PlayStation 5 pre-orders were a disaster. Sony is sorry and promising more.

As anyone who tried to pre-order a PlayStation 5 surely knows by now: It was a bit of a mess.Sony revealed on Wednesday that its upcoming next-generation gaming console will hit stores on Nov. 12. It was a fine presentation,

Drones are being used to reseed forests and revitalize ecosystems

Dendra Systems is using technology to speed up reforestation. It's a data-driven effort, using AI to map and identify the conditions of the ecosystem. Drones are then used to reseed the land.   Read more...More about Drones, Ai, Ecosystem, Deforestation, and Biodiversity

Billy Porter gives powerful response to Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court confirmation

Billy Porter has a truly impressive way with words.Following Amy Coney Barrett's official confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday, James Corden asked the Late Late Show guest to share his thoughts,

Chrissy Teigen pens moving Medium post about pregnancy loss

Chrissy Teigen has written a moving Medium post about the death of her third child she was expecting with John Legend. In the post simply titled "Hi.", Teigen begins by stating she "had no idea when I would be ready to write this.

Trevor Noah reacts to Amy Coney Barrett's very fast Supreme Court confirmation

It's been less than six weeks since U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away, but the Republicans have already confirmed Amy Coney Barrett as her replacement.During Tuesday night's edition of The Daily Show,

Reconsidering 'Star Wars kid,' the early internet's meanest moment

In Tales of the Early Internet, Mashable explores online life through 2007 — back before social media and the smartphone changed everything.Had it happened in later years, there's a good chance Ghyslain Raza would never have become Star Wars kid. If like today's ninth-graders,

Netflix's 'Holidate' is a silly, sexy good time

Late October is certainly premature for Christmas festivities (unless you are a department store), but Netflix's first holiday movie of 2020, Holidate, is evergreen.Written by Tiffany Paulsen and directed by John Whitesell,

Snag a pair of noise-canceling headphones for over 25% off

TL;DR: Get in the zone with the Drive ANC1000 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones for only $94.99, a 26% savings as of Oct. 28.Whether you're working from home or working in an "open office plan," something is bound to annoy you. Your colleague's gum-chewing, your neighbor's dog barking,

NBC's Peacock finally arrives on Roku two months after launch

Peacock and a handful of other NBC apps are coming to Roku after the two parties reach a deal on Friday.When Peacock launched in mid-July, it was notably absent from Roku, Fire TV, and some smart TV platforms including Samsung's, which all carry other popular video streaming apps like Netflix,

There's no choice but to turn your grief into a fight for Ruth Bader Ginsburg's legacy

In a year marked by calamity, the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is yet one more tragedy. The 87-year-old veteran of the court met her life's challenges with admirable grit, never forgetting to break a path for women who might follow.

Jimmy Fallon and Jessica Alba hilariously fail what may be the final TikTok dance challenge

What will Jimmy Fallon do for TV content in a post-TikTok world?With the approaching ban of TikTok and WeChat from U.S. app stores, Fallon revived his "Watch it once" TikTok challenge for a (possibly final!) Friday night showdown with Jessica Alba. He technically did worse,



Who’s Hack Is It Anyway?

It’s pretty clear that the Sony Pictures hack was neither an act of war or particularly belligerent. As Marc Rogers of CloudFlare and DEF CON notes, finding out who performed a hack, even one as ham-handed as this one, is difficult. Hackers with any sense use proxies and attack soft targets.

小心中伏 ! 直擊華強賤招 iPhone 5c 改裝變全新 5s 賣

unwire 經常叫讀者買 2 手電話要小心 ,有網站就指華強有店舖將 iPhone 5c 改頭換面,加個殼加個假TouchID Home 鍵將佢「升級」做 iPhone 5s 賣!

人選落定?下一代 Nexus 智能手機將由 Huawei 負責代工

Google 的 Nexus 系統產品過往曾經由多間不同廠商代工,而早前曾有消息指今年 將會有兩款 Nexus 智能手機登場,而其中一款將會由一間中國廠商代工。那麼最終人選又會是哪一間廠商呢?

Fantasy Sports Company FanDuel Raises $275M Series E, Confirms $1B Valuation

Scotland’s FanDuel has come a long way since it spun out from news startup HubDub back in 2010. The fantasy sports operator is announcing that it has raised a whopping $275 million Series A, bringing total capital raised to $363 million and valuing the company at “over $1 billion”.

包装贴纸显示iPhone 6s仍将从16GB起跳

新一代iPhone发布在即,而关于iPhone 6s和iPhone 6s Plus的消息也是越来越多。之前曾有传言称iPhone 6s的最低存储空间将升级至32GB,但现在看来这并不靠谱。最近,Steve Hemmerstoffer在其个人推特上贴出了一张iPhon ... ...

Sword-wielding robot samurai are coming, and this video proves it

Just because the robot apocalypse is coming, that doesn't mean our new masters will use lasers to oppress us. Some might use samurai swords.That's the conclusion you'll have to come to once you get a look at a recent demonstration set up by Japanese robotics company Yaskawa Electric Corporation.

Tootsie, the diligent 81-year-old Texan, keeps her local BBQ joint afloat

Tootsie knows her way around a spit-fire BBQ and a way into our hearts. A short documentary by Vimeo film-making account, YETI Cooler, presents Tootsie, an 81-year-old groundskeeper. She's praised by those that know her, an inspiration to those who don't and she also barbecues. 

Can you spot all the characters in this Netflix version of a 'Where's Waldo' comic?

In this grown-up version of a Where's Waldo-style illustration, all your favourite Netflix characters are out to play in a lush park.We won't give it all away, but look out for characters from Stranger Things, Bojack Horseman, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Orange is the New Black.SEE ALSO:

新款Surface Book合起来的缝隙变得更小了

在前两天召开的发布会上,微软简略介绍了Surface Book的硬件更新。尽管大家的注意力多被吸引到了硬件性能和电池容量的提升上,但我们还是发现了一个小小的细节——新款Surface Book的夹缝,已经变得更小了。  对于初代Surface Book用户来说,可将设备拆分成两个部分的动态支点铰链,绝对是它最大的亮点。然而这也留下了一个小小的遗憾——将屏幕收合起来之后,它和键盘部分仍留有大片空隙。  尽管新款Surface Book没有彻底消除设备两端的缝隙,但由图片观察,动态支点铰链的设计依然有所改进。  当然,对于强迫症来说,可能还要再等上几次迭代,才能迎来彻底消除这种缝隙的终极产品。

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