Filmora vs Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is the most popular choice among professional video editors, while Wondershare’s Filmora is an up-and-coming video editing tool that has impressed us with its features. But who comes out on top?

More sensitive data is moving to the cloud than ever

Despite growing confidence in cloud solutions, many organizations are still opting for a hybrid approach.

IT outsourcing contracts see major rise for UK firms

UK outsourcing contracts with businesses in EMEA rose in value by almost two thirds in Q3.

WEF predicts machines will perform half of work tasks by 2025

Machines will eliminate some jobs, but create even more.

Oracle's quarterly patch bundle includes 402 bug fixes, many critical

The company urges its customers to patch up systems immediately.

Using risk analytics to fight fraud and maintain compliance

Financial fraud is an ongoing battle, but the latest technology is giving banks the advantage.

Less than 1 in 3 cybersecurity pros receive accurate and relevant threat data

Timely and precise data is essential to keeping an organization secure.

How telcos can drive digital transformation with advanced data analytics

How to address digital transformation challenges to win and retain customers in a crowded marketplace.

ADT Identity Protection Review

Read this ADT Identity Protection review to discover how this surprisingly affordable application keeps track of your financial records, without scrimping on quality.

Microsoft says new experimental architecture could cut number of necessary security patches

CHERI could be cheaper and more secure than Rust

Oracle's high-performance Exadata X8M database platform goes live

The company promises significantly higher speeds compared to its main competitors.

How Popular Are Your Instagram Pics? Play the Game of Likes to Find Out

When you play the game of Likes, you win ...or you don't.There just isn't a way to consistently predict how many Likes an image will garner on Instagram. You could have the most appetizing #foodporn, but if you didn't use the right hashtag, only your friends are likely to Like it. How lame.



【WISE 1.0现场】春雨医生张锐:不懂医、不懂药,也能做“大健康”垂直领域创业

欢迎关注 KrTV 的微信号“krvideo”,第一时间收看更多有趣的科技视频优酷播放链接除非注明,本站文章均为原创或编译,转载请注明: 文章来自 36氪36氪官方iOS应用正式上线,支持『一键下载36氪报道的移动App』和『离线阅读』 立即下载!

坐不住了 松下也要推出虚拟现实头戴显示器


I listened to Beats 1 for a week and all I got was a headache

Apple's Beats 1 online radio station is like listening to music in all caps.On the surface, the live-ish web station created for Apple Music features programming from popular DJs stationed in Los Angeles, New York and London, as well as guest programs hosted by musicians themselves. Beyond that,



Facebook免費上網平台 在埃及也遭抵制

相關消息指出,Facebook主導的免費上網平台Free Basics在埃及地區同樣遭到抵制,相關原因似乎與日前在印度面臨批評的情況相似。 美聯社消息指出,由Facebook主導的免費上網平台Free Basics (先前以Internet.org名稱運作)在埃及地區也同樣面臨抵制。閱讀全文

Winter Storm Jonas inspired some ‘Snow-nas Brothers’ snowmen

While the Jonas Brothers were busy "Burnin' Up" social media with hilarious winter storm memes this past weekend, the Snownas Brothers were chillin' in Connecticut.After the North East was advised to "Hold On" and prepare for Winter Storm Jonas,

Paul Tremblay Says That His Latest Novel Is His Graduate Thesis on Horror Fiction

While on a road trip recently, I picked up Paul Tremblay’s latest novel, A Head Full of Ghosts, and proceeded to spend the next ten hours completely creeped out by it. We chatted with Paul Tremblay to find out just why he thinks this book is his graduate thesis on horror fiction. Read more...

Ranking Trump's reported VP picks from least-to-most likely

UPDATE: Sunday, May 15, 2016, 7:30 P.M. PTTrump has finally responded to the leaked list and, not surprisingly, takes some umbrage with it. It would make sense that Cruz and Rubio aren't under consideration for the reason listed below. Still, it remains to be seen how Carson got it wrong.

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