A squirrel malfunctions while eating nuts in the most 2020 mood

You're a squirrel. You're out in the forest doing your nut-gathering thing when suddenly one of those big, fur-less squirrels that walk on two legs kneels down and extends a paw filled with your favorite nut. So you rush over and start helping yourself until, without warning, you just freeze.

The Instant Pot accessories no one should live without

So you bought an Instant Pot — now what?The super trendy, ten-in-one device appeared to have it all, even a yogurt maker. You swore off Uber Eats and promised to start actually cooking dinner at home.

Drones are being used to reseed forests and revitalize ecosystems

Dendra Systems is using technology to speed up reforestation. It's a data-driven effort, using AI to map and identify the conditions of the ecosystem. Drones are then used to reseed the land.   Read more...More about Drones, Ai, Ecosystem, Deforestation, and Biodiversity

Billy Porter gives powerful response to Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court confirmation

Billy Porter has a truly impressive way with words.Following Amy Coney Barrett's official confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday, James Corden asked the Late Late Show guest to share his thoughts,

Chrissy Teigen pens moving Medium post about pregnancy loss

Chrissy Teigen has written a moving Medium post about the death of her third child she was expecting with John Legend. In the post simply titled "Hi.", Teigen begins by stating she "had no idea when I would be ready to write this.

Trevor Noah reacts to Amy Coney Barrett's very fast Supreme Court confirmation

It's been less than six weeks since U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away, but the Republicans have already confirmed Amy Coney Barrett as her replacement.During Tuesday night's edition of The Daily Show,

Reconsidering 'Star Wars kid,' the early internet's meanest moment

In Tales of the Early Internet, Mashable explores online life through 2007 — back before social media and the smartphone changed everything.Had it happened in later years, there's a good chance Ghyslain Raza would never have become Star Wars kid. If like today's ninth-graders,

Netflix's 'Holidate' is a silly, sexy good time

Late October is certainly premature for Christmas festivities (unless you are a department store), but Netflix's first holiday movie of 2020, Holidate, is evergreen.Written by Tiffany Paulsen and directed by John Whitesell,

Hurricane Laura's impact lingered with nightmarish mosquito swarms

After Hurricane Laura hit land in the southern United States in late August and devastated the Louisiana coast, the storm surges and rainfall it brought along flooded the region.That flooded environment was an ideal breeding ground for some types of mosquitoes,

PlayStation 5 pre-orders were a disaster. Sony is sorry and promising more.

As anyone who tried to pre-order a PlayStation 5 surely knows by now: It was a bit of a mess.Sony revealed on Wednesday that its upcoming next-generation gaming console will hit stores on Nov. 12. It was a fine presentation,

NBC's Peacock finally arrives on Roku two months after launch

Peacock and a handful of other NBC apps are coming to Roku after the two parties reach a deal on Friday.When Peacock launched in mid-July, it was notably absent from Roku, Fire TV, and some smart TV platforms including Samsung's, which all carry other popular video streaming apps like Netflix,

[图]Windows Phone在欧洲成为增长最快的移动操作系统


冲刺阶段二:第五天 - 华飞20112978


[翻译]localStorage性能的好坏 - shinnyChen

原文地址:Is localStorage performance a problem? 如果说2012年对于web开发世界来说有什么值得记住的事的话,关于localStorage性能的争论一定高居榜首。这场争论开始于Christian Heilmann写的一篇文章:There is no s...

去中國小心 ! 特製驗鈔機暗中「落格」偷你錢

由於中國巿面充斥大量假鈔,所以很多商戶在設有驗鈔機。不過可能你萬萬估不到,中國的黑暗科技 - 特製驗鈔機不單止用來驗鈔,還可以暗中設定偷幾多張鈔票,以下有影片示範。建議各位 unwire.






近年来,将数据转化成视效的受欢迎度井喷式地提高。尤其是“信息图”这一关键词,正如Google Trends(下图)所证实的。

“弯折门”还会有吗? iPhone 6s外壳弯折测试

早在今年 4 月份,坊间就传出消息称苹果计划在 iPhone 6s 上使用 7000 Series 铝合金材料,避免 iPhone 6 的“弯折门”的尴尬在 iPhone 6s 上重现。这种铝合金材料目前使用在苹果的 Apple Watch Sport 机型上。

iOS 9.1 正式版细节Bug总结:你遇到过吗?

苹果公司于昨天凌晨 1 点推出了 iOS 9.1 系统的正式版本,本次更新推送主要以 Bug 修复及增强系统稳定性为主。除此之外,还增加了一些表情和新的壁纸调整,部分应用功能也到了一定程度的提升及修复。  

UberPool is trying to speed up your shared rides

Uber's carpool system, UberPool, is so enticing. You pick your location, share your ride with a stranger or two, and reach your destination for way cheaper. But then you get in the car and find yourself being driven so many blocks in the opposite direction just to wait, while double-parked,

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