How to build a website with Shopify

Anyone can build a website and launch it within minutes with Shopify, which is why it still attracts legions of business owners.

Facebook Challenges Pinterest By Bringing News Feed Buy Button ToShopify’s Merchants

Facebook wants its ads to sell you stuff directly so you never have to click away to another app or site. Until now, Facebook was testing a Buy Button that does that with just a few selected test merchants, but now its opening it up to any retailer on Shopify‘s ecommerce platform.

Weebly Debuts An iPad App For Building And Managing Websites

Weebly has quietly grown to power a large number of publisher and e-commerce sites over the years, and now it’s rolling out a whole new way for users to build experiences on its platform. With the launch of a new iPad app,

Facebook Equips Business Pages With Mobile Storefronts For Shopping Or Services

Likes ≠ Dollars. Facebook wants Pages to actually earn money for the 45 million small businesses that use them.

YC-Backed Moltin Wants To Simplify ECommerce Development

The three founders of Moltin, a member of the 2015 Y Combinator winter class, like many fellow members birthed their company idea out of necessity, coming up with a way to solve an entrenched problem they were facing.In this case, they were working for a design agency in England,

YC-Backed Answerbook Helps Retailers Automate Personalized Email Campaigns

A team of e-commerce vets is today launching a new service aimed at online retailers called Answerbook which allows companies to better target shoppers with highly personalized emails based on those customers’ website and email interactions as well as their purchase history.

Dodge Kickstarter Fees And Take Crowdfunding On Your Site With Celery Launch

Why pay Kickstarter 5% or Indiegogo 4% to 9% when most crowdfunding traffic comes from project creators and their own promotion? And why publicize a crowdfunding page that will only live for a month instead a business’ own website that can take orders forever?

Google's Getting Ready to Sell You Domains

Google just announced a new service called Domains. It does exactly what you'd imagine it would: Helps you buy and manage domain names. Google Domains also helps you build your site, set up email addresses, and manage hosting. In effect,

Google's Getting Ready to Sell You Domain Names

Google just announced a new service called Domains. It does exactly what you'd imagine it would: Helps you buy and manage domain names. Google Domains also helps you build your site, set up email addresses, and manage hosting. In effect,

Google Domains Launches To All In U.S. With Support For Blogger Integration, Templates And More Doma

Google Domains, Google’s own domain name registration service, has now exited private testing. This summer, the company unveiled the new service to fill a long-time void in the company’s product lineup,

Sell SaaS, They Said … It Will Be Easy, They Said

It has never been easier for customers to buy software. A couple of clicks or taps, depending on your device of choice, and you can be up and running with even the most sophisticated enterprise business applications. The result of all of those fast, easy transactions is impressive:

BYOD continues to pose a severe cybersecurity risk

Most businesses don't have sufficient visibility into the devices used by employees.

How to speed up cybersecurity implementation in industrial organizations

Understanding the importance of implementing a cybersecurity project.

MFA security: Not the perfect panacea everyone thinks it is

Learn how MFA solutions can be hacked, and the best defenses common to all MFA solutions.

Driving the agility of service teams – Why digital technology will be a must have for councils post

The pandemic has divided local authorities into the haves and have nots, based largely on their level of digitalization.

Making ends meet: Taking a proactive approach to endpoint security

More than 50 percent of companies will implement EDR by 2023. What do they want to achieve, and what four things will they consider?

The role of unified communications in digital transformation

Unified communications is a big part of digital transformation.

App resiliency: A hop from legacy to cloud platform

Achieve application resiliency by implementing cloud migration from legacy systems.

How to build a website on Wix

Find out how to build a website using Wix with our easy to follow step-by-step guide.

Strikingly review

In our Strikingly review, we analyze everything you need to know about this unique, single-page website builder.

