Toyota designed robot hands made from soft bubble grippers — Strictly Robots

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4th graders made their own clickbait headlines and they're way better than ours

It's a strange world online and Ingrid Conley-Abrams — a school library director in New York City — wanted to prep her students as best she could. As a part of a lesson on media literacy and bias, Conley-Abrams created an optional assignment where kids made their own versions of clickbait.

Up your photography game with this camera device — Future Blink

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'Sopranos' memes are having a real moment in 2020

More than 13 years ago, America's television screens inexplicably cut to black — The Sopranos was finished, just like that. Twitter was barely a thing on June 10, 2007, the day the episode, "Made in America," aired. About a quarter of the country still used dial-up internet. And yet,

The livestreaming boom isn't slowing down anytime soon

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'Saturday Night Live' casts Jim Carrey as Joe Biden

Saturday Night Live will return to business as usual for its Oct. 3 premiere, with new episodes filmed in front of a limited New York audience and Jim Carrey joining as a guest star to portray presidential nominee Joe Biden.

BTS in VR: K-pop stars come to 'Beat Saber' on Oculus Quest 2

Deep breaths, VR gamers who are also K-pop stans.Facebook-owned Oculus announced Wednesday that the global phenomenon that is the South Korean pop group BTS is coming to the VR game "Beat Saber.


本文来自Ben Thompson的个人博客stratechery。当在做不同科技类产品或服务间做决策时,你就像是一个“无赖”,在三个巨头之变来变去(苹果、Google和亚马逊),只用它们最棒的功能,而且点到为止。


据华尔街日报援引两位消息灵通人士的消息,Google负责Android移动操作系统的Hiroshi Lockheimer现在也开始掌管Chrome工程团队了,不过Chrome浏览器、Chromecast TV流媒体服务及Chromebook笔记本不属于其管理范围;原Chrome团队首席工程师Linus Upson则已经卸任,但其未来动向尚不明朗,两人均拒绝对此置评。


本人现在美国的一个endowment fund做equity analyst. 最近也一直在follow阿里巴巴。在我看来,美国资本市场的玩家对于公司的基本面分析是非常看重的,利好或利空消息如果能够反映在基本面上会对股价直接产生较大影响。


在过去几年中包括iPhone 6 Plus在内的无数科技新产品在国外知名暴力频道RatedRR中“灰飞烟灭”,其中最为常见的莫过于使用.50口径狙击步枪在远距离对科技产品进行射击。

America's Cheapest Unlimited Data Plan Will Be Unlimited No More

Ultra-cheap carrier Republic Wireless has been offering one heck of a cheap unlimited data plan for years now. Well, within the next few months, the plan will stop being unlimited. Depending how much data you abuse, that may not be a bad thing though.Read more...

程守宗亲自动手玩 BlackBerry Priv 给你看

BlackBerry 除了在财报中直认会推出传闻已久的 Priv(传闻前称 Venice)之外,该公司的 CEO 程守宗还在 BNN 主播 Amber Kanwar 面前拿出它做了一个简单动手玩呢。





Reporter files FOIA Request for President Obama's 'Game of Thrones' screeners

Winter isn't coming soon enough for one journalist.After hearing that President Barack Obama will receive early screeners of the upcoming season 6 of Game of Thrones, Refinery29's Vanessa Golembewski decided to put matters into her own hands.On Friday,



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