Strikingly review

In our Strikingly review, we analyze everything you need to know about this unique, single-page website builder.


搭桥专家与前端开发者,畅聊前沿前端技术,CSDN前端大讲堂(微信公开课)正式推出,本期将邀请对React有深入研发实践, CTO、联合创始人郭达峰与前端开发者畅聊React。

Review: Mozo Lumia 950 black leather back cover

Over the last two weeks, we reviewed Mozo’s Lumia 950 brown leather back cover and red leather back cover with gold sides. This week, we tackle the much more understated black leather cover. Design Like...The post Review: Mozo Lumia 950 black leather back cover appeared first on WinBeta.



HTC throws shade at Apple in least subtle commercial ever

HTC's latest flagship, the all-aluminum HTC One A9, has been repeatedly called out for its similarity to the iPhone 6. Now, HTC's commercial for the handset is also drawing comparisons to Apple.Entitled "Be Brilliant,

How quickly does the Surface Pro 4 Core m3 battery charge up?

One conspicuous difference between the base model Surface Pro 4 with the Core m3 processor and the rest of the lineup lies not within the device itself, but in what it comes packaged with....The post How quickly does the Surface Pro 4 Core m3 battery charge up? appeared first on WinBeta.

HTC One A9 Is Like an Android-Powered iPhone, At Almost Half the Price

You’ve already heard the jokes about HTC shamelessly ripping off Apple with the design of its newest phone. The truth is, it’s even funnier to hold the new HTC One A9 in one hand and an iPhone 6 in the other. They’re hilariously similar—and that’s not a bad thing at all.Read more...

Kangroo mobile desktop PC running Windows 10 goes on sale for $99

Today, InFocus’s new Kangroo Windows 10 portable PC goes on sale for $99. This newest portable PC is slightly larger than other Pocket PCs and PCs on a stick that we’ve seen recently, but...The post Kangroo mobile desktop PC running Windows 10 goes on sale for $99 appeared first on WinBeta.

New Zealand's New Flag Will Almost Definitely Have A Fern On It

In May New Zealand opened the floodgates for a crowdsourced design to replace its century-old flag that started flying when it was still a British colony. Today, the country has announced a “long list” of 40 finalists, and most of them include one of two motifs that both represent ferns.

HTC One (M8) Review: The New Best Android Smartphone

There’s a new contender for Android top dog on the market, and it’s the HTC One (M8), the latest from the Taiwanese firm. This metal-clad unibody slab inherits the good looks of its predecessor, last year’s HTC One (retroactively referred to as the M7),

iPhone 6 Review: The Phone That Lured Me Back to Apple

I'd rather get this out of the way up front: the iPhone 6 is the best smartphone you can buy. In fact, it's better than that. The iPhone 6 convinced me to switch back to Apple.Read more...

More sensitive data is moving to the cloud than ever

Despite growing confidence in cloud solutions, many organizations are still opting for a hybrid approach.

IT outsourcing contracts see major rise for UK firms

UK outsourcing contracts with businesses in EMEA rose in value by almost two thirds in Q3.

WEF predicts machines will perform half of work tasks by 2025

Machines will eliminate some jobs, but create even more.

Oracle's quarterly patch bundle includes 402 bug fixes, many critical

The company urges its customers to patch up systems immediately.

Using risk analytics to fight fraud and maintain compliance

Financial fraud is an ongoing battle, but the latest technology is giving banks the advantage.

Less than 1 in 3 cybersecurity pros receive accurate and relevant threat data

Timely and precise data is essential to keeping an organization secure.

How telcos can drive digital transformation with advanced data analytics

How to address digital transformation challenges to win and retain customers in a crowded marketplace.

Best website builder 2020

Discover everything you need to know about our top five website builders in this comprehensive guide.

Site123 review

In our Site123 review, we explore everything you need to know about this popular website builder and whether or not you should be using it.

Squarespace review

n our Squarespace review, we analyze every aspect of this popular website building platform to help you decide whether it’s the right option for your needs.


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中国经济起飞 外国人民怎么看?——信息图



智能手表和健身手环等可穿戴设备,均面临着尴尬的电池续航问题,而来自Ineda System的新型低功耗芯片,则有望显著改善这一现状。


小编推荐:互联网创业热潮一波接一波,90后CEO一茬接一茬,看人家小小年纪指点江山你心动了没?但火热现象的另一 […]



联发科MT6753 - 64位八核、4G全网通新神器


Hacker Emails Testing Service BrowserStack’s Customers, Says Company Lied About Security

Is there anything worse than being hacked? How about a hacker that manages to acquire your customers’ contact information, emails them that the service is shutting down, and that the company has been lying to everyone about its security? That’s what happened to BrowserStack,







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