Best website builder 2020

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龙蟠润滑油进入中国品牌500强 品牌价值37.62亿元

北京2014年6月27日电 /美通社/ -- 由世界品牌实验室(World Brand Lab)主办的2014年“世界品牌大会”6月25日在北京隆重举行,会上同时发布了2014年(第十一届)“中国500最具价值品牌”排行榜,龙蟠润滑油作为国内民营润滑油行业唯一的上榜企业,今年首次进入这一榜单,评定后的品牌价值为37.

iPhone 6未到 已有配件商生产新规格数据线

威锋网讯,早前有消息显示苹果将会更改 iPhone 6 数据线的 USB 接口规格为正反可插,且不论这个消息的真实性如何,这个设计毫无疑问是值得称赞的。


有时候,世界就像是一个幸运轮盘赌,你永远不知道下一秒那颗小球会落到哪个格子中。现在,似乎全世界的目光都聚焦在了初创公司和它们背后的投资人身上。曾经风光无限的套利基金经理人可以乖乖让位下来了。为什么 ... .


据VentureBeat报道,硅谷的在线服装社区Betabrand发布消息,近日完成了新一轮的1500万美元融资。投资方有Morgan Stanley和Foundry Group。


加拿大多伦多大学公民实验室的研究人员发表了一份研究报告,称百度浏览器存在安全与隐私问题。百度浏览器是基于于Blink(Chrome)/Trident(IE)渲染引擎的浏览器,有移动版和桌面版,研究人员分析的是移动版本。 他们发现浏览器将用户个人数据传输至百度服务器时,不经加密或者只是用非常容易被解密的加密方法。安卓版本的百度浏览器以不加密的方式传输可辨认的个人信息,包括用户的GPS定位,历史搜索项目和网址浏览记录。它同时用可以轻易破解的加密方式传输用户的IMEI和一连串用户附近无线网络的信息。


海南2016年2月26日电 /美通社/ -- 蓝湾绿城威斯汀度假酒店将于2016年3月1日起至9月30日推出威斯汀高尔夫套餐。预订此套餐的宾客即可到锦标赛级别的鉴湖·蓝湾高尔夫球场挑战自我;然后在威斯汀天梦之床酣然好梦,补充精力。无论选择畅享高尔夫,还是品尝精致的餐饮,都可以轻松度假、舒畅身心。 高尔夫球场及酒店外观-蓝湾绿城威斯汀度假酒店 2016年3月1日起至9月30日,仅需人民币2,030元(周日至周四),或人民币2,230元(周五、周六),即可尊享超值全套假期礼遇。

Osama bin Laden's handwritten will reveals how he wanted his fortune spent

In his handwritten will, al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden claimed he had about $29 million in personal wealth — the bulk of which he wanted to be used "on jihad, for the sake of Allah.

达人自制Pokédex 3D打印手机电池壳:任天堂能不能也出一个?

首发上线一个星期,《精灵宝可梦Go》这款基于地理位置和增强现实技术的手游,已经迅速引发了无数玩家的狂热。作为一款“宅男出行类”手游,玩家所面临的最大问题就是设备续航,而移动电源(附加电池包)就是当前最切实际的选择。有趣的是,一位名叫NOPPLE的网友,在DIY零部件项目网站SparkFun上晒出了他的最新创作 —— 一款3D打印、内置了2600mAh的Pokédex Galaxy S4手机壳。

Facebook市场平台上线两天 现毒品卖淫等违法交易

部分页面截图北京时间10月4日早间消息,Facebook本周一推出了市场平台,与Craigslist和eBay展开竞争。然而目前,已有用户在这一平台上销售违规的商品,包括毒品、动物和成人服务。目前,用户在Facebook市场平台上 ... ...

用了这个短视频 App ,上厕所也想看新闻

「Mind 周榜」是爱范儿旗下的创业者社区 推出的线上榜单评选栏目。每周我们将从新鲜、有趣和精致三大原则出发,评选出 Mind 周榜 Top 10。#欢迎关注爱范儿认证微信公众号:AppSolution(微信号:appsolution),发现新酷精华应用。爱范儿 |原文链接 ·查看评论 ·新浪微博

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