Nokia wins NASA contract to put a 4G network on the moon. Yes, really.

Soon, astronauts on moon missions won't have any excuse for not answering their texts.NASA has awarded Nokia of America $14.1 million to deploy a cellular network on the moon. The freaking moon. The grant is part of $370 million worth of contracts signed under NASA's "Tipping Point" selections,

Trump called NYC a 'ghost town' and New Yorkers fired back with 'Ghostbusters' memes

President Donald Trump called New York City a "ghost town" during the third and (thank God) final debate on Thursday evening. New Yorkers, as New Yorkers are wont to do, rushed to defend their city. The jokes flew in because, quite frankly, as a New Yorker living in New York,

Last month, Facebook gave money to three members of Congress who refused to condemn QAnon

When it comes to QAnon conspiracy theorists, Facebook is wagging a finger with one hand, and slipping some enablers cash with the other.According to ProPublica's database of congressional contributions, in September,

11 amazing photos that will erase your insect fears

On Thursday, the inaugural Luminar Bug Photography Awards announced its winners. The winning images, which render insects in exquisite detail, bring a whole new meaning to the term “close-up.” Mofeed Abu Shalwa, a professional photographer from Saudi Arabia, won the grand prize,

See every major platform's misinformation policies in this handy chart

If you have a hard time keeping track of how internet platforms are dealing with misinformation, we don't blame you. It seems like every week Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube is rolling out new or "clarifying" policies. That's ultimately a good thing: From coronavirus to the election,

Watch this tiny aquatic robot clean water — Strictly Robots

The robot is inspired by coral polyps and is fully wireless and waterproof. Read more...More about Tech, Robots, Mashable Video, Clean Water, and Strictly Robots

How to stream the final presidential debate

Finally, the end is near: The last U.S. presidential debate will be held Thursday night. This time the candidates' microphones will be muted at certain times, so it should be a quieter, less chaotic 90-minutes compared to the first debate last month. Unlike last week's dueling town hall events,

Researchers are using insects to airdrop lightweight sensors — Future Blink

The system works by attaching tiny sensors to a low-mass release mechanism and having a small flying insect or drone carry it. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Airdrop, Insects, and Future Blink

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris enlist adorable cats to help them defeat Trump

Presidential candidate Joe Biden and running-mate Kamala Harris are taking all the help they can get in their campaign to defeat incumbent Donald Trump, including from non-humans.In a unifying call, the Biden-Harris campaign posted a video on Saturday (aka Caturday) to bring together Democrats,

R.I.P. Trusted Contacts, the latest app Google has marked for death

The Google Grim Reaper has claimed another app's soul.Google is shutting down its Trusted Contacts app, as spotted by Android Police. It's gone from the App Store and Google Play store, and the app "won't be supported" for existing users as of Dec. 1, according to the app's website.

How black holes can spaghettify stars that fall too close

Spaghettification sounds like a particularly unpleasant thing to happen to pretty much anything that isn't a lump of pasta dough. Now imagine it happening to a star.

Why Millennials Are Getting Hit Hardest By the Sagging Economy

For millennials, the White House's monthly job reports haven't contained anything positive in a long while.The same can be said of the latest report released Friday that showed employers added 288,000 jobs in April and that last month saw unemployment fall to 6.3%.

Iranian Hackers Used Fake Social Media Accounts for Espionage

A new report details how a group of hackers, believed to be based in Iran, used fake social media profiles to gather information on military and political figures in the United States, United Kingdom, Israel and elsewhere.

Open source is the fastest way to innovate big data

We spoke to Herb Cunitz, president of Hortonworks, about how Hadoop came to dominate the enterprise analytics space, and why it's still the leader in bringing the new age of big data.Read more:

How the "10 Percent of Our Brains" Myth Started (And Why It's Wrong)

Morgan Freeman can make anything sound legit no matter scientifically implausible. In Lucy for example, which premiered last Friday, his character cites the "fact" that humans only use about 10 percent of our brain's resources. This is very, very wrong! But why does it keep getting tossed around?


升级Windows 10的用户,基本都吃了这个哑巴亏

微软在近日的Windows 10升级中采用了P2P技术进行升级文件的发送和传输,而这一设置在家庭版和专业版里是默认选择的。  

2015 H1 DDoS态势报告:DDoS攻击两极分化

感谢王洋的投递绿盟科技发布了2015 H1 DDoS威胁报告。

Parents sing the struggles of turning 40 in Bieber parody

Is it too late now to say sorry? What about if you just hit 40 and have kids? The Holderness family wants to know, America.Viral parody song hitmakers the Holderness Family have brought forth their latest project — and it includes equal parts dad dancing and some impressive editing.


美国科技博客The Verge今天刊文称,功能复杂,操作不便是当前智能手表产品设计的顽疾。智能手表的开发应当遵循“3秒定律”,而当年Palm Pilot的开发经验可以带来帮助。以下为文章全文:智能手表目前的发展就像是当年的PDA(个人数字助理)。


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