Oculus Quest 2 review: VR finally goes mainstream

Oculus Quest 2$299 (starting)View ProductThe GoodEasy to use • Lightweight and comfortable for short play periods • Priced to sell • Hand tracking is a neat alternative controller input • Higher-res display panel makes graphics and text appear crisp • Supports 90Hz refresh rateThe BadFacebook login is required • Battery life could be a little longer • Touch controllers aren't the most comfortable • Soft-touch head strap isn't a good solution • Current 72Hz refresh rate is OK

The 10 best free family movies on Amazon Prime Video

Hoping to gather 'round the TV for a fun family movie night? Look no further than Amazon Prime Video.The streaming service is loaded with popular titles for viewers of all ages. Whether you're searching for a superhero origin story for the tweens, longing for a comedy for the young ones,

6 returning TV shows to keep us sane this fall

There's a new season of PEN15, Fargo, and some surprising new picks. Read more...More about Entertainment, Mashable Video, Pen15, Fall Shows, and Entertainment

How 'Julie and the Phantoms' gave a voice to diverse actors

Executive producer and director Kenny Ortega talks about how he set out to make a show with a Latinx lead and a diverse cast. Read more...More about Entertainment, Music, Netflix, Mashable Video, and Dirty Dancing

Scientists discovered these sea anemones use their food to grow limbs — Future Blink

The scientists believe this trait helps the creature adapt and survive and hope to define key nutrients for growth.  Read more...More about Science, Animals, Mashable Video, Sealife, and Future Blink

4th graders made their own clickbait headlines and they're way better than ours

It's a strange world online and Ingrid Conley-Abrams — a school library director in New York City — wanted to prep her students as best she could. As a part of a lesson on media literacy and bias, Conley-Abrams created an optional assignment where kids made their own versions of clickbait.

Up your photography game with this camera device — Future Blink

The Arsenal 2 can set up optimal settings for your shot by using AI and computational photography. Read more...More about Tech, Photography, Mashable Video, Ai, and Future Blink

'Sopranos' memes are having a real moment in 2020

More than 13 years ago, America's television screens inexplicably cut to black — The Sopranos was finished, just like that. Twitter was barely a thing on June 10, 2007, the day the episode, "Made in America," aired. About a quarter of the country still used dial-up internet. And yet,

Facebook actually made something good. It's called Horizon and it's only in VR.

I didn’t expect to like Facebook’s Horizon. That’s not to say I really had any idea of what to expect prior to my first visit to the social media giant’s Pixar film-like virtual world. It’s just that after four years of near-constant Facebook user privacy scandals,

Obama says he has a finsta and now everyone is trying to find it

On the list of celebrity finsta accounts we'd most like to find, President Barack Obama's name is right up top — just below Beyoncé, but way above Ben Affleck. While it's unclear if the former president actually has a fake Instagram account, in a recent voter PSA he recorded for ATTN,

Apple quietly improves terms for AppleCare+

Repairing a damaged iPhone can be very expensive, which is why AppleCare+ is a popular add-on when purchasing a new device. Now AppleCare+ is a slightly better value as Apple has quietly improved what's on offer in its protection plans.As 9To5Mac reports,

[PHP]chr和ord函数实现字符串和ASCII码互转 - cloudshadow


Microsoft needs a gaming developer for an 'established and well-loved' strategy series

Microsoft is on the hunt for a gaming developer, as evident from a recent job posting on Microsoft's Careers website. The details are scarce, but one thing is for certain.

最近大家都开源,我也开源个落网音乐C#4.0版。 - 王小莉


Python数据结构与算法设计总结篇 - 胡家威

1.Python数据结构篇数据结构篇主要是阅读[Problem Solving with Python](http://interactivepython.org/courselib/static/pythonds/index.html)时写下的阅读记录,当然,也结合了部分[算法导论](http:/...



“ISO 14001:2015 DIS 新版标准”研讨会圆满落幕

“爆炸性危险环境深入探讨”研讨会同期举办 上海2014年9月26日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,必维国际检验集团(Bureau Veritas,以下简称“必维”)成功举办了“ISO 14001:

苹果Apple Pay喜忧参半 成主流支付尚需时日



英文原文:How to Engage and Persuade People Through Storytelling  译/天地会珠海分舵;微信公众号:TechGoGoGo / @techgogogo编者注:本文由 Neil Patel 于 2015-04-03发布在其个人博客,中文版本由天地会 ... ...

“不务正业”的京东瞄准了阅读业务 为此收购了拇指阅读


Warcraft's Duncan Jones Explains Why This Videogame Movie Won't Suck

Almost every single video game movie ever has sucked. It’s just inevitable when you take a medium that’s so personal and expand it into a less engaging experience. Duncan Jones, director of probably the biggest video game movie of all time Warcraft, knows this and thinks he’s fixed it.

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