PowerZ is a video game focused on education founded by Shadow founder

Meet PowerZ, a new French startup founded by Emmanuel Freund, the founder of popular cloud gaming service Shadow, as well as former Shadow employees. The company wants to develop a video game that is as engaging as Fortnite, but with a focus on education.

Unity Software has strong opening, gaining 31% after pricing above its raised range

Whoever said you can’t make money playing video games clearly hasn’t taken a look at Unity Software’s stock price. On its first official day of trading, the company rose more than 31%, opening at $75 per share before closing the day at $68.35.

Conan O’Brien on how to embrace an ever-changing media landscape

“Like most of the best things in my life,” Conan O’Brien explains, with a wry smile, “the success of the podcast was a complete surprise.” The answer is a typically self-effacing one from the comedian. Since launching “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend” nearly two years ago,

Chamath launches SPAC, SPAC, and SPAC as he SPACs the World with SPACs

SPACs are going to rule the world, or at least, Chamath’s future portfolio. Chamath Palihapitiya, the founder of Social Capital, has already tripled down on SPACs, the so-called “blank check” vehicle that takes private companies and flips them onto the public markets.

Daily Crunch: Partial US TikTok ban is imminent

The Trump administration moves forwards with plans to ban TikTok and WeChat (although TikTok gets a partial extension), Unity goes public and we announce the winner of this year’s Startup Battlefield. This is your Daily Crunch for September 18, 2020. The big story: US TikTok ban is imminent The U.

SaaS Ventures takes the investment road less traveled

Most venture capital firms are based in hubs like Silicon Valley, New York City and Boston. These firms nurture those ecosystems and they’ve done well, but SaaS Ventures decided to go a different route: it went to cities like Chicago, Green Bay, Wisconsin and Lincoln, Nebraska.

Gaming companies are reportedly the next targets in the US government’s Tencent purge

Some of the biggest names in online gaming in the United States have received letters from the U.S. government requesting information about their relationship with the multibillion-dollar Chinese technology company, Tencent, according to reports. Even as the U.S.

Check out this never-before-seen clip from HBO’s The Perfect Weapon

At Disrupt 2020, we got a chance to see some never-before-seen footage from HBO’s upcoming documentary The Perfect Weapon. The documentary, which was executive produced by John Maggio, is based on the book by the same(ish) name written by David Sanger,

Four perspectives on Apple’s new service bundle

Apple’s hardware event yesterday wasn’t particularly eventful for its most popular devices, bringing only iterative changes to Apple Watch and the iPad. But the company tipped its hand as to a new, aggressive approach to services with a fitness product and new unified subscription called Apple One.

Go public now while software valuations make no sense, Part II

On August 5th, TechCrunch wrote that startups should “go public while software valuations make no sense.” What came next was a happy coincidence. Just a few weeks after that post, Unity, JFrog, Asana, Snowflake and Sumo Logic all filed to go public. Today we’re seeing some data from those debuts,

Delivery Hero picks up Glovo’s LatAm ops for $272M in latest food delivery consolidation

More consolidation in the thin-margin food delivery space: Delivery Hero has announced it’s buying the LatinAm operations of Glovo, a Spanish on-demand delivery app. The German company said today that it’s paying up to €230 million to take over eight markets,

编程之美 2014资格赛 格格取数 - 门对夕阳

描述给你一个m x n (1






图芯推出全球首款面向可穿戴设备和物联网的全系列GPU 该系列从 0.3 mm2 (28nm) 开始对齐网络用于无 DDR 和内存有限配置中 MCU/MPU 合成与用户界面加速的紧凑型 GCNano 系列,加上面向 OpenGL® ES 3.1*/3.

Terrible Dad Humor to Make Your Kids Roll Their Eyes

Everyone's a comedian. And you, fathers of the world, are no exceptionBut who are we kidding? You already knew that. Every time you dished out a prompt, "Hi, Hungry! I'm Dad," after we asked you for food, you knew what you were doing. Every time you made a cringe-worthy pun in a public setting,

视频演讲: 自动化云上的运维——工具篇

随着云平台的普及,越来越多的客户在云平台上部署自己的应用,那么,如何在云平台上进行自动化运维。本话题主要讨论AWS的平日上,如何利用AWS提供的运维工具进行: 1.

用互联网改造传统物业公司?No Way!


Why Leatherman's Multitool Bracelet Is Beautiful But Useless

A multitool you can wear on your wrist? Neat! But, will it actually be useful as, you know, a tool? I don't think so. This is manly wrist fashion, not a genuinely useful wearable. Read more...



头脑风暴可以说是我们日常工作中都会遇到的环节,那么,科学的头脑风暴流程会是怎样的呢? 大家可能会觉得这个话题很 ...

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