 cash could do for your startup dreams. If you’re an early-stage startup founder determined to take your business to the top, it’s time to stop dreaming and get down to the serious task of competing in Startup Battlefield,

Amazon finally supports Traditional Chinese books on Kindle

A long-awaited service for readers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and some other overseas Chinese communities have finally come true: Amazon has just started offering Traditional Chinese books for its Kindle E-reader. The release filled an obvious gap for Kindle,

As It Flouts Germany-Wide Ban, Uber Touts ~30% Price Cut In Berlin And Munich

Days after a German court issued a nationwide injunction against on-demand ride-hailing service Uber, the company has announced cuts to fares in two key cities: Berlin and Munich. Read More

LogMeIn Buys YC-Backed Meldium For $15M To Add Single-Sign On Services

LogMeIn, a company that provides remote connectivity solutions to businesses and individuals,

Hootsuite Buys Brightkit For Gamefied Social Marketing Campaigns, Passes 10M Users

Hootsuite, a platform for businesses and individuals to manage social media campaigns across different networks that now has 10 million users in 175 countries, has made another acquisition to build out its platform. It has acquired BrightKit,

开发者们需注意 iOS 7后台应用刷新成本高

iOS 7 新添加的一个功能“后台应用刷新”,意思是可以让应用在后台定时刷新数据。用户自己可以选择哪些应用开启后台刷新功能,进入“设置”界面即可。


Facebook Facebook去年11月曾经遭遇了一次失望的求婚。它可能万万没想到阅后即焚聊天软件Snapchat会拒绝其抛出的天价橄榄枝。

为什么 Storm 比 Hadoop 快?是由哪几个方面决定的?


网游起纷争玩家网上对骂 "女汉子"约架砍伤人


seajs的那些坑 - 寻图

seajs是what?先看段代码:1 var loder = {};2 var define = loder.define = function(id,deps,factory){3 loader[id] = factory;4 };上述代码干了什么?这就是一个最简单的加载器,但离实际应...

海尔发布8英寸Win 8.1平板:HaierPad W81

威智网9月3日消息,海尔今天在IFA 2014德国柏林电子展会上发布了一款全新的8英寸Win 8.1平板电脑:HaierPad W81。这款设备采用金属外观设计,厚度仅为8.5毫米,是目前市场上最薄的Windows平板电脑之一。  

走访诺基亚:手机已成往事 新诺基亚正待重塑



感谢莱客文饰的投递据微博多名用户报道,5.5寸小米神秘新机曝光。“某涂料喷涂代工公司泄漏了小米新品的后盖图,经高手粗略计算得出该后盖尺寸为159×82mm,参考iPhone 6 Plus的尺寸,这样就能得出所曝光的后盖搭配的是至少5.

An Adjustable Stirring Blade Lets the Upgraded Stirio Fit Any Pot

They say a watched pot never boils, but an unwatched pot will go from simmering to burning in the blink of an eye. That's why the original Stirio was such a brilliant idea, it did all the stirring while you busied yourself with other prep.

[视频]Rovio首款三消手游《愤怒的小鸟 战斗!》上架iOS

Rovio今年发布的第一款新游戏,是一款名为《愤怒的小鸟 战斗!》(Angry Birds Fight!)的三消手游,同时这也是Rovio的收款三消类手机游戏。《愤怒的小鸟 战斗》今天已经登陆iOS应用商店,有兴趣的而玩家可以免费下载哦!

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