iOS 14 is now available to download

Apple has just released the final version of iOS 14, the next major version of the operating system for the iPhone. It is a free download and it works with the iPhone 6s or later, both generations of iPhone SE and the most recent iPod touch model. If your device runs iOS 13, it supports […]

Yo! The official Yo app for Windows Phone is now available to download

The official Yo app has finally made its appearance on Windows Phone, after debuting on Android and iOS recently. The app is very simple and all you have to do is tap "yo" to communicate with those you care about. We're not sure if they will appreciate you saying "Yo" to them, but you never know.

iOS 9 is here: How to download it now

The big day has arrived: iOS 9 is now available for download.After months of public beta releases, Apple officially pushed out its latest mobile operating system for iOS devices on Wednesday.See also: The 15 best features of iOS 9, in GIFsThe easiest way to update your iPhone,

Microsoft Launches Visual Studio 2015

After a year of previews and one release candidate, Microsoft today officially launched the latest version of its Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) together with an update to its .NET framework. Read More

iOS 8.1 Available for Download: Apple Pay Launches, Camera Roll Returns

Apple users can now download the latest version of iOS 8, and with it comes a handful of new features, including Apple Pay, iCloud Photo Library, device continuity (accessing whatever you need on every device) and the return of the Camera Roll.iOS 8.

You Can Now Jailbreak Your iOS 9 Devices (But You Probably Shouldn’t)

Over the years, Apple has introduced features to its mobile operating system, iOS, that made jailbreaking your device in order to customize and tweak your phone or tablet less appealing. Users now can do things like add widgets, install dynamic (moving) wallpapers, send audio messages,

Anonymish Sharing App Secret Launches On Android And Opens Up Internationally

It’s hard to believe it here in Silicon Valley, but it’s been just four months since the “anonymish” social sharing app Secret could first be downloaded in the U.S. Today it will become available for download by anyone in the world, on iOS as well as a brand new Android app. Secret,

OneNote updated for iOS and Android, single app for iPhone and iPad

The OneNote Team announced new updates today for OneNote on both iOS and Android which brings new features and makes OneNote on iOS a universal app by consolidating the iPhone and iPad versions.

Study Finds Download Volume May Impact App Store Search Results

New research released today from mobile app marketer Fiksu examines the impact that download volume has on search results in the iTunes App Store. Today, the App Store has over a million applications available, which means, more than ever,

How to Try Out Apple's New Photo Storage Service Now

There's no end to the list of services wanting to store your photos—Flickr, Google+, Dropbox, Facebook—and Apple knows it needs to up its game. Enter iCloud Photo Library, available in beta form now on any device running iOS 8.1.

Torrent App Popcorn Time Comes To iOS, No Jailbreak Required

Popcorn Time, the service sometimes referred to as the “Netflix for pirates” because of the way it makes it easy to stream pirated content to your PC or mobile device, is now getting a lot easier for iOS owners to use. According to new reports,

Unity Software has strong opening, gaining 31% after pricing above its raised range

Whoever said you can’t make money playing video games clearly hasn’t taken a look at Unity Software’s stock price. On its first official day of trading, the company rose more than 31%, opening at $75 per share before closing the day at $68.35.

Conan O’Brien on how to embrace an ever-changing media landscape

“Like most of the best things in my life,” Conan O’Brien explains, with a wry smile, “the success of the podcast was a complete surprise.” The answer is a typically self-effacing one from the comedian. Since launching “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend” nearly two years ago,

Chamath launches SPAC, SPAC, and SPAC as he SPACs the World with SPACs

SPACs are going to rule the world, or at least, Chamath’s future portfolio. Chamath Palihapitiya, the founder of Social Capital, has already tripled down on SPACs, the so-called “blank check” vehicle that takes private companies and flips them onto the public markets.

Daily Crunch: Partial US TikTok ban is imminent

The Trump administration moves forwards with plans to ban TikTok and WeChat (although TikTok gets a partial extension), Unity goes public and we announce the winner of this year’s Startup Battlefield. This is your Daily Crunch for September 18, 2020. The big story: US TikTok ban is imminent The U.

SaaS Ventures takes the investment road less traveled

Most venture capital firms are based in hubs like Silicon Valley, New York City and Boston. These firms nurture those ecosystems and they’ve done well, but SaaS Ventures decided to go a different route: it went to cities like Chicago, Green Bay, Wisconsin and Lincoln, Nebraska.

