Wix vs Squarespace vs Weebly

Explore the power of three of the world’s best website builders in this Wix vs Squarespace vs Weebly comparison.

BYOD continues to pose a severe cybersecurity risk

Most businesses don't have sufficient visibility into the devices used by employees.

How to speed up cybersecurity implementation in industrial organizations

Understanding the importance of implementing a cybersecurity project.

MFA security: Not the perfect panacea everyone thinks it is

Learn how MFA solutions can be hacked, and the best defenses common to all MFA solutions.

Driving the agility of service teams – Why digital technology will be a must have for councils post

The pandemic has divided local authorities into the haves and have nots, based largely on their level of digitalization.

Making ends meet: Taking a proactive approach to endpoint security

More than 50 percent of companies will implement EDR by 2023. What do they want to achieve, and what four things will they consider?

The role of unified communications in digital transformation

Unified communications is a big part of digital transformation.

App resiliency: A hop from legacy to cloud platform

Achieve application resiliency by implementing cloud migration from legacy systems.

How to build a website with Shopify

Anyone can build a website and launch it within minutes with Shopify, which is why it still attracts legions of business owners.

How to build a website on Wix

Find out how to build a website using Wix with our easy to follow step-by-step guide.

Strikingly review

In our Strikingly review, we analyze everything you need to know about this unique, single-page website builder.


你知道的越多,你就越不开心。   信息,曾经稀缺,并被当成鱼子酱来珍惜;但它现在却跟土豆一样充足,被视作理所当然。在信息过剩的年代里,知识反而成了稀缺品。得到信息,没转化成知识;得到知识,没转化成智慧。

iPhone 6新机模曝光图:三色齐聚、曲面屏幕

看来苹果是无法阻挡泄露者对iPhone 6的曝光了,最近知名iPhone 6爆料者Sonny Dickson发表推文,展示了与iPhone 5s提供的三种相同颜色的iPhone 6“机模”图。





Gillmor Gang LIVE 09.19.14

Gillmor Gang – Dan Farber, John Taschek, Keith Teare, and Steve Gillmor. LIVE recording session today at 1pm PT.Our LIVE Friendfeed chat during showGillmor Gang on Facebook Read More

Report: Facebook Is Going to Release an Anonymous Chat App

Facebook's stance on real names drew criticism recently , and it looks like the social network is leaping vigorously in the other direction. Sources within the company told the New York Times that Facebook plans to release an app that would let people talk anonymously. Read more...



外媒:小米进军美国一小步 或为大展拳脚铺垫

北京时间2月13日消息,据科技媒体The Verge报道报道,小米将在美国推出自己的销售网站Mi.com。此次在暂露头脚是小米进军美国市场的一小步,但很可能预示着其将计划在美国大展拳脚。

帮传统行业转型 微信发布行业解决方案




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