Which iPhone 12 should you buy?

Not long ago, Apple used to release just two new iPhones per year. That number has now ballooned all the way to four in 2020, making it a little tougher to tell which new iPhone is right for you. Lucky for you, we're here to help. Every new iPhone this year supports 5G,

Which iPhone 6S Should I Buy? A Guide

Earlier this week, Apple announced the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus , and tonight’s the night to put your money down. So what the hell should you do? Should you get the Plus ? Is one carrier better than the other? We’ve got your buyer’s guide right here.Read more...

Eight pieces of advice for those thinking of buying an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus

Apple’s new handsets have got off to a storming start, but if you’re thinking of joining the Cupertino crowd, we’ve got some valuable nuggets of advice you should read first.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

How Often Should You Upgrade Your iPhone? An Experiment

I’m a gadget nerd. I love having the latest and greatest phone. But my wife is more frugal—she’d rather run her phone into the ground before upgrading. But is upgrading every three years really more cost effective than upgrading every year? I ran some numbers to find out.Read more...

An in-depth look at the benefits, not features, of Apple’s iPhone 6

When you evaluate a handset, it’s all very well looking at the specs and oohing or aahing, but what really matters is the benefits a phone offers, and there’s an important distinction here.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Just Tell Me What To Buy

Yesterday, tech and culture website The Verge revived This Is My Next, a brand that the core team had used to transition away from their places at Engadget into their new home at Vox Media. It’s not a new site, but instead a new vertical or type of post that tries to give a concise,

HTC One A9 Review: An iPhone Only In Looks

Let me be blunt. If I lost my iPhone a week ago and needed a new one, I would buy the HTC One A9. It looks great, and upon first glance , works pretty great, too. But I didn’t lose my iPhone, and the A9 is now more expensive than I thought it was.Read more...

No One's Buying iPads Because iPads Are Forever

Today, Apple trotted out its quarterly earnings, as public companies will do. Massive revenue! iPhone sales up! Mac sales up! iPad sales… well. Okay, so not everything was a hit. But don't confuse Apple's declining tablet sales with the vanishing of the iPad.

Used IT Equipment Can Be Worth a Fortune (Video)

This is a conversation with Frank Muscarello, CEO and co-founder of MarkiTx, a company that brokers used and rehabbed IT equipment. We're not talking about an iPhone 3 you might sell on craigslist, but enterprise-level items. Cisco. Oracle. IBM mainframes. Racks full of HP or Dell servers.

iPhone 6 Review: The Phone That Lured Me Back to Apple

I'd rather get this out of the way up front: the iPhone 6 is the best smartphone you can buy. In fact, it's better than that. The iPhone 6 convinced me to switch back to Apple.Read more...

Every Carrier's Confusing Phone-Buying Plans, Explained

The next time you go buy a new cellphone, things are going to look a lot different. The subsidized two-year contract is all but dead, and the carriers have replaced it with a new heap of confusing options. Here’s what you need to know about buying a phone in 2015.Read more...

Trump called NYC a 'ghost town' and New Yorkers fired back with 'Ghostbusters' memes

President Donald Trump called New York City a "ghost town" during the third and (thank God) final debate on Thursday evening. New Yorkers, as New Yorkers are wont to do, rushed to defend their city. The jokes flew in because, quite frankly, as a New Yorker living in New York,

Last month, Facebook gave money to three members of Congress who refused to condemn QAnon

When it comes to QAnon conspiracy theorists, Facebook is wagging a finger with one hand, and slipping some enablers cash with the other.According to ProPublica's database of congressional contributions, in September,

11 amazing photos that will erase your insect fears

On Thursday, the inaugural Luminar Bug Photography Awards announced its winners. The winning images, which render insects in exquisite detail, bring a whole new meaning to the term “close-up.” Mofeed Abu Shalwa, a professional photographer from Saudi Arabia, won the grand prize,

See every major platform's misinformation policies in this handy chart

If you have a hard time keeping track of how internet platforms are dealing with misinformation, we don't blame you. It seems like every week Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube is rolling out new or "clarifying" policies. That's ultimately a good thing: From coronavirus to the election,