Gaming companies are reportedly the next targets in the US government’s Tencent purge

Some of the biggest names in online gaming in the United States have received letters from the U.S. government requesting information about their relationship with the multibillion-dollar Chinese technology company, Tencent, according to reports. Even as the U.S.

Check out this never-before-seen clip from HBO’s The Perfect Weapon

At Disrupt 2020, we got a chance to see some never-before-seen footage from HBO’s upcoming documentary The Perfect Weapon. The documentary, which was executive produced by John Maggio, is based on the book by the same(ish) name written by David Sanger,

Can’t stop won’t stop: Social Capital Hedosophia just filed for its fourth SPAC, says new report

According to a new report in Bloomberg, Social Capital Hedosophia has filed plans confidentially with the SEC to raise $500 million for its newest blank-check company. It will be the fourth special purpose acquisition company, or SPAC, to be raised by the outfit,

The Quest is getting its own Fortnite ripoff

Fortnite may not be available in VR (or on iOS), but Quest users will soon be getting their own Fortnite clone for virtual reality. Nearly two years after its funding and initial launch announcement, BigBox VR is finally ready to roll out its battle royale game, “POPULATION:

Kiri is a screen-free smart toy meant to help kids learn languages and more

After six months of sheltering in place (and now weeks of hiding from wildfire smoke) alongside a toddler who never seems to run out of energy, I’m the last person who would try to make anyone feel bad for giving their kid some screen time. But if a company wants to build a toy that […]

Yahoo reveals disappointing Q2 earnings and display ad slump

Yahoo’s total revenue dropped 4 per cent year-on-year, and net earnings were also down, with a worrying drop of 8 per cent in display ad revenue.Read more:


随着Facebook20亿美元收购Oculus VR,虚拟现实炙手可热。一批精彩的Demo被开发出来,成为虚拟现实行业发展重要的推动力量。

Holy Hell, I Had No Idea The LEGO Movie Was So Hard To Make

If you've watched The LEGO Movie, you were probably too busy laughing/reminiscing to actually think about the work that went into production. That's a shame, because as this behind-the-scenes clip shows, it takes a lot of effort to make little plastic men talk. Read more...

Samsung Q4 利润大不如前,转向中、印市场寻求转机

拜 Galaxy 系列手机的成功所赐,Samsung 在过去几年的营收和利润都是节节上升,但今年显然是撞到了瓶颈。虽然 48.8 亿美金的利润依然亮眼,但和去年同期相比却是足足少了 32% 之多,而且是自 2011 年以来的低点。

A pilot let's us in on the view we're missing from the middle seat

The cockpit view from Dallas to Seattle is a well-kept secret: So few ever see the breathtaking tapestry scrolling under the nose that it's best no one in the cabin knows what they're missing.But I'll share the pilot view and, on your next flight,

Microsoft rebrands Xbox Music to Groove, looks to reignite music on Windows 10

Microsoft seems to be on top of their social media presence as of late. Perhaps, promoted by more feedback driven forms of communication, it appears that teams within Microsoft are listening and reacting much more responsively than they have before. Granted,



Universal Windows 10 app Readit updated with features and fixes

Despite its relatively small market share, the Reddit experience on the Windows 10 platform (specifically phones) is arguably one of the best with apps such as Readit representing. Recently, Readit underwent its Windows universal app evolution and with...


苹果的中国零售店扩张仍在继续。威锋网今天通过苹果官网的零售招聘信息了解到,该公司计划在上海市再开三家官方零售店。目前上海市已经拥有四家苹果零售店,它们分别是浦东店、香港广场店、环贸 iapm 店、南京东路店,其数量在国内城市当中排名第二。排在第一的城市是北京,目前一共拥有 5 家苹果零售店。


广受好评的一款独立制作的横版动作射击游戏《危险时空的恋人(Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime)》在去年9月登陆PC和Xbox One平台之后,终于将于2月9日正式登陆PS4平台。Asteroid Base打造的这款游戏画面缤纷多彩,关卡设计相当有趣,令人欲罢不能。PS4版本游戏画面将升级至1080P,并且会有2倍的敌人。

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