Explore Mars right from your home with this AR app — Future Blink

GeoXplorer aims to teach students about complex geological structures. Read more...More about Space, Science, Mashable Video, Ar App, and Future Blink

6 returning TV shows to keep us sane this fall

There's a new season of PEN15, Fargo, and some surprising new picks. Read more...More about Entertainment, Mashable Video, Pen15, Fall Shows, and Entertainment

How 'Julie and the Phantoms' gave a voice to diverse actors

Executive producer and director Kenny Ortega talks about how he set out to make a show with a Latinx lead and a diverse cast. Read more...More about Entertainment, Music, Netflix, Mashable Video, and Dirty Dancing

Scientists discovered these sea anemones use their food to grow limbs — Future Blink

The scientists believe this trait helps the creature adapt and survive and hope to define key nutrients for growth.  Read more...More about Science, Animals, Mashable Video, Sealife, and Future Blink

4th graders made their own clickbait headlines and they're way better than ours

It's a strange world online and Ingrid Conley-Abrams — a school library director in New York City — wanted to prep her students as best she could. As a part of a lesson on media literacy and bias, Conley-Abrams created an optional assignment where kids made their own versions of clickbait.

Up your photography game with this camera device — Future Blink

The Arsenal 2 can set up optimal settings for your shot by using AI and computational photography. Read more...More about Tech, Photography, Mashable Video, Ai, and Future Blink

'Sopranos' memes are having a real moment in 2020

More than 13 years ago, America's television screens inexplicably cut to black — The Sopranos was finished, just like that. Twitter was barely a thing on June 10, 2007, the day the episode, "Made in America," aired. About a quarter of the country still used dial-up internet. And yet,

The livestreaming boom isn't slowing down anytime soon

Mashable's series Tech in 2025 explores how the challenges of today will dramatically change the near future. Whether people are creating or consuming it, streaming content has been a prime source of escapism for many during the pandemic. But is the livestreaming boom temporary?

'Saturday Night Live' casts Jim Carrey as Joe Biden

Saturday Night Live will return to business as usual for its Oct. 3 premiere, with new episodes filmed in front of a limited New York audience and Jim Carrey joining as a guest star to portray presidential nominee Joe Biden.

BTS in VR: K-pop stars come to 'Beat Saber' on Oculus Quest 2

Deep breaths, VR gamers who are also K-pop stans.Facebook-owned Oculus announced Wednesday that the global phenomenon that is the South Korean pop group BTS is coming to the VR game "Beat Saber.

Apple's Face ID is bad, as this police encounter makes painfully clear

Face ID is not your friend. The biometric security feature, used in lieu of a passcode on Apple's later-model iPhones, allows people to unlock their phones with just a scan of the face. Importantly,



Brennan's Concerns About Booth Mount in This 'Bones' Sneak Peek

Booth puts up a nice front in the exclusive sneak peek (below) from the next new episode of Bones, but there's no fooling Brennan. She can see right through him.There's no doubt that everyone is having a hard time dealing with Sweets' season premiere death,



Video: Making cast iron skillets the old fashioned way is pretty fun

Anthony Bourdain has a new show of sorts that explores the craftsmanship of certain items and the people behind them and the first episode focuses on Borough Furnace, a small metal casting workshop that makes handcrafted cast iron skillets.



Beyond Silicon Valley: Top emerging startup markets in the U.S.

The entrepreneurially inclined often idolize Silicon Valley as the startup destination, a market ripe with opportunities for disruption, innovation and a plethora of other buzzwords that have wannabe CEOs chomping at the bit.



3 分鐘睇盡 4 吋芒 iPhone SE 八大重點 (懶人包)

在剛剛舉行的 Apple 發佈會上,Apple 就首次在 3 月檔期推出全新的 iPhone:4 吋熒幕 iPhone 5s 設計的 iPhone SE。究竟在什麼特別功能?以下就讓 Edward 用 3 分鐘時間為大家介紹 iPhone SE 的 8 大重點。The post 3 分鐘睇盡 4 吋芒 iPhone SE 八大重點 (懶人包) appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

How Rebirth Is Changing the DC Universe

The powers-that-be at DC Comics are terraforming their fictional landscape yet again. Let’s take a look at exactly what’s transforming.Read more...

'Dear Jeremy' is the new 'Dear John' letter for Labour members after Brexit

LONDON — The Labour Party is in disarray. Over the weekend, 12 shadow cabinet ministers resigned in protest over the leadership of party leader Jeremy Corbyn after the Brexit vote. Seven more shadow ministers stood down on Monday,

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