Watch this tiny aquatic robot clean water — Strictly Robots

The robot is inspired by coral polyps and is fully wireless and waterproof. Read more...More about Tech, Robots, Mashable Video, Clean Water, and Strictly Robots

How to stream the final presidential debate

Finally, the end is near: The last U.S. presidential debate will be held Thursday night. This time the candidates' microphones will be muted at certain times, so it should be a quieter, less chaotic 90-minutes compared to the first debate last month. Unlike last week's dueling town hall events,

Researchers are using insects to airdrop lightweight sensors — Future Blink

The system works by attaching tiny sensors to a low-mass release mechanism and having a small flying insect or drone carry it. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Airdrop, Insects, and Future Blink

How fantasy football exploded online and kept Yahoo relevant

In Tales of the Early Internet, Mashable explores online life through 2007 — back before social media and the smartphone changed everything.When's the last time you used Yahoo for...anything at all? Your answer might just depend on a simple question: Do you play fantasy football?

How breeders bring out the best in new apples

This year, Cornell University released three new apple varieties: the scab-resistant Cordera, the crisp and mild Pink Luster, and the complexly flavored Firecracker.Collectively, they're a culmination of decades of work by apple breeders, who are out in orchards around the world,

15 must-watch Netflix titles celebrating feminism and gender equality

Welcome to the quintessential streaming guide for Netflix-subscribed ladies! No, this isn’t a list of movies and TV shows inexplicably painted pink and sold at a higher price point, symbolizing a global prejudice that’s oppressed half of the human population for centuries.


多名用户在苹果官方的技术支持论坛上反映,他们想要通过 Volume Purchase Program 对一款购买应用在 iOS 设备上进行部署时,iOS 配置程序(Configurator)会弹出一条错误通知,显示“不能使用兑换码”又或是类似的信息,即部署应用失败。



A Gift Guide For The Childless Who Have To Buy Gifts For Children

Buying toys for kids is like trying to help a couple of strangers carry a couch up two flights of steps. While your assistance may be appreciated, in theory, you’re probably going to end up doing something wrong. To that end, we present five toys that are, in theory,

Make fun of them if you want, but people love their phablets

They might not fit in your pocket, but they're making their way into people's heartsPhablets are frequently derided for being just about the size of an average person's face. But of the 20 smartphone models ranked in a new customer satisfaction survey, phablets landed at the top. The survey,



30岁奶爸用微波炉加热鸡蛋 被炸瞎双眼


最新版Adobe Flash Player已提供升级

今天是一月一度的Patch Tuesday时间,作为微软的老朋友,Adobe也发布了旗下软件的安全更新,包括Flash Player。虽说Flash Player现在的名声不大好,但人们还是要安装它,还需要对它做升级。

The Fail Whale Returns: Twitter Went Down Across Many Regions Today

Twitter is having a tricky Tuesday. Today, the social media site experienced an outage for at least an hour, covering a number of — but not all — regions. From what we’ve been able to see, the service was not working, either partially or not at all, in London and other parts of the UK, Switzerland,


面对小米的蔑视,魅族先后在不同场合表示了回击,一时间这两家厂商的发布会上总有一个“友商不管是机器还是系统都是渣渣”的保留环节。而这一次魅族 Flyme 系统针对抢微信红包做优化,也像是为了报当年小米的一箭之仇。#欢迎关注爱范儿认证微信公众号:AppSolution(微信号:appsolution),发现新酷精华应用。爱范儿 |原文链接 ·查看评论 ·新浪微博


从开学就一直忙,4月10日综述投稿,11日毕业论文送审,终于如约给自己放了个假。过去这一周,参加了知乎专栏作者open day,和知乎的小伙伴们交流,很受鼓舞,还收到了科学大众杂志发来的稿费,再次很受鼓舞。接下来到毕业前的时间里,我要争取更多的更新。言归正传,最近有为朋友托我调研一种比较有趣的产品,洗衣球。我试着查了一下,没想到这种小玩意居然颇为火热,广告铺天盖地不说,从淘宝到amazon价格不菲而且销量也都不错。今天就和大家讲讲洗衣球的故事吧。首先,洗衣球,实际上大概就是如上图所示,一个塑料网球,里面填充一些各种颜色的陶瓷小球。

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